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  1. No more invisible cloak option?
  2. Given that the winning team gets WS home field advantage, Tiger fans should be voting in the worst NL All-Star Candidates.
  3. McGowan seems to be putting things together finally, outside of that horrid start versus the Dodgers. Excluding said LAD start and including today's one-hitter, his recent six starts - 42.2IP | 12 ER | 11BB | 32K |
  4. I would have, but you yelled at me.
  5. He likely made it up - it's one of those injuries that you can't prove, but can linger, it's up to the word of the player. Basically since he was DFA'd, if Oakland can't find a suitor for the "injured" Bradley, he'll be waived and then released. He's likely angling for his outright release to become a FA...
  6. I assume the prospect recieved will be in the 8th-15th range...
  7. Maroth is pitching like crap and everybody knew we needed to move him in order to open a spot for Rogers to rejoin the 40-man roster after his 60-day DL stint.
  8. Toledo acquired Anastacio Martinez on the 19th for a PTBNL. What's the deal here? Is thr PTBNL Roman Colon?? And he'll be announced once he serves his suspension?
  9. September 15th - Is that the day the rosters expand? I recall something about PTBNL not being allowed to be on major league rosters. So can we read into the prospect that it's from a list of players close enough that they'd be considered for september call-up? To me that means they're in AA at the lowest.
  10. You can even chalk up Miller losses to learning experiences, which will lessen the sting. Who's our sixth rotation arm - Durbin or Miner?
  11. Contradicts what was said earlier but this is out of Dombrowski's mouth. LHP/RHP/LHP/RHP/LHP Robertson-Rogers back-to-back isn't really bad as they offer different stuff. Verlander will look nuclear after the team sees Rogers the game before. Sandwiching Miller in-between Verlander and Bonderman is interesting. If healthy, that is a pretty sick rotation. Bullpen will still need work though - Byrdak, Grilli, Durbin, De La Cruz, Jones, Rodney and one of Miner/Seay. I guess they need to hold it togther until Zoom can come back - Can DLC be the stopper for the time being or is he in over his head?? I assume Seay will be the second lefty out in the pen initially.
  12. It will probably be too slick, like the most recent Rocky. Camera angles and quick cuts, coloring etc didn't feel like "Rocky" at all...
  13. I bet the Yanks would take a flyer on the kid - send him to AAA. Dukes is arguably more talented than Cammy Maybin for crying out loud. I think he deserves a shot somewhere other than Tampa Bay. Both are not ideal fits, especially the Marlins as Dukes needs to get far away from his current life and influences. I guess if he went looking for rouble he could find it anywhere, but it might just be easier to find in Washington. I think he'll end up with the Nats, they need to take the gamble.
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