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  1. I wasn't born yet during the Adams campaign so I was unaware of this.
  2. That is what I gather from the entire front page of the political forum. Apparently we aren't voting for what policies the candidates support, but rather who is the lesser of douchebags.
  3. Don't worry though, I won't ask again. I'm just lowering myself to be a general forum nuisance. This political forum is ripe for the picking.
  4. The conservative attire did not work so I'm still in search of it, but when the next interview arises, I'll be sure to ask you.
  5. I'm interested to see Oblong's right wing response to this.
  6. What do you mean anymore? Obviously San Francisco is on some fault line. They haven't moved the city.
  7. What about San Francisco? They've been hit by 2 major earthquakes the past century and the city was rebuild. A hurricane could just as easily take out Miami. An earthquake could level Los Angeles. I can't believe this nonsense about taking a city off the map.
  8. The city has been around for 300 years. I'll be willing to rebuild it once every 300 years.
  9. Am I the only one curious to see pics of the daughter in question?
  10. In that case, lets get rid of Florida, the whole west coast, the gulf states, and the Carolinas. How about Kansas and all of tornado alley while we're at it.
  11. I was at the game and I stayed neutral. No standing ovation and no booing.
  12. I can honestly say reading the political forum is more torture then reading TSE's posts in the Tigers forum. Just do the right thing and vote for Obama and everyone, most importantly myself, will be happy.
  13. I guess I would be considered a liberal but I really don't care about this Palin, other then she is better looking then Hilary, and I still want to rule the world.
  14. Nah Mccain is just giving him some experience before he gets called up to the big game. It's already in the bag.
  15. God I hate politics. people bitching about every candidate trying to find any dirt to sling at the other candidate. Then when a candidate does get elected, we'll hear how terrible said candidate is, how corrupt they are etc. Just give me control of the country for christ sakes and I'll show you how to get things done.
  16. New Orleans population is less then half of what it was in 1960. The city is not much bigger the Grand Rapids.
  17. He was convicted of DUI or DWI in Maine. That counts as a criminal in my book.
  18. This reminds me of the episode of The Simpsons where Homer screws up as trash commissioner and the town becomes a huge landfill and they pick up and move the whole town.
  19. So if I go to the place with the horrible website, is there some way to get to Hart Plaza and back quick? I'm guessing walking on foot down Woodward will be treacherous.
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