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  1. Uber/Lyft is absolutely a community service and their success is what happens when the markets are free to fill a need without gov't. intervention. There has been a need for a long time for a form of transportation that one can call as needed that provides a clean car, a pleasant driver and a reasonable price that can be scheduled quickly.

    Droves of older people that are afraid to drive because of poor eyesight are getting out into the world again. Uber/Lyft has literally given them some of their independence back. It's a wonderful thing when the market is free to create and respond to needs. The only issue I see is gov't wanting to get a slice of the pie taxing Uber/Lyft out of business or crony capitalism being implemented to force out Uber/Lyft on behalf of the taxi driver union.

    And, as a side note, whether it's on the app or not, I always tip my driver cash as I'm grateful for the service and the cleanliness off the car.

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  2. There's supposedly a lot of gypsy's in Romania. When I was first starting out in this business I learned a lot from a Romanian fellow who could barely speak English. One thing we learned very quickly is never call him a gypsy, even in jest. He would go absolutely nuts. Like grab the nearest blunt object and beat everyone in the shop to death nuts. Otherwise he was a very talented and pleasant fellow.

  3. ozkvAv1.jpg

    In case any of you were wondering, "Whatever happened to Enrique Gonzalez after he hung up his cleets?"

    I did a little research and found that soon after his retirement he put on a few pounds, embarked on a very successful comedy career and changed his name to Fluffy.


  4. 2 hours ago, ballmich said:

    I don't have a HSA, but I do have a FSA for medical expenses, and they used to put me through the ringer on nearly everything I charged with my FSA mastercard. Then it would be a long process of getting acceptable receipts that detailed out the service provided, and sending them into my FSA manager for approval.  Including a lot of recurring charges from say, my HMO or chiropractor.  But suddenly about two years ago, they stopped being so critical of every charge, and now I only am asked to validate charges maybe 3-4 times per year. It's actually pretty nice, now.  Before, it was a real pain to the extent that I had considered whether it was worth my time to keep contributing to the FSA given the huge administrative burden. 

    This is where I'm at.

  5. The issue with our HSA is their default for any charge made against the account is "denied" until we file paper work, get receipts mail them in and get letters, make, numerous phone calls, then they approve a charge. That is extremely frustrating, what is even more frustrating is they will then, just a few months later deny a new charge that is exactly the same as the one we just fought to get paid not 3 months earlier.


  6. 4 minutes ago, kdog said:

    Joel Sherman

    as @TBTimes_Rays reports #Rays interested in #Tigers J. Wilson. For now prospect price too high for them. Looking at myriad of relievers

    Joel Sherman

    #rays focus on fixing weak spot another sign they think AL East is winnable #Yankees #RedSox

    I keep reading this, which coincides with my feeling that AA is valuing our players too high. I felt he did it with Kinsler asking for Bellinger. We keep hearing in regard to JV and JD too.

  7. If I'm Verlander with the current make-up of this team and the state of the farm system not in any position to provide immediate help, I'm having my agent pestering Avila to move me to a contender.

  8. When we talk about "tanking" on here, what is the definition of tanking? I think it's one of those things that is going to mean different things to different people.

    For myself, I don't consider trading off veterans and trying to cut payroll as tanking. I think it's just a natural cycle of a baseball franchise.


  9. 14 hours ago, Mr. Bigglesworth said:

    Is Avila a rube?

    Mugs like us don't know from nutttin' about a regular joe like Al being a rube. Most of us get an abe in hand and we're off chasin' dames. Ya' know some guys end up with a bug eyed Betty and some get a choice bit of a baby vamp.  Sure, we bust Al's chops. This ain't no petting pantry. That's how the boy's is. We can't go spreading apple sauce- people are liable to think we're soft. Nobody's giving him the bums rush. He'll be hanging his hat and beltin back a few browns in the front office with his dogs up till the cows come home.

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  10. I don't think the free agent signings of AA should be viewed separately from trades. Bottom line is the process of both involves player evaluation and a feel for the market. Whether trading or buying, the process is still the same, you're giving up assets (players or dollars) for other assets (players acquired in a trade or signed through FA). His body of work thus far should be viewed in totality, not trying to make his record look better by separating these two specific forms of player acquisition.

  11. 30 minutes ago, screwball said:

    I tried to cash a business check (my business) and they refused.  Never had that happen before.  They said I had to have a business account, which I don't want, and never needed before.  Of course to do so, it would cost 11 bucks a month unless I keep a 3500 dollar minimum in the account.  Screw that.  So what keeps me from opening a business account, transferring the check to my personal account, and then closing the business account.  Oh, you can do that, BUT, you must wait a month (fee) and then there is a charge to close the account.  How much?  50 bucks.

    **** you.  I had the people rewrite the check to me instead of my business.

    **** the swine pricks.

    I think it's time to start taking bags of change in again.  Anything to **** with them.

    I believe it.

    I think we talked about it on here. When my son was in college he had a medical emergency and we tried to deposit cash in his Chase account because the doctor he was seeing wasn't coevered on our health care plan, but the bank wouldn't accept it. We, as his parents, couldn't deposit cash into our son's account for a medical emergency. Money laundering, you know.  I'm very glad I wasn't there when they told my wife that bit of info. ****in' bastards.

    They told her for a small fee she could use an advance from her Chase credit card and deposit it that way, you know, just two small fees for the advance and to complete the transfer to his account.

    Fortunately, i had him set up on an ACH transfer from my business account so I did it that way. Medical emergency be damned, the banks got to get their pound of flesh.

  12. You would be surprised how many people already think it's illegal to do buisness with cash. I must expalin at least 2 or 3 times a month. It is legal to do business in cash, no matter the amount of the transaction, as long as you record it in your accounting. It's only illegal if you try to hide it and not record it in your records.
    THe government and banks are doing a very good job of scaring people into not using cash.

  13. I think Stoney and Jamie are doing a pretty good job in the morning. Much better then Stoney and Bill.  Now that they have gotten rid of the kid who was reading the news and brought in a new girl, it's a good show in the morning.

    Maybe move Wojo to days if Valenti leaves? I don't know who they'd pair him with though.

  14. Well, maybe if the money is gone, Drew might have the desire to make a committed comeback, but unless he is really ready to up his sports knowledge beyond the back of his baseball cards from the 70's, sports talk isn't the right format for him.

    Having said that, if he did mount a comeback, I would surely tune in, because as others have said, when he was good he was one of the best in Detroit.

  15. 12 minutes ago, Shelton said:

    This deal today really has me itching to see what the tigers do. But I'm still not expecting anything to happen for a couple weeks. frustrating. 

    The only thing that will ease the frustration is the Tigers ripping off a six game winning streak. 


  16. So, we just installed 4K HD security cameras at work. Seeing myself on the monitors has left me terribly depressed. Even the old saying that the camera adds 10 lbs is no consolation. Perhaps, if the saying was the camera adds 30 lbs I might feel a little better.

    I'm looking at the monitor saying, "Who is that sloppily dressed, gray haired, fat guy with the bad posture?"

    The only upside is that I was wise to never consider a career in film.

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