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  1. This makes zero sense.. since they have SF/AZ and Seattle/STL playing out also at 430 with the West up for grabs. Took what could have been a national showcase for a div title head to head and relegated it to a sort of regional + game.. interesting..
  2. How much of the HC salary is part of the endowment? Has to be part of the package, just not sure how much..
  3. I'm going to say the Tigers win 83 games in a close Central div where 82 - 85 might be enough with how close I think KC, Cleve and Det are.
  4. Someone who knows please explain. I didn't know that anyone other than WCF "owned" or had interest in the Lions? Who are the other shareholders? How much stake does MF now control? Are the other shareholders all family? Also, does anyone know is Michigan a community property state?
  5. Its not much to worry about. My office is across the street from Busch stadium and late September they tore up the entire outfield and replaced it the Monday before a Tuesday night game. They had to because of a college football game they had on Saturday tore up the field. St. Louis is always replacing the outfield surface. So in theory they could lay down the sod at any point before the home opener and still be able to play on it. (they have already replaced that surface they replaced in September after after Argentina and Bosnia-H played a soccer game there in Nov..)
  6. Sorry.. my work life and home life are pretty crazy hope I didn't hold anyone up.
  7. Joba.. no one wants to see a pic of him in a Yankee uni, and I'm awful with graphics, but why not.. I will try to find something to post..
  8. This is true to a point, but there is some extreme blocking with mlb.tv. I grew up in Northern IN and at no time were the Tigers ever on cable tv in the SBN area, but they are blocked out there on mlbtv, so is the Cubs, WS, and I believe Indians. In Indy I think the Reds, Cubs and WS are blocked. Reds I can understand, Cubs and WS very iffy.. This has been one of the knocks on mlbtv. So far, Det's home market has not extended to St. Louis.
  9. Billick is only 59. That's not all that old in fb coach terms. I'd take him over the other options out there at the present moment.
  10. I'd be interested to see if Brian Kelly could coach/mentor Stafford-- that being said ND has been by and large average minus last year under Kelly. At the end of the day, i think Schwartz will find a way out of this, Bears lose to Philly, GB loses to Chi and Detroit goes in at 9-7 and he keeps his job.
  11. I like the hire.. guys my age getting managerial jobs. Not sure if that now makes me old or what?
  12. If DD was talking to TLR, I wonder if Jose Oquendo's name might have come up. I mean its a big topic annually around STL as to why Oquendo hasn't been hired as a manager. He was picked over Matheny. I don't know if he would be good? Just that everyone seems to have a high opinion of him and feel that he is manager material.. whatever that means these days.
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