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  1. Jim Delahanty was one of 4 Delahanty brothers that played in the majors in the 1890's and early 1900's. His brother Ed is in the hall of fame.
  2. It took a while, but I see what you did there! Well done.
  3. Exactly, this isn't the deadball era. The game has been cleaned up. Images need to be upheld.
  4. Fathers Day puff piece. The Dueces agent handed the reporter that copy. It's all written for PR. Really, you can't print that the Duece was in Florida rehabbing and having a fling with the blonde, blue eyed physical therapist that he left behind broken hearted, yet happy at the same time.
  5. They didn't have her positioned on camera where we could see her legs. I think a lot of people lost interest quickly.
  6. Skip right to the comic strip. http://www.upworthy.com/a-short-comic-gives-the-simplest-most-perfect-explanation-of-privilege-ive-ever-seen
  7. The difference is a team with a young core with upside in our position might be willing to deal for a veteran, while we are clearly on the downside of the hill.
  8. It never entered my mind that they might actually try and upgrade to make the 2nd WC. Standing pat would be only slightly less of a blunder than going up against a Sicilian when death is on the line.
  9. The worst thing for the organization IMO, would be to believe, we are "just a couple" players away from winning the division. I think backing into a 2nd wild card spot would aid in this potential illusion. We are old, injury prone and lack talent as well as depth. Getting younger, more talented and building depth requires more than a couple players. It requires a commitment and a long term plan. Even starting now in a retooling we are 3 to 5 yrs away.
  10. Are they a little worried about Fulmer being overtaxed and making this move to protect hm as a long term staff fixture? Maybe they would rather roll the dice with Sanchez a couple turns and give Fulmer a little extra rest going into the ASB where they can work things out to get him even extra days off.
  11. I think one of DD's strong attributes as a GM was that he had a clear vision of what objective he wanted to accomplish and acted to achieve his goal early. More often than not, he set the market rather than wait for the market to play out. In my personal opinion, I like that way of operating.
  12. With the political and economic turmoil going on in Venezuela, not to mention kidnapping as business, I see no way Cabrera misses the WBC. Anyone with money or a family member of someone with money is a target. I'm sure Cabrera wouldn't want to give these guys the the impression he didn't love his country. It could lead to all kind of bad things. This is part of the story of the trainer who won the Kentucky Derby this year. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/horses/triple/derby/2017/04/29/kentucky-derby-2017-antonio-sano-feature/307506001/
  13. JBK in with the answer before I even posted my question!
  14. I'm not certain how it works. Are you sure the Tigers could demand he not play in the WBC? Or can they merely request he not play?
  15. I think we dodged a bullet at least his legs are both the same length! I know they aren't ready to give up on the season yet, but hopefully when the are Miggy can take some time to let this heal properly. I'm not a big fan of playing through injuries, they often seem to cause injuries in other areas or lead to the player picking up bad habits trying to protect the injury.
  16. For JV getting back on track might be a simple as a change of scenery and a new perspective from a different coaching staff.
  17. I think this is right. There isn't anything overly engaging with Mario. He certainly isn't at the top of my list of people I wish I could sit and have a beer with and listen to him tell stories of the players. He just is there, which isn't too bad. I suppose we could have a lot worse, Jim Price gets a pass from me, He's a heck of a guy and I don't care how many times he tells the story of hiding behind Willie Horton during a benches clearing brawl. I laugh each time.
  18. Healthcare is as far from a free market as I am from sleeping with Kate Beckinsale. Actually, I have a better shot at Kate then the healthcare system does of ever becoming a free market.
  19. .288.345.350.695 @ LAK 22yrs (split with) . @ ERI 22yrs 277.328.404.732 @ ERI 23 yrs. .295.343.427.770 @ TOL 24yrs I thought that showed a nice progression of adjusting to the increased competition level. I thought it would continue.
  20. I was expecting McCann to be the full time answer. .264.297.387.684 his rookie year, he hit all through the minors. I figured on a slight uptick in production, maybe OPS .725-.750 or so and catcher was all set for 7 or 8 years. I was wrong.
  21. Agree. This isn't his fault. I'm beginning to think Miggy is hurt and hiding it. VMart is just old and broken down. No surprise there. Kinsler is prone to very long slumps and unfortunately it looks like he's in one. JUp is streaky as we know and Castellanos is scuffling. THe whole league new CF was a going to be a problem and AA's solution was to pencil in Romine, Jones and Mahtook and hope he gets lucky. I think the ship has sailed on McCann he's not going to improve offensively. The odds were against them to start the season and the outcome was to be expected. Sell early, sell often.
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