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  1. Maybe GR could support AAA, but attendance has been declining the last few years for the Whitecaps.
  2. I would put Mario in that category as well.
  3. I don't think that McCullough will shut down Shaq either, but when Vlade wasn't in there, because of foul trouble, Shaq went nuts. You need a big body in there banging with Shaq or else he WILL dunk on you every time.
  4. The Red Sox are doing all this without Manny. I can't wait until he gets back. Then the Yankees will be 10 games out by mid-August.
  5. Juan E. appears to be the odd man out because he is eligible for arbitration after the season.
  6. Must be an unusual feeling for Yanks fans in that it's June and they haven't clinched a playoff berth yet.
  7. That's my prediciton. I happen to think that intellect-wise, New Jersey is actually better than Sacramento. I also think McCullough isn't as dumb as Vlade as far as making the most ludicrous fouls ever seen. He might get in foul trouble, but I think he'll stay on the floor. I think Sacramento should have beaten LA, but they play so stupidly and tentatively at times that they gave away the series. The Nets don't have those type of players. I don't see Kittles, Kidd, and Van Horn losing themselves in the moment very often, and look for Kenyon Martin to guard Kobe for stretches of time. I really think this Nets team is for real, and I think the Lakers are VERY good, but they can be beaten, and will be.
  8. I didn't see the game because I was exhausted and went straight to bed at 9:30 last night. I did happen to see Rick Adelman's press conference statements on ESPNEWS, and he was bemoaning the calls as well. You know what I just don't get? People always say David Stern and the NBA want this team in the finals or they don't want this team (like Milwaukee last year, Sacramento this year). If they don't want them there, WHY BOTHER PLAYING? Why tell the teams that each of them has a chance for the Finals, but all along as commish you're rooting for them NOT to get there? That is so bogus, and I have no doubt the credibility of some of the way these games are called comes into question.
  9. Please, PLEASE, no more Mario. I can barely stand him on the FoxSports, I don't need to hear him on the radio. Sorry, but that guy is about as cookie-cutter as they come.
  10. For the first four months or so of the year, Jim Price sounded like a phony whenever he was broadcasting with Ernie. He sounded like a real broadcaster when he was with Dickerson, but when doing the call with Ernie he did it in a gosh-golly-gee kind of a way that sounded VERY phony. I made a point on the board last year that I had noticed during the last two months of the season he cut it out, and that I seriously thought that somebody approached him about it. I could even tell back then that Ernie was uncomfortable being treated like a shriveled-up old man, but Price doesn't do that anymore. He still does the nice area thing, but that's part of his gig. As far as doing it nine innings, I'm sure Dickerson can do it, but does he want to. I kind of like the change of pace in the middle innings myself, no matter what team's broadcaster is doing the game.
  11. I don't know if anybody else has noticed, but Ernie sounds as good as he always has in my opinion. I remember last year I became concerned because it seemed like he was missing calls, but that's just proved how dumb I was. I wonder though if his decision to go has given him peace of mind, because his broadcasts these days are top-notch, even at his age. I love the way he rips on Jim Price (in fun of course). They have a very good relationship now. Whereas before Jim used to change Ernie's Depends every half-inning, now Jim actually treats him like a man, and I think it has made for great radio. Price has really won me over. So, is it automatically assumed that Dickerson takes over next year? If so, who's doing innings 4, 5, and 6? If not Dickerson, what names have come up?
  12. Dude, I just wanted an excuse to rip the state of Indiana. No in all seriousness, my brother hates it down there. He lives in Indianapolis, and himself is a mexican. I've heard from more than one source that Indianapolis is about as racist as it gets. I've heard NBA players call Conseco Fieldhouse the most racist arena in the league. That's just what I've heard, and the fact that most people would rather worship Bobby Knight's poop than get on board with Davis is ridiculous. On IU's campus, they sell more Texas Tech gear than they do IU gear. That's not a rumor, that is a fact. That's sick.
  13. I agree Jake. I was dissapointed with the selection of Harrington because I think McMahon has the chance to be something special. I'm sorry, but I don't think Harrington is all he's cracked up to be. Like I've said before, he reminds me so much of Rob Johnson.
  14. And, uh, totally change of subject here, but I've been wanting to ask Sue this for a couple of days now, (if I can get just a little dig in). Sue, are the Yankee fans booing Giambi now? I always hear how Yankee fans are "edumacated" fans, but that notion was one I was starting to doubt when they were booing Giambi a week-and-a-half into the season. Did you find that a little ridiculous, as I did?
  15. I was watching the game on WGN and I kind of squirmed when they said that. I wish Simon would be just a LITTLE selective, but on the other hand you don't want to take away the guy's aggressiveness. I think Simon though takes it to another level though as far as swinging at everything. I guess I don't have a concrete opinion, suffice to say he swings at everything.
  16. I'm not suggesting that they would either. Normally teams don't trade players who play the same position straight up. I am suggesting keep Giles, but use a guy like Easley as well. The fact remains though that Atlanta's window for competing is furiously closing and they could use a veteran there to make one last run at a playoff berth.
  17. If Atlanta is somehow able to stay in the NL East race, they could very well want a guy like Easley to shore up their defense. Bobby Cox isn't liking what Marcus Giles is doing defensively these days and he isn't exactly tearing things up with the bat either. I think most teams (including Atlanta) will shy away though because Easley's contract is riduculous. Will AOL taking hits, I have heard the Braves might have cut down on payroll in the very near future, and so even though they could use him, I don't think Easley's going to be moved there. Blame Randy for signing this guy for that much money. That was a joke signing when it happened, and even more so now.
  18. I wouldn't give up on Meluskey just yet. He has been hurt but he's relatively cheap to keep on the roster. I think he only makes $345,000 this year, but I am not sure. For this reason alone I think it's a good idea to keep him on the roster and see what he can do once he gets healthy.
  19. You're correct Oblong, it would be against the owners, my bad. I still say it's an idea I wouldn't support.
  20. I read that article and personally I think it's stupid. What happens if all the positions get filled (which they won't) by these players from these teams in jeporady? Is the players association suddenly going to go, "THE FANS HAVE SPOKEN!!!" In case you didn't get the memo, the players don't give a rip about us. They never have in the past, and they're not about to start now.
  21. The blonde chick playing third base for Arizona State is a hottie.
  22. But to be fair I don't think Bonds gives a rip if McGwire acknowledges him or not. So Biff, since you're the health and fitness guru around here let me direct this question towards you. The andro stuff McGwire was using, I understand it helped him recover quicker and all that, but are you suggesting that it had nothing to do with the fact that he looked like Popeye in '98, '99, and '00? I'm not being snippy I am seriously asking you a question.
  23. Yeah but he wasn't 73 HR material though Todd. Nobody doubts he was a great player, but him playing wiffle ball these days doesn't impress me anymore. I don't think it should shock anyone when Canseco says 85% of these guys are juicing.
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