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  1. New SS at Erie, Jones, hits 3 homers today. He was acquired for Soria.
  2. I have been sell for a while, but I can understand the reason for not doing it. Unfortunately, the longer we wait the tougher it will be to make the deal. The cubs continue to lose and may not go for a rental. That just leaves the Dodgers bidding against themselves with other options out there still. I think the package we get could be underwhelming if this stretches out to Friday.
  3. If he doesn't sign, the Tigers lose the bonus amount allocated for his pick. You can pick guys who are deals or over slot, but not someone who won't sign at all. It will wreck your draft.
  4. Think Porcello with a better strike out pitch. Jake will live in the low 90's with his sinker and throw the occasional change, but get his k's on his plus slider. He may not have Porcello's lack of walks, but he is not a wild pitcher at all. He will eat innings and get a few k's and be cheap for 4-5 years. I would expect a cup of coffee next year, if there are a lot of injuries to the staff, otherwise he could challenge for Porcello's spot in 2016 when Porcello moves on after 2015.
  5. Well, Detroit is playing horrible so how about a West Mich update. Buck Farmer, not really a big prospect, has thrown 6 innings with one hit and 11 k's. He is facing the Twins #1 pick last year, SP Kohl Stewart. WM is winning 2-0 through 6th. Farmer should be moved to Lakeland, but since he is not a big prospect, he will toil in WM for a while.
  6. Verhagan the first two innings - FB 89-92mph. With runners on, it is lower 89-91, but not seeing the mid 90's that is in his scouting report. The curve is very inconsistent, basically living off the sinker. One curve bounced at 55 feet and hit the hitter for the 1st base runner in the first.
  7. I am not a fan of the trade, but maybe it will play out better in time. I see Kieth Law is continuing to crush the Tigers on this and the Nathan deal, but he doesn't really know what he is talking about. In July 2011, after the Tigers traded for Fister, Law said the Mariners easily won the deal. He said they sold high on two pitchers with huge home park effects for a package of top prospects. "Seattle really made out like a bandit here, converting two pitchers whose value came in large part due to their home park and Seattle's great defense into three known prospects and reportedly a fourth who might be the best or second-best guy in the deal. Detroit gets a little depth in its rotation but gives up more value than it gets back." Of course none of those guys have done much at all, with Furbush the only one to stay in the majors. So Law said Fister is not much of anything, now he is one of the best SP's around. No wonder he does not work for a MLB team anymore. Mariners come out ahead on Fister deal - Keith Law Blog - ESPN
  8. I would look at Frank Thomas as a comparison. Both were similarily sized guys. Here is the scary part...Frank last played consistantly in the field at the age of 29. After that, he was spending the majority of his time at 1st base. His last decent Offensive season was at age 32, with a 4.3 OWar. Frank averaged about a 6.3 OWar from age 23 -32 years, after that it wasn't even a 2.0 for the rest of his career. I think Miggy will age a little better, but he is coming up with lots of little things over the last few seasons. I think the risk is too much for the extension, but what team would trade for him? Not many with the price of prospects and gettign just a draft pick seems a little small. Plus, not much coming through the system now and no one established to take up his mantle of best player. The Tigers will be in a world of hurt when we get past 2015 with the roster full of old, overpaid players or replaced with no talent regulars.
  9. My theory is they were afraid to lose his production for AAA Toledo. Detroit will be using a lot of young guys in AAA in 2014 (Fields, Collins, Suarez, H perez, McCann, Gaynor all possible) and this gives them a veteran bat to protect the kids. They could always get a free agent minor leaguer, but those guys don't always go to a place with players like Cabrera, Fielder and Martinez blocking them from ever getting to the show. Lennerton to the 40 man is probably cheaper or about the same expense as a good minor league free agent. Now maybe later in the winter the tigers need the spot and have gauged interest from Minor league FA's and losing lennerton then does not hurt them.
  10. Due to his new role in the orgnaization, I think Leyland is going back to Detroit just for the meetings. He has nothing to do with the new manager, btu I suspect his new role is to see players in this org. and others and give his thoughts concerning them.
  11. I didn't know the minors had a 60 day DL. I thought that was just for the majors, to clear off someone from the 40 man roster.
  12. I was looking up Moya's stats this year, and I saw something interesting. On the MiLB site, under Moya, they have his pre and post All star stats. Now the Florida State had their break in mid June, so it has been about a month since the break. Pre All Star Moya only played in 26 games. He had a line of .214/.236/.311/.587. Now since the break he has played in 25 games. His line reads as .347/.402/.633/1.035. he has really come on in the second half, while staying healthy and playing every game. I would still like more improvement on the walk rate, but the hitting and power are showing up in games. He has 5 homers in those 25 games. That would rate out to 30 homers in a 150 games. Just a prospect to keep our eyes on for the rest of the year. Steven Moya Stats, Bio, Photos, Highlights | MiLB.com Stats | The Official Site of Minor League Baseball
  13. With two outs the catcher dropped the ball. So when the batter hit the hr, there should have been three outs.
  14. So Jake Thompson is having an interesting game. 2 innings in, he has 6 k's and 1 walk. he gave up a homer in the 1st, but it was unearned due to an error by the catcher. The kid knows how to strike out guys. WM up 3-1 after 1 and a half. Also, 5 errors combined too. All three runs for WM were unearned.
  15. Verhagan with a 99 pitch CG SHO in Altoona today. I believe one walk, 3 hits and 6 k's. Has looked good in AA.
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