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  1. Cory was a true champion...full of the spirit we really need now....
  2. my all time favourite lion...what a great player and guy....if we had more like him Detroit would play football we would all be proud of.....I hope I can listen to the interview over the net...
  3. he sounds cool....lets hope he can coach.... I couldnt see Bobby Ross doing this
  4. great draft pick......who did we miss out on that year????
  5. what a great thread.....now we just need one for Cory Schlesinger.....longtime loyal Lions.....
  6. have a look at this...http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=WJZLb6jdnZ0
  7. he was my alltime favourite Lion...would love to purchase one of those helmets....
  8. Back in 1989 they started showiing NFL games late at night here in AUstralia. We would get an hour long highlights package. I would always see Barry Sanders making people look silly. I followed his career watching every game I could. I know have a huge colelction of his games on DVD college and NFL and have just followed the Lions with him.....
  9. Thanks for the advice.....I ahve actually tried p2p with no success......the internet where i live is far too slow.......but thanks for trying to help..... Owen
  10. Hi, I have this on DVD but I live in AUstralia..... can send it to you if you like....I will swap you for one of hte lions preseason games on DVD let me know what you think
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