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  1. Thanks again for posting these! Nice to get the minor league season started.
  2. Any chance that Price throws at Ellsbury in the 1st inning in response to Rogers throwing at JD last night?
  3. Domingo Leyba from Conn to WM to replace Adames.
  4. Any news on the injuries to Greiner & Ravanelle? Didn't find any info in the local newspaper.
  5. I think it's Chad Green's turn to start for WM.
  6. Jonathon Crawford was also added to the Midwest all-star roster after these 5 were announced.
  7. McCann in the TI list is for the Futures Game.
  8. Here's the article from the local paper that sheds a little light. Brennan Smith delivers in relief as Whitecaps snap four-game losing streak | MLive.com
  9. Per BA twitter, Castellanos signed fpr 3.45 mil.
  10. Drew Smyly did get hit around pretty hard last night by ASU, but he did not take the loss, as ASU won in 12 innings.
  11. Anyone know if Jacob Turner is going to pitch the completion of the first game or start the second game on Sunday? Since there are 6 innings left of game one, that seems it would be perfect for Turner to pitch since that's usually about how far his 75 pitches take him.
  12. West Michigan has been postponed tonight due to rain.
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