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  1. I think someone picks him (Rodriguez) up. Not as a closer, but for some potential middle relief help. Maybe now that he's been humbled a bit he would accept a little time in AAA somewhere to work on a few things. It will be interesting to see if he pitches better for a new team then he did here.
  2. Bad marketing. The product is good, the marketing sucks.
  3. It's a short term trade. I'm looking to be out before the long weekend next Friday. I'm up a few points now, if I'm lucky a few more points between now and Friday and I'll close it out. I see support around 2430. I'm thinking we should get some profit taking from some longs next week locking in profits before the long weekend. It may soften the market just enough to hit my target.
  4. It works both ways. Let them in legally so they don't exploit our system living on full take home cash wages and avoiding taxes.
  5. I'm glad this losing streak is taking place on the west coast. These games would have been very depressing to watch. I feel a detached bummed-outness, but happy at the same time that I wasn't emotionally invested in these games and that I didn't lose 16 hours of my life watching poor play as they fall apart.
  6. The Gorgeuos Ladies of Wrestling is a tv show now? Like a reality show or a wrestling show like we used to watch on channel 20 when we were kids?
  7. I just finished the Coughlin series of books by Dennis Lehane. 3 books A Given Day LIve by Night (Ben Affleck made this one into a movie) A World Gone By The series follows the Coughlin Family of Boston led by their patriarch Tomas Coughlin an Irish Immigrant who came over sometime in the 1890's. This was the time of the huge influx of Irish immigrants into the country. Tomas becomes a cop and quickly rises up the ranks. As he rises up the ladder he becomes more skilled at the political game of the police force and more and more wealthy through bribes and payoffs from the local mob. The book uses some actual historical events to weave into the story. The immigration of Irish and Italians. How poorly the Italians were treated, just a notch above blacks. The corruption in the Boston Police department, the abysmal way the regular cops were treated, seriously bordering on inhumane. The threat of Socialism in the country at the time as workers struggled to be treated fairly across the country and in particular the struggles the oldest Coughlin son Danny as he becomes an advocate for the unionization of the Boston Police leading up to the policeman's strike and subsequent riot in 1919. The author Lehane uses real life players of Boston politics at that time in his book that give the air of historical fiction. The second book Live by Night begins in earnest the story of the youngest Coughlin son, Joe from his beginnings as a street hoodlum robbing newstands as a teen, progressing to forming a small time robbery gang that targets illegal poker games then moving on to banks. About this time prohibition becomes law and we follow Joe from small time outlaw to full fledged gangster as he takes over the Tampa, FL rum trade and expands it to a mini-empire becoming one of the most powerful men in Florida. The 3rd book follows the end of Joe's career as Prohibition is repealed and he transitions into legitimate ( or semi-legit) bushiness of trucking and manufacturing and importing Rum from Cuba. He also has his hands in drugs and prostitution. Also gambling, which at that time was legal in Cuba. These are easy reading summertime books, full of intersecting and colorful characters. Perfect vacation books. I would say they are in the style of Elmore Leonard but the characters are more fleshed out than in a Dutch Leonard book, which to me makes the characters more interesting. Lot's of gangster action and intrigue, with appearances by Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky weaved in and of course a few dames along the way.
  8. Hey, now, we can't cut back too far. I don't want to start cutting my own grass again and all the know-how in the cement business died with my older uncles and cousins.
  9. I'm sure San Diego will hand us at least 1 game. They'll try to give us another and we'll do our damndest not to accept it, but in the end they will insist we win. The third game we'll give them just so we don't appear to be ungrateful guests in their home.
  10. I can't say as I agree with calling JV a #4.
  11. To the bold, Pelfry has pitched better for Chicago then he did for us, but because he got better after we cut him does not give points for the signing to Avila. In fact it raises the question, why or what is it about Detroit that didn't allow him to pitch better for us? Was he about to turn the corner and our coaching staff missed it? Did Avila misplay the whole deal by hanging onto Sanchez instead of getting him to AAA sooner and keeping Pelfry not leaving us short of starters? By giving Boyd extended rope then sending him to the minors anyhow? The whole Pelry signing that had other GM's scratching their head at the contract onset all the way through to Pelfry performing better for Chicago reflects bad on Avila and our staff.
  12. With this pitching staff I can't see them putting together an extended winning streak.
  13. IIRC, it was Ian's request to be offered an extension from the receiving team to remove the no trade restriction that gummed up the works. Maybe, just to get off the sinking ship he might be willing to back off that.
  14. In one of those unexplained mysteries that are a common theme in baseball. No one could figure out why Walt couldn't seem to get the ball over the plate when he pitched at night.
  15. Well, right now our momentum is going the wrong way and if a perfect game into the 6th wasn't enough to break the trend I'm not sure what it will take. The Padres might hand us a game or two so at least we have that going for us.
  16. I think what this means is, sell early, sell often.
  17. I could get on board with that! I guess if we're going to dream, we might as well dream big.
  18. While it's true this season is all but out of reach, firing Ausmus won't solve anything. Replacing him with Geno, Legendary Lloyd or Vizquel mid-season won't improve the teams performance and put them on a tear to take over the division. It won't suddenly light a fire under the team when motivation isn't their problem. They are old, injury prone, lack talent in some areas as well as depth when said injuries pop up. A new manager won't change that. Let Brad play out the string. See who is available in the off season and go from there. The mistake with Brad was made when he was hired. Firing him now when he only has a few months left on his contract won't repair that mistake and IMO would make it look like AA was trying to deflect his share of the responsibility and blame onto Brad. To fix what ails this team, Avila needs to start moving some guys and the sooner the better before the market gets crowded with similar talent. Sell early, sell often
  19. You know, you're probably right, but when I hit 50, suddenly 56 doesn't sound so old anymore!
  20. That's an interesting comment. I feel somewhat that this is not a likable team. Looking back at the Pujols/Scrap Iron/Tram years, even though the team underperformed I feel they were more likable. I'm not sure if it's a matter of expecting more form this team and feeling frustrated because they are under performing versus knowing those early teams were going to be bad and expecting very little from them. Or is it that we've been good for a relatively long stretch and I'm spoiled that anything less than good and I'm not happy?
  21. Who do you have in mind? I was impressed with the manager of the Puerto Rico team in the WBC, Edwin Rodriguez, although he doesn't fit the crusty old manager mold. He's 56.
  22. I read a book about Big Ed: https://www.amazon.com/Ed-Delahanty-Emerald-Age-Baseball/dp/0268022917 It was pretty good because not only did it give info on Big Ed but it was about that whole 1880 - 1910 (or so) period of baseball and the development of the leagues and the balance of power being completely with the owners and how Ed bucked against that. I lost it somewhere when we moved. It will probably turn up in a box someday, I hope.
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