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  1. I think it was more a display of engineering and metallurgy skill then it was to fill a practical need. The production perfection of a coin that size had never been done before. The Canadian mint prides themselves on the superior production and refining of their Gold Maple Leaf coin. As impractical as the 100 kilo coin is, it was produced more as a bit of showing off by the Canadian Mint. Hence the quote at the end of the article by the Canadian Mint when asked why the coins were made, "Because we can." I would have to look it up but I think those coins were made about 20 yrs ago and no other refiner or mint has produced one since. The dificulty comes in the pouring of the metal also called the casting process. All the smaller 1 oz coins, wether American, Canadian, Australian etc.. are made from a stamping which is infinitely easier to do and control.
  2. Update on the stolen 100 kilo coin. Arrests have been made.
  3. I heard the quotes on the radio and Valenti blew them all out of proportion inspiring the masses to pick up pitch forks and burning torches. To me the quotes were pretty consistent to what we had heard. He lost the fire to play, his body was breaking down and he felt to continue playing wasn't worth the risk. The only thing he added was that he didn't see the Lions competing for a super bowl any time soon which was something that contributed to his decision to retire sooner rather then later. The comment certainly isn't worth all the attention it's getting.
  4. Only 5 minutes long and good all the way through. It gets interesting at 2:50 when the discuss a phenomenon called Circular Flow. Then at the very end there is an appearance by the guy who played the older brother in La Bamba (minus the mustache).
  5. https://sports.yahoo.com/news/kyle-schwarbers-outfield-defense-roller-coaster-emotions-033444456.html
  6. I don't want anymore 1 dimensional players. We need guys to go both ways. The defensive liability and the limiting factor of an offense only guy is getting harder and harder to overcome. Especially as Miggy seems to be a player that is going to need to be slotted in as a DH sooner rather then later to help limit his time on the DL.
  7. And to me, what is even worse, is getting a 4 yr degree and still being prepared for nothing and the only things some of these kids have to show for their 5 yrs in school is a pile of debt.
  8. I guess your humor is a little too esoteric for me because I don't get your comment.
  9. I wish more kids would take up a trade. It kind of bums me out when the guy who cleaned our septic tank makes more per hour than I do. Increased number of tradesman=lower prices! Seriously, this is where we are making a mistake in education. Trade schools should be brought back and emphasized as a legit option for kids. Not every kid is cut out for college. There is nothing wrong with going to a trade school, working an apprenticeship then getting a decent paying job and start making some good money before the college kids have even had time to decide on a major. And the potentially best part is those kids who skipped college fro a trade have started their working life debt free.
  10. The Cubs must have had a bad cell connection and the rest of their offer got cut off.
  11. The home run derby was excellent. I think they may have finally got the format right. The guys really put on a show. Stanton and Judge are just not from this world. Judge hit 3 or 4 over 500 ft. I was amazed by this kid. Bour put on quite a show too. His home crowd was going crazy. He has tremendous pull power unfortunately for him he was paired against Judge who edged him out by 1, 23 to 22. Stanton had a bit of a rough start to his round and came up 1 short of Gary Sanchez. Overall, I think it was the best Home Run Derby yet.
  12. http://www.crainsdetroit.com/article/20170707/blog003/633351/tigers-tv-ratings-decline-team-struggles I think one thing in their favor is the rebounding of the stadium district. Potentially, if the area becomes a hot spot for night life the Tigers could see attendance boosted as a place to be regardless of the quality of the team. It wouldn't replace all the attendance lost from the 3 million plus season gates, but I don't think it will be back to the early 2000 years either of under 2 million.
  13. I'm posting this as general information of what a market based healthcare system could potentially be like: https://fee.org/articles/my-awesome-and-cheap-medical-experiencein-lebanon/?utm_source=FEE+Email+Subscriber+List&utm_campaign=72793e3641-MC_FEE_DAILY_2017_07_10&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_84cc8d089b-72793e3641-108150729
  14. This is how I would look at it. You never know where a conversation might lead. Even if nothing comes of that specific conversation and a deal isn't reached at that time, it allows you to get a sense of where the other guy is at for future negotiations down the road into the off-season. Because of injury, performance (under or over), development surprises/disappointments a team is a fluid thing. Needs change frequently, strengths change. A guy might not be willing to deal a specific player today, doesn't mean he won't trade him at the winter meetings depending on a multitude of factors transpiring between now and then.
  15. I need a point clarified on Verlanders option year: Justin Verlander rhp 7 years/$180M (2013-19), plus 2020 option 7 years/$180M (2013-19), plus 2020 vesting option signed extension with Detroit 3/29/13 replaced final two years of previous deal 13:$20M, 14:$20M, 15:$28M, 16:$28M, 17:$28M, 18:$28M, 19:$28M, 20:$22M vesting option 2020 option guaranteed with top 5 finish in 2019 Cy Young vote award bonuses, including $0.1M for All-Star selection no-trade protection That reads to me like a team option for 22M if JV finishes in the top 5 of the Cy Young and if he doesn't the team can refuse the option? Why are teams thinking of a 70M obligation when it is really 56M? If he finishes top 5 he would certainly be worth 22M.
  16. A video clip of Lerrin LaGrow's career highlight. By my count it took 4 guys to restrain Billy Martin from taking on the whole Oakland team
  17. Regarding the market for JD, something that bears watching is the Marlins and Loria's desire to decrease payroll to make the sale of his team more attractive. Rumors are starting to float that he may be finally motivated enough to move Stanton. Ozuna has been rumored to be on the block and even a few rumors attached to Christian Yellich. Stanton has 3 yrs remaining at 25 per year then he has a player option as well as full no trade control. With all options exercised he has a contract through 2027 valued at 295 million remaining. I realize it's unlikely he would be moved, but it's certainly not out of the question. That's a big chunk of money for a player who seems to miss a significant amount of time each year due to injury, yet there's no denying Stanton is an impact player equal to JD. http://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/rumor-buy-or-sell-would-the-marlins-trade-giancarlo-stanton/ http://fansided.com/2017/07/06/mlb-trade-rumors-marlins-scouting-yankees-cubs-red-sox-farm-systems/ https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2017/06/taking-inventory-miami-marlins.html More likely seems to be Ozuna, 26yr w/ 2 yrs arbitration remaining at 3.5m this year. Yellich, 25yr signed through 2021 at about 11-12m a year. We may be partial to JD, but by waiting this long to move him or longer these type of developments will impact his ultimate value.
  18. If you look at the play by play of the game it shows Maybin singles in the 3rd, homers in the 5th and HBP in the 6th, then k's in the 9th against Rivera.
  19. http://www.kitco.com/news/video/show/Kitco-News/1638/2017-07-07/Why-Silvers-Mysterious-Flash-Crash-Enraged-This-Trader I can't seem to imbed the video into my post. This fellow who used to be a algorithm trader explains how he thinks algorithms caused last night's "flash crash" of almost 10% in silver. It's a little to hard to follow for me, but I know some of you (screwball in particular) might be interested.
  20. I thought he homered of Clemons then Clemons hit him on the wrists next AB? "Welcome to the show, kid!"
  21. As far as people watching, Holy Mackerel!, the women are amazing in Vegas. Make sure you bring dark sunglasses! Pro-Tip #1 from 28 yrs of marriage: Before you go to Vegas practice and perfect the move where you see a hot chic coming in your peripheral vision and you turn head away from her so she eventually walks into your view. Don't make the rookie mistake of turning your head towards her to gawk. Too obvious and that behavior tends to **** of the wife. For a harmonious trip display the patience of a grizzled veteran and wait for her to innocently walk into your view, thus your wife can't accuse you of checking out other girls. It's not your fault the hottie just happened to walk where you were looking.
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