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  1. Yea.. I'd watch that as well.. The Cops have been hitting hard on scalpers.. (Kind of an Oxymoron really, considering ticketbrokers, Ticket Exchange, etc). And i didn;t intend to incite that all ebayers are out to screw someone... But with the money that can be made on WS tickets.. There is a high fraud rate and it would be easy to pull off. My intention was to just advise ebay buyers to be careful... For fraud AND cops.
  2. Be careful in this situation due to the fact that if you tried to dispute the item, he has proof it was delivered. You technically be out the money... ebay has some wacked policies and if you paid by Paypal, they have even more wacked policies with regards to transactions. Sellers can screw buyers quite easily with proof of delivery, and Paypal will not bat an eye about it.
  3. Convenience ordering from home or work.. Yea.. If it actually worked...
  4. Think of the interst they are making on those 10's of thousands... Not to mention all the $$ they still make from the order processing fees, etc... What a sham.
  5. I think this is all funny.. I saw it.. and just figured it was dirt.. being it was raining ALL day.... Anyone else ever touched a dirty ball. Or even the ground after it was raining all day... I REALLY don't think he'd be THAT stupid to risk it all during the WS. Come on.
  6. I have been on Xm for about 4 years.. have 5 Radios.. 3 cars, house, and one XM2Go. I never listen to old radio anymore. The free Radio is the Roady Xt. not a bad unit. You have to prepay 3 months at 12.95 a month and stay subscribed for 6 months. You could redeem the certificate at the game or online. I'd just do it online and save the hassle of it all at the game. If you already have an account, you can get the Roady XT for 3 months prepaid at 6.99 per month instead of the 12.95. On another note. If you do take the service, and prepay the 3 months.. I'd call XM back and ask for the year of service for 77 dollars. You can find the "code" on many sites. google it. It's VERy much worth the price.
  7. Yes, I apoologize. Shoud have put SOLD, but they aren;t really SOLD until I meet up with the buyer.
  8. Got 6 tickets total... 2 seats in Section 128, Row 9 2 Seats in Section 117, Row 19 2 seats in section 333, Row B. All to game 1.. got the top 4 tix for free. Selling the bottom 2 for face. Can;t wait to get to the game!
  9. yep.. retail is 250. CXO is CEO, CIO, CFO, COO, etc etc.
  10. So am I. I know what these seats are... I know who sits in this area.. Between the CXOs, Players families, etc.. These aren't just seats to the game here...
  11. Haha.. Oh come on.. I figured at least a 100
  12. Anyone know what these seats might be worth - Resale? Section 128, Row 9, 1,2. On Deck Cricle Seats for game 1. just curious... I can't find anything close.
  13. Our wireless carrier is a large sponsor of Comerica.
  14. I just got info that I have tickets to Game 1, Section 128, Row 9.
  15. Just curious as to what everyone was able to score!
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