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  1. "that isn't to say weaver won't be in someway helped by the vets" -estrepe Then why go to all that trouble to say it.
  2. Weaver is going to be real good. I think he is having trouble adjusting. He went from one extreme to another. On the Tigers he was probably the best player on the team, on the Yankees he can't even break into the starting 5 rotation. He probally feels like a rookie again. Give him some time with Clemens, Musina and Wells, he will benefit greatly form watching those guys everyday. Maybe part of Weavers problem in Detroit was that he never had a really good veteran pitcher to help him adjust.
  3. The issue is not that simple as to which is more important, leadership or talent. Even the best team leader, can not take a team that is as lacking in talent as the Tigers are and will them to the World Series. On the other hand even a team with a lot of talent, is not a lock to get to the World Series if their team is in constant turmoil. There has to be a balance. A team needs a leader or leaders AND they have to have talent to be winners. Among the problems the Tigers have is a lack of leadership, as well as a lack of talent. Kirk Gibson told a story the other day on the radio of how the Tigers were flying to Oakland from Seattle after having lost 5 straight and there was more partying on the plane then at anytime during the wire to wire run in '84. To use the example of the Yankees, would Roger Clemens sit quitely and let the team party, especially if one of the blown leads was in a game he was pitching? Would Curt Schilling? Would Brad Ausmus have? Obviously Higgy would sit there, as well as Easley and Anderson. There has to be a guy or guys who will stand up and say, "Hey we just lost 5 straight, we sholdn't be partying we should be trying to figure out how not to let those games slip away next time." There has to be a player who can call another player out and say "Your behavour is hurting the team, knock it off!" As for Redman he was hurt when he got here, and its just recently that he has been able to contribute and really feel like part of the team. If he continues to stay healthy and have success, could the composure and confidence that he shows on the mound along with the maturity he seems to posses carry over to the clubhouse and might we see him emerge among the team leaders?
  4. I think he will be a solid pitcher for years to come. I think he seems to be level headed on the mound. He knows he's not a power pitcher, so he doesn't try to overpower the hitters and he pitches to his strengths. He seems to pitch with confidence. Another quality I like about him is that through all the ups and mostly downs this year I haven't read any comments made by him, which shows a maturity that many of the Tigers lack. I don't think a leader has to be the best player on the team, (ex: Brad Ausmus) but he does have to have the respect of both the team and management. If Redman continues to pitch above .500 and stay healthy, could he develop into the leader the Tigers are missing?
  5. rhino

    Matt Anderson

    Old Timey, your doing fine. If you give women what they want, then they expect it all the time.
  6. cedar, I would agree with you if we were talking about a proven player, or even a legitimate prospect. Juan Acevado has not shown anything in his major league career. You have to go back 4 teams and two minor league stints to see a winning record and a season that he saved more than 10 games. Looking at his stats he looks to have been a middle reliever or a mop up man. I think any interest would have been, if this guy looks like he has turned the corner and can be a dependable stopper, is he a real major league player or just a guy benifitting from playing on a team with a lack of talent and a couple key bullpen injuries(Patterson and Anderson). Taking into consideration that he really has not been that impresive so far this year, if the Tigers did, and this is just my opinion, try to showcase him by putting him out in the 9th inning to face the bottom of the order with a 2 run lead, after the performance he gave I would be very suprised if any GM would think Juan Acevedo is a legitimate MLB reliever, either a closer or a middle releiver.
  7. I would be very suprised if there is any interest left in Juan after todays grand slam to Thome. I was thinking when they brought him in today they were trying to showcase him. It was a good idea, we had a two run lead, he was facing the bottom of the order and the game looked like it was well in hand. If any body still wants him we won't get much in return, we might as well keep him.
  8. rhino


    That Yankee forum is terrible. I didn't read one thought out comment , all they seem to do is call eachother names. Granted, I didn't spend a lot of time there I could only take about 5 min. Although they have the better baseball team, we have the better message board. Bblee, thanks for the link.
  9. What's a "hammate" bone and how do you break it?
  10. I don't hate the Twins, I'm just tired of playing them every other week. Same with the White Sox.
  11. I agree we had to start rebuilding and it does seem to be the case that the only option was to trade our better players. I only wish we could have gotten more for weaver and moehler than what we recieved. I feel that we gave away two solid starters and are gambling on prospects, and in my opinion prospects that are not that great. I would have liked to recieve someone who was closer to big league ready for moehler, more along the lines of carlos pena. I feel the rest of the league knows that dombrowski is trying to deal from a weak position and they do not have to give us fair value for our players. I do not have faith in dombrowski... yet. He is showing some big balls to gamble on these prospects and if it works for us than I will be a believer. Right now I consider what he is doing to be the equivalent of a hail mary pass. If it works, he's a hero and were back in the game, if it doesn't, it's just another in along line of failed moves by our team.
  12. I imagine Dombrowski told Higgy that he, and everybody in the league, knows Higgy wants out of town. But the only person keeping Higgy from being traded is Higgy. No one wants to pay that kind of money for a guy who can't hit over .300 or over 20 HR's, they don't care how many guys he throws out from left feild. If he wants out bad enough, take a pay cut or waive the no trade clause for any team that will be willing to pay him, because the Tigers can't afford to eat part of his contract, they are already paying to many guys who aren't playing. If he can't do either of those things than keep quite and raise your stats, because no one wants an underperformer or a malcontent.
  13. According to Eli and Gibby this afternoon, Fick went off on the reporter for bringing up a past transgression, that was reported on when Fick was much younger, possibly while he was in the minors. Although Eli and Gibby weren't clear, apparently it had something to do with marijuanna, and Fick thought the reporter was out of line for bringing up the past. It sounded like a seperate, prior incident from the stewardess case involving Matt Anderson and Weaver from a couple years ago. Gibby backed Fick on the outburst stating he had had the same kind of problems with reporters during his early career, Eli felt Fick was unprofessional. They did not name the reporter. On a seperate note, it looks like now that Higgy is on his way out of town, Robert Fick is going to be Gibbys new favorite player.
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