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  1. I agree we had to start rebuilding and it does seem to be the case that the only option was to trade our better players. I only wish we could have gotten more for weaver and moehler than what we recieved. I feel that we gave away two solid starters and are gambling on prospects, and in my opinion prospects that are not that great. I would have liked to recieve someone who was closer to big league ready for moehler, more along the lines of carlos pena.

    I feel the rest of the league knows that dombrowski is trying to deal from a weak position and they do not have to give us fair value for our players.

    I do not have faith in dombrowski... yet. He is showing some big balls to gamble on these prospects and if it works for us than I will be a believer. Right now I consider what he is doing to be the equivalent of a hail mary pass. If it works, he's a hero and were back in the game, if it doesn't, it's just another in along line of failed moves by our team.

  2. I imagine Dombrowski told Higgy that he, and everybody in the league, knows Higgy wants out of town. But the only person keeping Higgy from being traded is Higgy. No one wants to pay that kind of money for a guy who can't hit over .300 or over 20 HR's, they don't care how many guys he throws out from left feild.

    If he wants out bad enough, take a pay cut or waive the no trade clause for any team that will be willing to pay him, because the Tigers can't afford to eat part of his contract, they are already paying to many guys who aren't playing. If he can't do either of those things than keep quite and raise your stats, because no one wants an underperformer or a malcontent.

  3. According to Eli and Gibby this afternoon, Fick went off on the reporter for bringing up a past transgression, that was reported on when Fick was much younger, possibly while he was in the minors. Although Eli and Gibby weren't clear, apparently it had something to do with marijuanna, and Fick thought the reporter was out of line for bringing up the past.

    It sounded like a seperate, prior incident from the stewardess case involving Matt Anderson and Weaver from a couple years ago. Gibby backed Fick on the outburst stating he had had the same kind of problems with reporters during his early career, Eli felt Fick was unprofessional. They did not name the reporter.

    On a seperate note, it looks like now that Higgy is on his way out of town, Robert Fick is going to be Gibbys new favorite player.

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