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  1. Ok. So the Tigers are 1-4, 1.5 games out of first place. There isn't a single statistical element one can reasonably address about the team based on the data sample size available. Nevertheless, I would like to point out that the Tigers have the 2nd best run differential to date in the American League Central at -2. Further, they haven't lost any road games!!!
  2. 70-92 seems about right. Rebuilding teams with a few vets poised to rebound some, plus the large pool of talented but inexperienced young players will provide for some fun games and good entertainment. We will have to cherish the small things in 2018, rather than sustained success.
  3. Lance Parrish and Mike Rabelo make the most sense. Parrish knows the players from the farm system as well as anyone. Yeah, he's a 1984 Tiger and I respect the argument about not becoming tarnished, but he'd help ease the club through the next 2-3 years and make the fans happy that he's there. Rabelo may have real potential as a manager but I don't know if his single year at class A is adequate. Perhaps with Parrish as bench coach. I don't see any reason to go outside the organization right now. The best outside candidates will seek jobs elsewhere. Who wants a couple of 95 loss seasons to begin their resume with? There is no magic answer here. The attitude that it really doesn't matter much has some merit to it.
  4. Sure. Message me your address and all.
  5. I think that's getting more common.
  6. A friend gave this to me as a gift, not knowing that I do not have an iPhone 6+. It sells for $17.99 on Amazon. I want to give it for free to a nice home. Any Tiger fans have an iPhone 6+ this would look good on?
  7. Good move. Owed about $10-12 million depending on whether they exercise the $6M club option for 2017 or pay a $4M buyout Tigers To Acquire Francisco Rodriguez - MLB Trade Rumors
  8. Nice Home Run in his first Tiger at bat.
  9. New, temporary 1B help. Tigers Claim Marc Krauss From Rays - MLB Trade Rumors
  10. If the Tigers chose to sell (or partly sell) and as part of that dealt Iglesias and keep Machado, what sort of return do you think Iglesias would provide?
  11. How about Victor Martinez? Yes, I'm serious.
  12. I hate the idea of Ozzie Guillen. But you might very well be right.
  13. I believe both selling and buying simultaneously is a reasonable option. The Tigers have either the wrong mix of players to win or a bad manager, depending on what you believe. If it's the players, they have players to trade that are attractive and would provide a nice return. They include, but aren't limited to: Price, JD Martinez, Iglesias, Soria, Davis, Gose, McCann. I'm not saying they SHOULD trade all of those but at this point I'm open to trading either Iglesias or Machado, depending on the prospective return. I guess what I'm saying is I'm not opposed to re-inventing this team for the the post-all star break in 2015. At .500, that might be a sensible strategy as opposed to obtaining expensive short-term rentals only, or flat out selling only.
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