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  1. Too Late, he was signed by Houston: http://www.c-n.com/patriots/story/0,20851,787183,00.html
  2. He's hit .300 in the Majors and Baltimore wants him as a backup AA catcher? He's hitting over .360 in a pseudo-AAA league now, over .400 the last month and Dombrowski won't give him a call? Yes he might be a bit cocky....but I'd rather have an agressive go-getter on my team than a laid back do-nothing.
  3. Meluskey won't take just any offer: http://www.c-n.com/patriots/story/0,20851,782174,00.html He's hitting over .400 the last 30 games, and the Atlantic League is just about AAA level.
  4. It was shoulder problems 2 years ago, the back last year. He had a bulging disk in his lower back (after lunging to tag out Big Frank Thomas on a snowy day in Chicago). He went to team doctors, independent doctors, chiropracters, etc. He found out that the best back rehab guy in the country was located in Phoenix. He packed up the wife and kid and moved to Phoenix (in July...its a dry heat) to start rehab. Detroit offerred Mitch a AAA deal to catch, Oakland did too to catch and play left field/DH. He went with Oakland, the back wasn't quite ready, Oakland cut him. He then continued his workouts in Phoenix, and his back got healthy. The Atlantic League was the best option, he started in Nashua splitting duties between catcher, DH and left field. His bat came back quickly (have you seen his career stats? .344 at AA, .354 at AAA, .300 with Houston) and after a few weeks he felt good behind the plate. Nashua had a full-time catcher, so they traded him to Somerset where Mitch could catch every day. Here's what Sparky Lyle had to say yesterday: http://www.c-n.com/patriots/story/0,20851,780350,00.html and the 6 Somerset teammates seemed to be getting along just fine with Mitch at the place I ran into him last night.
  5. He is 2 for 2 with 2 doubles and 4 RBI's and a walk so far tonight (its only the 3rd inning).
  6. Mitch is 29, the injury issue is/was huge. His back must be fine if he's catching 3 out of 4 games, and he's hitting .350 and playing 2months straight. His shoulder looked good throwing down to second (I was at the Somerset at Camden game last night), but nobody tried to steal. It's a long-term gamble, but he's free, he's cheap, and he's got to be more productive than the catchers the Tigers are trotting out there these days.
  7. ...in batting average: http://www.atlanticleague.com/leagueleaders.html He is catching 3 out of 4 games, played every day for 2 months. He'd cost what? League minimum? Remind me what Inge, Petrick and Walbeck are hitting again?
  8. ...I have to side with The Ronz, Melissa, etc. One of the worst trades in the history of baseball. You can quote me in 2 years, 5 years, etc. Weaver is a special pitcher. Dumb.
  9. NO! NO! NO! no no no no no no no no no no no no no no Pleeeeeeeeeeeze NO! Have you ever seen a fastball move the way Jeff's does? No! nyet non nada not a good idea (just MHO)
  10. ...and look at the risk/reward on Meluskey. Risk: Salary = near the minimum 40 man Roster Spot = not a big deal from what I can gather Defense = average to below average Shoulder Health = seems good. His throws to 2nd looked good. Back Health = ??? a catcher cannot play with a bad back(Pudge Rodriguez, etc.). his bulging/slipped disk is not a good thing. Reward: switch hitting catcher who hits .300 with a great eye (.400+ OBP) will not lead the league in passed balls will throw out his share of runners he's cheap this year and next Hey, we've been fortunate so far at Catcher with Rivera starting out strong, Inge coming back swinging a hot bat (the switch to a lighter bat has really done the trick!) and Walback adding value as a backup. Here's hoping Mitch can get healthy and give us options.
  11. ...and I plan on doing it again (they let you vote multiple times).
  12. ..and they showed some Truby/Santiago highlights. WOW! Harold Reynolds (I think he's the ESPN commentator) was saying he Liked these guys
  13. ...I'd like to see him at 2B. Why not have Jackson rotate between 3B, SS and 2B, giving the regular starters a day off every 5 games? Rotate Simon and Young at 1B/DH. Rotate Cruz in all 3 OF positions giving Higgy, Magee and Fisk days off every 6 games or so. Have Walbeck(sp) catch Weaver. and bring back Randy Smith to make trades on the 3rd Tuesday of every month
  14. ...as anyone, and there is a chance he can't come back and play like he used to, but look at his stats, it ain't potential, the guy can flat out hit. And even though he's only had 1 full season in the majors, his last AAA season stats, he hit .353!
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