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  1. 81-80Fr.jpg

    Jason Thompson was my Dad's favorite player for those few years when he was with the team in the mid 70's.

    I think we were watching on TV when he cleared the roof at old Tiger Stadium, but I can't be sure.

    I do remember him wondering why we traded him away.

  2. Funny as it may sound, right now in Brad's managerial career is when I would want to hire him. He's 4 yrs into a career, he's manged good teams and bad. He's made mistakes for sure, but he's improved quite a bit, IMO. The experience he was missing when we hired him he has now.

    This may be unpopular to say, but to let him go now after 4 years of on the job training on our dime would be a mistake.

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  3. 7 minutes ago, Mr. Bigglesworth said:

    Sounding like Vegas is too rich for my blood.

    Occasionally I'll hear someone getting a great package deal on a flight and a mid tier hotel if you're willing to travel at an odd time or at the drop of a hat. Long gone are the days when you could book a flight and hotel for two on a 3 day weekend deal at Caesars or Mirage for $800.

  4. They are also smart enough to know that he's still JV. He can still bring the velo, the stamina is still there, the desire is still there, he's still a top of the rotation guy. What ails him is in his hard head and a fresh start with a new team and new pitching coach might just be what he needs.  And if you can get this guy AND get the other team to pay part of his salary there will be teams interested.

    My personal uninformed, uneducated belief is that JV won't or doesn't listen to advice from this coaching staff and they don't push the issue out of deference to who he is and that moving to a new team where he isn't JV "face of the Tigers, CY Young and MVP winner" but just JV who needs to get his **** together is just what he needs. 

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  5. 20 hours ago, tiger337 said:

    I think it would do just the opposite.  It would tell the buyers that the Tigers are desperate and that they can get players from them cheaply.  

    Absolutely. It would be a "crazy Al's going out of business where all unreasonable offers will be considered sale" and along with each bargain bin player given away Al should include his resume because he wouldn't last much longer in Detroit. 

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  6. Is it the end of a storied career? Well, maybe not storied, but at least long and fun:

    Bartolo Colon DFA'd.

    Colon was designated for assignment by the Braves on Thursday.

    The writing for this move was on the wall, as manager Brian Snitker refused to commit to Colon sticking around following another poor start in Colon's return from the DL on Wednesday. Colon posted an ERA north of 8.00 in 13 starts with the Braves this season. This could be the end of the line for the 44-year-old, although the Mets, with whom Colon spent the 2014-16 seasons, may be interested in his services especially after Robert Gsellman went down with a hamstring strain earlier in the week.



    3 minutes ago, tiger337 said:

    There are towns in Massachusetts that are not far from JBK's ideal with the exception of the high speed rail, although we do have lots of public transportation.    

    Stars Hollow!

    (And if any of you have heard of Stars Hollow you better have had a teenage daughter in the early 2000's or at the very least watched just to drool over Lauren Graham in her tight jeans.)

  8. 25 minutes ago, roarintiger1 said:

    For the life in me, I can't figure out why teams continue to pitch Miguel Cabrera on the outer half of the plate.  He can't seem to get around on a good lively fastball that is middle in.   Why pitch him away?   Until he burns me by pulling the ball into the Tiger bullpen, I would be pitching him inside.  Thoughts?


    I don't know enough about hitting mechanics to know if this means anything, but you're right all but one of his home runs went the other way.

  9. 1 hour ago, Deleterious said:

    Now I'm craving bread sticks from The Fenton House.  Average food, amazing bread sticks.  


    Nailed the description of EG Nicks in Plymouth. Fantastic bread sticks, average food.

    Great location and great layout for the space. Keep your eye on that if it ever comes up for sale.

  10. 28 minutes ago, Buddha said:

    one question, is it more fun to follow this current team than a rebuilding team?  the underachievement and frustration with this team isnt very fun to me.  i'd rather see them rebuild and follow a young team.

    I would enjoy watching a young team come together. I don't think we have the pieces though that are there are on the doorstep. We are in for a long road, I believe.

  11. 11:15 - Fed Speaker: Philadelphia Fed Pres. Patrick Harker will speak on economic and international trade from London, England. Just last Wednesday, Harker, who is thought of as a hawk (and votes this year) spoke about kicking off the Fed's quantitative tightening (managing the balance sheet) program in September. Harker will take questions from the audience.


    13:00 - Fed Speaker: Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is expected to speak on global economic issues from London, England. I think we all know where the Fed would like to go on policy. I, for one, would like to hear her take on the still-deteriorating macroeconomic data that we have been seeing of late, as well as her take (though I doubt it has changed much) on inflation. Perhaps she'll clue us in to her intentions regarding her future at the Fed. This speech is the economic event of the day.


    17:30 - Fed Speaker: Minneapolis Fed Pres. Neel Kashkari is set to speak from Houghton, Michigan. Kashkari, possibly the most dovish (at least these days) voting member of the FOMC will take questions from the audience at this event. Kashkari has become a regular voice of dissent against the Fed's trajectory of tightening monetary policy

  12. On 6/24/2017 at 10:11 AM, rhino said:

    It's a short term trade. I'm looking to be out before the long weekend next Friday. I'm up a few points now, if I'm lucky a few more points between now and Friday and I'll close it out. I see support around 2430. I'm thinking we should get some profit taking from some longs next week locking in profits before the long weekend. It may soften the market just enough to hit my target.

    Closed the short at 2431.00 Picked up 12 pts.

  13. https://fee.org/articles/how-really-to-stop-cultural-appropriation/


    Imagine the following discussion between two white Millennials in Portland: “Kim” (a fervent progressive) and “Josh” (whose politics are murky for the moment).

    * * * * * 

    JOSH (sidling up to a white-run taco truck): Two pork tinga tacos, please.

    KIM: (rushing up to him and shoving a leaflet in his face): Excuse me! Er, Hi! Could I ask you please not to do that?

    JOSH: Do what? Eat?

    KIM: Not participate in the cultural appropriation of Latina cuisine. You see those people running the truck?

    JOSH: Uh, yeah.

    KIM: Notice anything about them?

    JOSH: They look kind of sweaty.

    KIM: (whispering) They’re white.

    JOSH: Oh, yeah. Well, so are we.

    KIM: What gives them the right to colonize the food traditions of a marginalized and oppressed people, and profit from it?

    JOSH: (peering at the truck) It looks like they have a vendor’s license from the city.

    KIM: Does that make it right? Who runs this city? Who dominates its government?

    (Click the link to finish............)


  14. Washington Post writer disses Bruno Mars for cultural appropriation:


    A Twitter user named Jenn M. Jackson took to Twitter just hours before Mars was scheduled to perform to accuse him of appropriating Black culture.

    "I really need y'all to stop with this Bruno Mars praise and be more critical about the ways we understand [cultural] appropriation," Jackson, who writes at the Washington Post as well as B***h Media, said on Twitter.

    Jackson then went on to describe how Mars, whose father is half-Latino and half-Jewish and whose mother is Filipino, was appropriating the funk genre, which was built up by Black people, solely for money.

    "[Bruno Mars] is a non-black person of color (POC) who has recently decided that singing funk music is economically productive," Jackson continued.

    She added, "These claims that Bruno Mars is 'bringing funk back' [erase the legacies of] black funk artists who pioneered the tradition. Funk never left. Funk was a black thing and now, white people [think they own it, too]. That's [cultural] appropriation."


  15. 1 minute ago, tiger337 said:

    1. Speedy center fielder.

    2. Scrappy second baseman who puts the ball in play and knows how to bunt.

    3. Corner outfielder with highest batting average.

    4. Power hitting first baseman.

    Yes, sir. That's the way to do it and the best thing about that set up is that you can plug Don Kelly into anyone of those slots and not miss a beat.

  16. I think Chris Illitch is concerned with payroll and rightfully so. I can't see him firing Brad just to make a move that won't change anything and taking on an additional salary. I suppose he could plug in Vizquel, but again that won't solve anything. I think he will tell Avila to push hard on offing some veterans and move out some payroll, Verlander and Kinsler specifically. Barring that he will ride out the season as is and re-evaluate options in the off season.

    I see nothing to be gained by removing Ausmus beyond a cheap and transparent move "to do something" that won't stem the flow of water coming on to this sinking ship.

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  17. Also, some of you are making the generalization that every undocumented worker is washing dishes for below minimum wage. I can tell you unequivocally that always isn't the case. Some of them with skill and experience that can do a job quickly, thoroughly and correctly can be paid substantially more than minimum wage and still save the employer money from cutting out his tax burden to the government.

    Yes, we are still talking about labor, but a good carpenter, roofer, cement worker, mechanic, landscaper, carpet installer, tile-man can all generate more then enough income for their employer to make well paid jobs for themselves.

    When I was coming up, I worked with a guy from Romania. He escaped while Choichescu (SP?) was in power at the risk of being killed if caught. He would always say in very broken English, "If you have skill you can go and work anywhere in the world you want. You will always find someone who needs you if you are good enough." The guy had skill beyond belief and even as an illegal immigrant he was the highest paid guy in the shop. Why? Because he quickly and correctly deduced that all he had to do was shop his services around, even with very poor English skills, and he found he could work almost anywhere because he had skill and could make money for his employer even with being very well paid.

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