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  1. Iglesias under team control until 2019.
  2. @nickcafardo: Detroit RHP Brayan Villarreal may also be in this three-way Peavy deal
  3. Definitely agree that Tigers getting Peavy makes no sense and I don't read the tweet that way. At the same time, I don't buy White Sox only getting Garcia for Peavy. Think there's more to this ...
  4. I interpret it as a three-way deal with White Sox and Tigers. Lands Peavy for Boston, plus big-leaguer from Detroit.
  5. As per Gordon Edes of ESPN Boston: Three-way deal with White Sox, Tigers land Peavy for Boston, plus big-leaguer from Detroit. Iglesias To White Sox
  6. Doubt this deal is true -- Phillies are getting shafted. If the Phillies give up Lee, they are getting more than Aumont. Even if they can't sign Lee long term after this season and are trying to dump salary, why not have a 2010 rotation including Halladay, Lee and Hamels and try to dump Blanton? Lee is a bargain at the 9 million he's scheduled to make in 2010. Only other possibility is that the Mariners had to send a prospect or two to the Jays in order for the Phillies to get Halladay.
  7. anyone else notice the shoulder patches of the US flag were backwards on the jerseys?
  8. anyone know if there is a deadline to purchase the 6 game flex packs?
  9. I think there should be a third option -- most of these players are the best of their era -- probably even without the steroids they still would have been the best -- so, yes, I think they do belong in the Hall. What the steroids did was push a select few players into the "greatest of all time" category. They belong in the hall, but it should be a special section of the hall that notes these players played in the "steroid era" of Major League Baseball.
  10. But could Filppula turn down that offer sheet?
  11. This is his worst season since he joined the Jays -- and it's the only season he's been entirely healthy.
  12. Did Sheff hurt his throwing shoulder? I'd love for this to happen, but it never will.
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