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  1. Have any of these established out of towners ended up working out. I keep thinking back to shades of the Dog and Brandon Turney.
  2. How much time has Maybin missed with these injuries? I'd be a little more concerned if the injuries were more serious. It might be a case of adjusting to playing this much baseball right out of high school and not being fully developed physically.
  3. The White Sox argument will only make sense if Dombrowski deals away to of his core pitchers for prospects and makes no noise in the free agent market. Remember they only signed Darin Ersted last season. The fall of the White Sox had more to do with their strange off season moves.
  4. I'd much rather sign a stop gap like Cliff Floyd or Luis Gonzalez to keep the position warm until Maybin is ready. His attitude scares me ... we already added Shef, don't need to keep adding them when you could easily sign one of those two above for a year and get pretty close to the same production minus the distraction.
  5. Its amazing all the hype Wilken gets. I think he was one of the first big signings we ever had in the Dominican. His career to this point has been laughable. I understand he has "tools" but for him to still be considered a "top prospect" when the light bulb has yet to go off is not good. He has no business being on any top ten list until he proves he can be a more productive hitter.
  6. I love how the article says their were rumblings over the signings of Rondell White, Russ Ortiz, and Sidney Ponson when all those signings combined were less that 5 million per year. Every GM in America would have been fired then. And then they also blame him for not signing some of their young stars when I'm sure do to budget constraits he was forced to trade Castillo to the Mets. It's hard to imagine that Joe Nathan would have turned down a fair offer with the orginization owning a 6mil option on him for next season. This team goes beyond cheap and they have a new ball park comming in the next couple years which I believe was financed with a lot of tax payer money.
  7. The baseball playoffs are still the most difficult post season to qualify for other than college football. With all the injuries we had we thrust Miner, Jurjeins, Miller, Maybin, Raburn, Byrdak, and Perez into the majors and we got to see where they are at in their development. Plus we saw improved drafting and spending on prospects. all and all, with everything that happened I can live with not making the playoffs and hopefully this team will be hungry enough to make a run next season.
  8. Good blog ... I love reading these kinda of stories, I think we forget these guys are still young 20 somethings hangin out everyday like I used to when I was in school.
  9. 1.Kosuke LF: we get a productive lefty bat with a high o.b.p. and solid fundamentals something the Tigers severely lack. 2. Jack Wilson: solid defense, decent bat, doesn't strike out a lot. 3. Masahide Kobayashi: solid closer with good stuff. will probably be a seventh or eighth inning guy 4. Mike Lamb: solid bat, high o.b.p. and can push Inge and Guillen for playing time
  10. They got a big 8 game road trip at Minnesota and Anheim if they roll through that then things will get dicey as far as the division.
  11. Crede is overpriced and really not much of an upgrade other than the fact he's a lefty and strikes out far less than Inge. I still think that the Tigers should go after Mike Lamb 3b/1b who can spell Inge and wouldn't cost the Tigers an arm and a leg. He hits from the left side and has a good O.B.P.
  12. Trades are going to be tough this off season since your top prospects are all in the big leagues. After Miller, Maybin, and JJ their really isn't prospects that will command and everyday player unless your willing to part with one of your core players.
  13. Iorg got first round money so he would instantly go in the top 15 ... Hamilton should also be higher based on his frame and his stuff. I guess the way I would judge these guys is based on what they will be at the MLB level ... not how their doing in the minors. Nickerson stuff is foder material and at best projects as a middle reliever. Where Hamilton seems like a middle to top end of the rotation guy.
  14. I'd expect to see all these guys playing at the start of next season. Especially being a contending team ... one of those arms might be the centerpiece of a deal next season. Their ceilings are to high to have them sitting in instructs.
  15. I hope the only thing these guys have in common is that they were high school kids. Sborz looked pretty out of whack in the draft video, and I think we just missed Fielder and had to take Moore. But Randy Smith at anything is pretty bad.
  16. DD and Chadd must of thought this was "the draft" of the ages for the Tigers. I mean 1.5 million for a sixth round pick is absolutely stunning. The depth in this years draft must of been of the charts because following it ... was amazing all the high ceiling / tough signs we took. Interested to see if anyone had some top ten prospect list with all these guys in the fold.
  17. According to the information it looks like of all the signings thus far, the Tigers have gone above slot for their 13th round pick at 100K. Everyone else signed at this point is at slot money. Have any other teams announced above slot signings? Something tells me that this system will be tinkered quote a bit prior to the 2011 draft if Porcello decides to go to school. With all this uncertainty I don't know how Boras could turn down even an Andrew Miller type deal.
  18. I probably would ... and use Salty as a first baseman/catcher and still resign Pudge. Call me crazy but I think we lack "lefty" bats and there becoming harder and harder to find.
  19. Any word on Casey Crosby ... I figured Porcello will be a deadline sign. The signees are starting to shape up ... its seems like every week we cross a couple guys off. What are the chance of signing the De La Osa and Iorg. slim to none?
  20. I'd be happy with Mark Hamilton a left handed first baseman from Tulane. He's shown some pop and has just earned a promotion to AA. He's not one of their top prospects but would be a decent guy to pick up.
  21. Here's the price tag for a couple of guys last year. 2006-07-06 Seattle Mariners Lost Eddie Guardado Traded to CIN with cash in exchange for Travis Chick 2006-07-20 Cleveland Indians Lost Bob Wickman Traded to ATL in exchange for Max Ramirez. 2006-07-24 Kansas City Royals Lost Mike MacDougal Traded to CHW in exchange for Tyler Lumsden and Dan Cortes MacDougal based on last season would have similar value to Oskura and Guardado / wickman to a guy like Weathers and possibly Jason Isranhousen who is a free agent next season.
  22. At the end of the day, Maybin's stats seem pretty good as he is playing on a bad development team. Obviously the strike outs are alarming but the guy is getting on base better than anyone in the farm system. And sometimes playing at Lakeland is almost a step down compared the atmosphere over at WM.
  23. With the emergence of French and Cody I think we don't have to address Mike Maroth's replacement in this year's draft.
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