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  1. Hey Randy While you and your brother GET A LIFE!
  2. Great, another guy who wishes he knew as much about sports I do, but you don't. All you show me buddy, is your jealous like the rest of your buddies.
  3. It's not 100 percent and thats what it should be and if it's not perfect they shouldn't be their. Of the one's that happen to make I wonder what classes do they do take, I know advanced football 101.
  4. Were Talking winning championships here, not because they happened to a division title or finish with above five hundred record. I would love for you to be the owner of the team, I could a bum of manager and still Keep my job.
  5. Hey motorcity most of jocks straps don't even graduate, so why do you think they are their.
  6. What glory days buddy They have had one good year in the last 34 years some glory days big deal.
  7. Hey guys you keeping forgeting it doesn't matter who they have as coaches. They need talent whole lot of talent.
  8. Hey guys you do know that none of players on either of those teams are their because of there grades. They are their because they can play football and sports in general.
  9. I don't know about you but Joseph hasn't shown that much, and all know is that the wings better score a lot of goals if they are going let joseph play. Regarding Legace they better play him soon, he is not young either. he is thirty himself, And in closing Hasek was not the reason the wings won the cup last season, It was they led the league in scoring, and they were in the top five goals against.
  10. Hey guys who cares who has best school when comes studys. All you should care about who has the better football team, and everybody knows it Ohio State, go buckeyes.
  11. Does realy matter who's coaching third ,first or the manager. What everybody keeps forgeting about is that this has no talent on I, until they get some good players there going to keep losing.
  12. I hope enjoyed those victories, but your not going to see them anymore. As I've said in the past, they had a bad coach, bu now they have what the lions wish they had a good coach.
  13. Instead of worrying of the coaches, and how they look you ought to worry that this team has no talent. All you can expect from this team is another losing year.
  14. I do hockey just as well as I know the other sports, enough for you. Now for the reason I writing, Why did they sign legace for all that money, if they didn't plan on playing him. Cujo maybe a good goalie, the best out theirthats up for discussion, as I said I would prefer them to play legace, he is as good as cujo if not better.
  15. The reason I bash the tigers is simple, They are a bunch of over paid bums. Who will never ever get better, so Why doesn't this team do us a favor, and move it to another city.
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