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  1. Yes, I felt my posts distracted from the intent and purpose of the board and lacked the degree of professionalism that I expect from myself. Rather then just give my personal opinion, I thought it would be more helpful to take a look at this fine young athlete through the eyes of the Tigers scouting department and his special accomplishments.
  2. Tiger Vice Prsident of Scouting, David Chadd ; " Big strong physical third baseman and left-handed hitter as well. He has a nice approach at the plate". New York- Penn League All Star Team Third Baseman Second Round Draft Choice- Detroit Tigers First Team All American [ Only Big Ten Player ] Big Ten Player of the Year Award District V Player of the Year Award MILB- Had a respectable pro debut for Oneonta. Adjusted well to wooden bats and better pitching.
  3. Truthfully, I enjoying reading your comments, insights,and perspective. What I really appreciate is your passion for the game and players. You are a true fan. Where we differ, is that players grow and develop as players in a variety of ways and timelines. Looking at their weaknesses is a valuable evaluating tool. I hope in the future, we can take the time and the patience, to look at some of the positive skills that some of these players have, that just might make them a prospect in the future. I continue to look forward to reading your comments, having healthy debates, and most of all enjoying baseball.
  4. You seem to have a real problem when someone challenges your "opinion". If your professional skill level is that superior, I'm surprised you are not working for a professional baseball organization selecting players for the draft! Realism, and your personal opinion, are two very different worlds.
  5. Try not to be as negative as you are towards some very hard working young men who are in a very competitiive profession. It is easy to evaluate the Millers,etc. and look like an expert, the real challenge is finding the other players who will develop into possible future prospects. I watched him for over 40 games last season and I think he has the potential to develop into a nice prospect. It will be interesting to follow him next season and see how much he has improved.
  6. I tend to evaluate a player based on their potential skill development.That is why we have the minor leagues. After watching his hand eye coordination, speed, plate discipline, intelligence, work ethic, attitude and ability, I believe he will improve, and his power numbers will increase as he makes the transistion from the college level to professional baseball. I will enjoy getting to watch him play this season and following his career.
  7. Watching him last season for over 30 games, he sure looked good to me ! As he develops his power numbers will improve and he has the ability and skill to become a solid prospect in the future. I think many tend to look in the rear view mirror in terms of evaluating players. I pay more attention to what I project and see as their potential,looking at their hand, eye coordination, speed, future physical development, work ethic, attitude, intelligence and skill level. Merely reading a non orgainizational scouting report gives a very limiting perspective and often is not a true indicator for the future. It is not a science. It is easy to talk about Maybien, Miller, etc. and talk about how they will succeed! The real challenge is finding those other players who will develop into future prospects for the organization. If not, we should just do away with the draft, have one minor league team with "only" true prospects, save these others players time, the organizations money, and we can all look like experts! Then we could take it one step further, since relief pitchers have no real future or value, we could just call the games after the starters have completed their work for that game. Makes sense based on some of the comments that have been made! Let's not forget why we have the minor leagues, so players can improve, develop their skills, learn what it takes to become a professional and just maybe make it all the way to the Major Leagues.
  8. I really like Borquin and Sizemore. Borquin is a solid defensive player, and can hit for power. The thing I liked most was his discipline at the plate. They both come ready to play every night! I would not be surprised if they have a good spring that they will find themselves at Lakeland before the end of the season.
  9. Next time I ask a fun question to stimulate some conversation during the off season......I will make sure to consult my official organizational rule book!
  10. This was just a question to create a little discussion during the winter before spring training. It was not intended as a comment on how the organization makes decisions, just a very simple fun question ! I find your comment often negative, and intended to degrade the participants. This should be a enjoyable opportunity for Tiger Baseball fans to exchange their ideas, have fun, and enjoy the game.
  11. If you were the Erie Manager, which starting pitching staff would you select? A. Bumstead Miller Ardoin Bandenhop Averill B. Bumstead Miller Ardoin Tahern Kown
  12. This is going to be a real interesting spring training. With all the coaching changes and with the number of young talented experienced pitchers I believe we are going to see a lot of surprises and changes. With the number of organizations needing pitching, if the organization continues to go station to station, they risk losing a lot of outstanding pitchers they drafted out of college to other teams in the future! I really look for Badenhop, Averill, Steik, Fien, Nickerson, Gagnier, to make a big push next spring !
  13. The Winter Instructional League and Trade opened my eyes that the organization is going to make some bold and productive moves based on performances during spring training.
  14. His injury required surgery and it appears that he will not be ready for spring training. It looks like it will be a long road back for him.
  15. I look for Bandenhop, Averill, and Steik to make a strong push for Erie in 2007.
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