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  1. Same questions appeared last year and Verlander corrected it towards the end of the year. No way the Tigers bench JV for the playoffs unless he completely implodes in the second half, he has always gotten better as the year has progressed. The last start against KC was encouraging for me and he got pretty unlucky in the last frame.
  2. Why would the Tigers even think about adding a high salary player for JD who they got for free. Sure it won't continue, but who cares, enjoy the ride. We're a contending team and he helps the cause for this season. Tigers need to make more of these type signings especially when constructing a bullpen!!
  3. False: tigers wanted him included as the fourth piece and the Nationals said no. It was reported in the original mlbtraderumors report!
  4. Then trade Ethier, and then deal Kemp after a bounce back year to make way for Pederson next year!
  5. Kemp is damaged goods, why would LA sell low after two inured seasons while having the resources to carry a 300 million a year payroll? If they thought the injuries were minor, why wouldn't they just keep him? There willingness to eat a significant portion of the contract further illustrates the point of why they are so motivated to deal him
  6. If the Tigers don't sign Scherzer they will get someone else ... Masterson and Bailey are nice consolation prizes!
  7. Franklin and Ackley to the Dodgers makes sense
  8. Jason Kubel would be a decent upgrade over Kelly. Very little on Defense but would be a nice compliment to Dirks and insurance on Hunter in the OF. I'd take him on a reclamation type contract, but he's probably a pipe dream.
  9. Davis should be able to score on a single from second!
  10. I really think signing Benoit should be a priority. We have room for one more arm and this would make the pen one of the stronger units in the league!
  11. They have increased their payroll over last year!
  12. Brett Gardner is mediocre. He gets praise because he plays for the Stankies!
  13. I'd offer Dirks and a prospect for Gardner. He's a mild at best upgrade to Dirks in left! But he wears high sox and fills the gritty white guy thing we go going this year!
  14. I'd welcome Omar on my team over that contract Cano just signed! The Yankees dodged a major bullet. I'm sure they enjoy having to pay Arod 65 million while he plays for them in his 40's
  15. the only thing going for Prince was his age. Both Pujols and Cano will be 31 in the first year of their deals. Texas won't have to pay Prince when he turns 37, while Cano and Pujols will be getting 24 million at 41 years of age in era when PED's are now banned.
  16. If they wanted Fister long term they wouldn't of traded him. I'd assume Porcello will be moved next year if Max is locked up because they won't be able to afford paying all of them!
  17. It was absolutely a factor and I would be even more pissed if it wasn't. Your thread about having a 165 million to build your 2014 Tiger team was difficult assignment but absolutely relevant on how teams are constructed. I think the future contract played a larger role on why the deal was consummated over the 7.3 million arbitration figure, but I still think the additional minimum wage players brought back help in coming under budget with enough room to add another bat ... Without knowing what there actual budget is
  18. You still have to make them unfortunately. Most teams operate under some sort of self-imposed salary cap. The other three major sports deal with these types of deals even more but are better received because of knowing the cap figure. The problem with baseball is know one has an idea what a teams budget really is, so they don't make a lot of sense on the surface
  19. This team won 95 games 2011 Detroit Tigers - m.bbref.com
  20. Did the catchers and pitchers report yet? We haven't even started winter meetings and most of the free agents have yet to sign. Are you really taking DD's comments at face value?
  21. Nick Burdi of Louisville is all but signed and sealed!
  22. Really? Davis is 32 and been so bad against right hand pitching with his career .639 OPS that he is regulated to a bench role. Iglesias is 23, it's a little early to say Davis a career bench bat is a better hitter. Take away the one career outlier and he is even worse of a hitter not having to face right handed pitching an extra 250 abs a season. Not a great way to spend 3 million for a decent hitter for less then 150 at bats.
  23. Fine, he is a good bench bat against lefties then is complete garbage against righties. If exposed to the same amount of bats he is a worse hitter then Iglesias!
  24. Just saw he is now a Royal, a missed opportunity!
  25. Aoki is a legitimate lead off hitter, while Davis is one dimensional and a worse hitter then Iglesias. I don't think he will cost a ton in terms of prospects and he is making peanuts. Plus you get to keep your draft pick in a strong draft!
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