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  1. If we are on a tight budget what about trading for Norichika Aoki from the Brewers. He's a slap hitter with limited power but provides a nice walk rate and I believe he could hit a little better in Comerica Park. He has a poor arm but great range which would be fine in left. He's got one year left on his deal and is only making 1.5 million. You might have to work out a three team deal to get them a first baseman using Dirks and maybe Perez! I don't think he will cost a ton!
  2. My guess is that he needed another arm for next season. If they sign Max to an extension then they won't be keeping Porcello and vice versa. He knew he had to add Castellanos to the lineup to balance out the budget and probably could not afford having two young players playing everyday next year.
  3. Or he wants to maximize is his next contract by saying he is a closer. I don't think he wanted to close until his agent stepped in and told him he would be wise to close.
  4. Agree but Dirks probably could fetch a useful piece back in a trade
  5. No! He's a master at non committal comments and talking out of both sides of his mouth.
  6. If they sign Choo I would assume they would trade Dirks for a right handed bat, backup catcher or reliever. Having both Kelly and Dirks on the bench together seems redundant!
  7. I always assumed that Smoltz was not a highly regarded prospect based on what everyone said. I was born a year after that trade so my bad in a poor assumption!
  8. This is total spin by MLB executives let's be honest. They were unaware that Doug Fister was available in trades even though there was an article on MLBtradrumors.com that said Fister is being made available and several articles that said the Tigers were making there entire stafff available.
  9. Your assuming that the Tigers have a budget to add those type of players, I'm saying it wasn't in the cards. Espinosa is still projected at 2.1 million and the 3.6 to Storen equals no savings by moving Fister. They may sign one more reliever but something tells me they will put there faith in the Big Fat Guy who throws 101 MPH for the eighth and sign a reclemation project on the cheap.
  10. Dave didn't want to pay more than the minimum for a utility player and releiver that's why they weren't included in the deal. The deal would be worse if Storen and Espinosa were in there becuase you could of got two similar type players on the open market for the same price!
  11. I'm sure the 80's version of Dave Cameron and Keith Law panned that deal instanly for the Braves suggesting they should have asked for a higher ceiling pitcher like Steve Searcy or Kevin Ritz!
  12. On the surface this trade sucks. Prospect lists validate the trade at the deals inception. Its still impossible to judge a trade when prospects are involved until at least the two year mark. At the end of the day, its about picking the right prospect. The Choo trade was validated by pundits based on Bauer's upside and prospect ranking. So far it looks like Bauer is a bust! If Ray becomes a 2-to-3 win pitcher in years 2015-2017 while making minimum wage the deal will be decent regardless of how Fister performs.
  13. Well we drafted players with high ceilings that scouts were enamored with. If they had lower ceilings at the time of the trade they probably wouldn't have fetched a perenial hall of famer. Both Miller and Maybin were top 20 prospects, I'm sure if we had players lower on the list even if they ended up being better future big league players then the deal never materializes.
  14. According to the initial trade thread in mlb trade rumors the Tigers asked for a fourth player Taylor Jordan but Rizzo said no!
  15. It's laughable to suggest Doug Fister on the verge of an 85 million dollar contract would agree to be the closer to make room for Smyly!
  16. Fair value is based on the price someone is willing to pay on the open market. I seriously doubt the value was going to change between now, in July or next year unless the performance was marketably better! Doug Fister was not traded because he made seven million dollars, he was traded because he had value and we had internal replacements to cover the difference. Plus he was on the verge of being a 15 million dollar arm!
  17. Kluber was in the rotation all year and Salazar was pitching down the stretch for them. They lost two in the bullpen. They were one of the luckiest teams in the last decade last year! I doubt Murphey makes is that much of an upgrade!
  18. Same goes for The World Champions as of Today. Add the Indians to a far worse team even though Unlock the Shrine predicted they would take the division!
  19. Two years of Doug Fister and a draft pick should have netted a second prospect. That's why I'm upset about the deal. I absolutely believe the Tigers needed to restock the system to replace the cheap cost controlled players that are now expensive.
  20. Fister is on a sub prime contract, he's cheap now based on production but the Tigers are staring at a major rate increase on four over their core guys.
  21. The deal has nothing to do with Fister declining. It's about replacing an expensive asset with a cheaper asset and then using the rest of the money to fill more pressing needs! Ray is insurance against losing Sherzer or Porcello next year! They freed up an additional five million by not signing a competent Loggy and utility player.
  22. There is very little negotiations in arbitration raises, they are computer generated! I don't think that played a factor in the trade. They traded Fister because they have a in-house replacement and was two years from getting a Sanchez size deal! I don't like the deal but figured it was inevitable that someone was going to be moved for young cost-controlled players.
  23. I don't like the trade because I thought another prospect should have come back and I thought they should have been able to get Skole or Taylor. But DD is old school and had holes to fill on the roster so he filled them. The deal probably saves an additional six million since Boone Logan is going for around 5 million and Betencourt signed for a couple million!
  24. He gets between 170 to 220 at bats a season, which is equivalent to playing 1/3 of the season. His games played is skewed because he comes in as a defensive replacement.
  25. Don Kelly is insurance in case they deal Dirks. I have no problem bringing him back as if today.
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