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  1. 7 hours ago, Biff Mayhem said:

    Like many like-named people before him, Roberts wanted to knock the teeth out of every person who thought they were being clever with the manner in which they asked him to explain himself.

    It took a while, but I see what you did there! Well done.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, tiger337 said:

    or that he faked an injury right before JD's return, so that he could keep making MLB money or that his father's drinking caused him to be fired or that his father asked Deuce for $10,000 when he went in debt gambling on horse racing.   

    Exactly, this isn't the deadball era. The game has been cleaned up. Images need to be upheld.

  3. 16 minutes ago, tiger337 said:

    Here is a story on Deuce and his dad.  I question its accuracy, but whatever...




    Fathers Day puff piece. The Dueces agent handed the reporter that copy. It's all written for PR.

    Really, you can't print that the Duece was in Florida rehabbing and having a fling with the blonde, blue eyed physical therapist that he left behind broken hearted, yet happy at the same time.

  4. 2 minutes ago, tiger337 said:

    It seems like every team in MLB is either cruising into the playoffs or in the same boat as the Tigers - not really sure whether or not they are a contender.  If this is still the case near the deadline, it might be hard to make deals. 

    The difference is a team with a young core with upside in our position might be willing to deal for a veteran, while we are clearly on the downside of the hill.

  5. It never entered my mind that they might actually try and upgrade to make the 2nd WC. Standing pat would be only slightly less of a blunder than going up against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

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  6. 7 minutes ago, Mr. Bigglesworth said:

    My point simply is making the 2nd wildcard is not going to impact their long term future significantly because the front office will believe the team is better than it actually is.

    I understood a concern of yours was the front office could misread where the team is at.  If I mis-understood that, apologies.

    The worst thing for the organization IMO, would be to believe, we are "just a couple" players away from winning the division. I think backing into a 2nd wild card spot would aid in this potential illusion. We are old, injury prone and lack talent as well as depth. Getting younger, more talented and building depth requires more than a couple players. It requires a commitment and a long term plan.

    Even starting now in a retooling we are 3 to 5 yrs away.

  7. 40 minutes ago, Casimir said:

    I can see this.  Potentially lots of interested parties in the AL just by looking at the standings, but a deeper dive into the rosters might say otherwise.

    I think one of DD's strong attributes as a GM was that he had a clear vision of what objective he wanted to accomplish and acted to achieve his goal early. More often than not, he set the market rather than wait for the market to play out.

    In my personal opinion, I like that way of operating.

  8. With the political and economic turmoil going on in Venezuela, not to mention kidnapping as business, I see no way Cabrera misses the WBC. Anyone with money or a family member of someone with money is a target. I'm sure Cabrera wouldn't want to give these guys the the impression he didn't love his country. It could lead to all kind of bad things.

    This is part of the story of the trainer who won the Kentucky Derby this year.




    Kidnapping is rampant in Venezuela, a country currently embroiled in political unrest and protests since the election of President Nicolas Maduro in 2013.

    In 2009, the year Antonio Sano was kidnapped, leaked government data reported an estimated 16,917 kidnappings in Venezuela, or about 46 per day. While numbers vary depending on the source, Sano estimated there are about 20 kidnappings per day in his native country.

    “It’s a business,” said Sano, whose parents and sister still live in Venezuela. “It’s a good deal for the people and the government. ... I cry every day for Venezuela. I cry for my mother and my father. The people in Venezuela on top are no good.”

    Sano said he was a target for the kidnappers because of his high profile and the money he had made as a successful trainer. He said he had been kidnapped once before when his car was hijacked and he was forced to drive around to seven ATM machines and withdraw cash. Sano called it a “secuestro expreso,” or express kidnapping, and said it lasted just four hours.



  9. I think we dodged a bullet at least his legs are both the same length!

    I know they aren't ready to give up on the season yet, but hopefully when the are Miggy can take some time to let this heal properly. I'm not a big fan of playing through injuries, they often seem to cause injuries in other areas or lead to the player picking up bad habits trying to protect the injury.



  10. 46 minutes ago, Biff Mayhem said:

    You're seeing the difference between a people person and bookworm nerd. Could you see Mario having a daily walk with Ausmus? If you were at a social gathering with Ernie, he'd be engaging people and listening. Impemba would be sitting against a wall waiting for people to come up to talk with him. That's why Ernie is a classic and Impemba is just there.

    I think this is right.

    There isn't anything overly engaging with Mario. He certainly isn't at the top of my list of people I wish I could sit and have a beer with and listen to him tell stories of the players.

    He just is there, which isn't too bad. I suppose we could have a lot worse,

    Jim Price gets a pass from me, He's a heck of a guy and I don't care how many times he tells the story of hiding behind Willie Horton during a benches clearing brawl. I laugh each time.

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  11. 1 minute ago, Melody said:

    Nope.  I've talked about it before.  What we have isn't free market anyway.   I think that a reasonable law that only states that a given provider can only charge one price to all would do a lot, and that what the cost of the service will be should be stated before the services are rendered.   Return to "reasonable and customary," in insurance reimbursements.    Some would overcharge, but I suspect that they would lose patients and everything would normalize.    This in network, out of network, in network but different plan with the same provider, self pay all having a massively different rate to pay is BS.

    We have a couple of providers we use that don't accept insurance, but will give us the info to file for reimbursements ourselves.  One is my husband's physical therapy center, the other is our dentist.  Both are significantly cheaper than even the discount rate at our available in network pool. 

    Healthcare is as far from a free market as I am from sleeping with Kate Beckinsale.

    Actually, I have a better shot at Kate then the healthcare system does of ever becoming a free market.

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  12. 4 minutes ago, 1776 said:

    I know Brad has come under fire here and has been blamed for many things, but I honestly feel sorry for the guy. These guys just aren't making it happen. Fat contracts and aging players have caught up with this team. I don't see anything that would lead me to believe that these guys are all of a sudden going to turn it around. Sad.


    Agree. This isn't his fault.

    I'm beginning to think Miggy is hurt and hiding it. VMart is just old and broken down. No surprise there. Kinsler is prone to very long slumps and unfortunately it looks like he's in one. JUp is streaky as we know and Castellanos is scuffling. THe whole league new CF was a going to be a problem and AA's solution was to pencil in Romine, Jones and Mahtook and hope he gets lucky. I think the ship has sailed on McCann he's not going to improve offensively. The odds were against them to start the season and the outcome was to be expected.

    Sell early, sell often.

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