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  1. Rumor is Trump plans on a rally Friday night where he will announce his intention to run for 2024. He plans on sharing details on a healthcare plan that, if elected, will provide better healthcare for all.
  2. I don't care. I only hope it's all in the background again, where they are mostly ignored by all faucets of society.
  3. Ahh yes, I remember the glory days of Meet the Press when it was on from 10:30 - 10:36 every Sunday morning when Russert was speak for no more than 2-3 seconds at a time, 2-3 times per show. The questions you ask about the Todd clip, they indicate you didn't even listen to them. Yet you had no trouble putting any complaint you already had stored in your head about Todd and complaining. If <insert your favorite democrat not part of the new administration> was on Meet the Press and said the following, would you have nodded or stormed to twitter to show your displeasure? To me, he's setting a very low bar for Biden, not an unreachable one.
  4. So because Biden is looking at how to deal with Corona virus the correct way, before he has even been sworn in he can check the box next to "dealt with Covid" already? Got it. I can find a lot of people that want to do things 'the right way' and don't succeed. I personally don't want to put people that continuously don't succeed in charge because they talk a good game. As mentioned, Biden wants 100million shots within 100 days. Something that Trump's administration has helped make attainable for him. If government bureaucracy keeps us from reaching that goal, it's on Biden. In short, what Todd is saying to Biden is "you have one job".
  5. And that's fine if that's your opinion of him. I don't think he's as bad as most seem to believe, but I do know supporters of both sides of the aisle seem to think he curries favor with the other side. That's usually a decent sign he's not that partisan and asks tougher question than your average bear. All that aside, piling on a short, simple, and fact based retort by him and turning it into some 'whoa us, they are all out to get us' mantra is a much bigger issue with the media and how people absorb the media today than anything Chuck Todd has ever done.
  6. What are you calling BS about? If Biden ****s up his Coronavirus response, you seriously think he will be regarded as anything but a failed president?
  7. One thing you can't argue about, Republicans love Detroit. Snyder saves the city, Trump gets Kwame out so he can continue paying his $6 monthly restitution...
  8. It appears you only read the headline and are lock step with what I was complaining about as well. We have 400k folks dead already from this pandemic, the economic fallout has not yet been realized. I'm not being a partisan hack when I adamantly and truthfully inform you that if Biden screws up his response to Covid, his presidency will have been a failure, period, end of story.
  9. It was one tweet from a writer, but if you just look at twitter on Chuck Todd, you can see a slew of verified accounts retweeting and vilifying Todd. Looking at the first 5 verified accounts and it's: 141k followers 35k 203k 685k 221k And that's my problem, no one reads the article, no one attempts to understand the full context. One person, sometimes with no authority on a subject, can throw out their opinion and everyone rides the headline. Just like Motownbombers pointed out above with the americanthinker.com website, the damage is already done by the headline alone. Now you have a slew of democratic leaning folks that won't believe anything reported through Chuck Todd. I'm not going to pretend he's the arbiter of truth, but he's far from a partisan hack. This is what media has become.
  10. This is why i'm not very excited for our future, even with the change to Biden. If Chuck Todd should be fired over this comment, it should be wasting our time with the obvious, not for anything related to attacking Biden, because that's not the case. This was posted a few hours ago and Todd is already trending twitter with folks trying to get him fired. All it needs it one verified account to get this out and it just steamrolls from there. Thinking back to the recent glory days of the Tigers. I remember when we traded for Cabrera. Did I ever think the goal was World Series or bust? Nah, of course not, just wanted the Tigers to do the best they could with him. Same when we got Fielder too. My buddy texted me while I was at Disney, I was so excited that day as I continued to hope the Tigers could just do the best they could do and I already understood that even if they didn't win the World Series, I'd be happy because they tried. So if Biden fails completely with his handling of Coronavirus, at least I know he tried and I can pat the backs of all the voters that 'at least played hard' when it came to the ballot box last November. Or, maybe, just maybe, Biden's entire presidency hangs in the balance of how he handles a pandemic that took out the previous president who didn't handle it well.
  11. This absolutely used to be the case. Seems like that has deteriorated in the last few decades. While I know it's easy to claim they are working for themselves if they are buddy/buddy after they walk off of the house/senate floors, it certainly feels now like we should hope that congress moves back towards that setup.
  12. Can't believe your family was able to get thrown off the trail so easily. Everyone knows they were killed to send a message to Podesta to stop him from releasing alien info.
  13. So, this is where I get a little worried. Not sure if it's all the true crime podcasts I listen to, but so much I'm hearing wreaks of the story where you hear how the cop was dead-set on who and how and everything he saw he aligned to fit. I want a full investigation into the riot, I want anyone that acted illegally, either as the rioters or as outside supporters to be brought to justice. I want idiots like Boebart out of office. I don't want to just assume there was an orchestrated plot by a bunch of powerful figures that lingered in the shadows to change an election, otherwise that would mean instead of 75 million American's believing in something with no proof is just a fraction, but more like 160 million. My guess is not a single major vendor for any of his rallies didn't have some strong ties to the campaign or other important folks in Trump's family. Same as I wouldn't be surprised if some republicans did in fact give folks a tour of the Capitol the day before. Sounds like that's not that uncommon. Going even further, it's quite possible some specifically tried to and maybe were even successful in obtaining a tour because they wanted to do something nefarious. For all we know there might be some democratic lawmakers that gave tours to seditionists without their knowledge.
  14. Meanwhile Trump is fuming as he thinks if only he had 4 more years, he could have probably gotten a law passed that if the US government attempted to kill you and you survived, you go to jail for surviving it.
  15. High school contact was posting about his Vegas vacation just a few weeks ago. Another good news post from him today that his oxygen levels are getting better and the Dr thinks he'll get out of the hospital by Tuesday. Macomb's county executive was on LeDuff's podcast and you could tell he was pretty annoyed by this as well even though he did his best to tote the DNC party line. The excuses have been my issue. And not to say there aren't some legitimate ones, but so many i'm hearing I have to imagine other states would deal with as well. My brother has mentioned they have had to cancel a few clinics scheduled for the vaccine as they have so many staff that are opting to go without. Almost like we need more Covid deaths, not less, but need to find a way to have it target certain individuals. (did I say that outloud?!?!)
  16. Community facebook page message pops up today "Admins, I have very important and urgent information to share and just want to make sure it's alright to put here, please contact me" So of course i'm going to pay attention, this is a potential gold mine as she has an eagle with red, white, and blue colors for her profile pic. A few hours later "The admins said it probably would be best to just invite you to friend me so you can look at my page, but i'm also worried because Facebook has taken off so much information where I was just sharing my views and opinions" So I contemplated friending her, but then in the comments see she doesn't even know how to work a computer. Eventually some folks had convinced her to just make her page public so anyone could view it. I watched 1 video for about 90 seconds. In short folks, don't worry. Trump is doing what needs to be done behind the scenes. Just relax and watch as he puts Biden and the rest of the democratic party in jail for pedophilia, proves he won the election, and takes the neccessary steps to put traitors to death.
  17. My opinion, 100% true he donated all of it. I only say this as I believe if he even questioned/asks about skimming or stopping the donations, it would have made a book or article already.
  18. That is part of the excuses I've heard and referenced in that article. So we're the only state that uses pharmacies tasked with providing the drugs for long term nursing facilities?
  19. Same here, but when I read this, it gets annoying freep The rest of the article is just excuses, which might be legitimate, but i'm sure the same issues and excuses other states have as well.
  20. I must admit, i'm a little annoyed there isn't at least one 'confused' face or some response saying "are you joking?". I must be sounding so liberal that even you guys don't see me as a conservative anymore. Going to have to listen to some Alex Jones, Newsmax, or find some hidden "parlor-esque" subreddit.
  21. detroitnews.com I think Nessell is mostly getting what she hopes out of this from a political standpoint. People looking for blood (right or wrong) are not happy with misdemeanor charges for Snyder, but are forgetting that people were already charged before and looking at it as 'some justice'. As for the examples said here, my understanding is one of the lower level guys at Flint Water tried to warn everyone he could that this would be a disaster and did tell the right people as well (his supervisors). How far that got up is obviously something to note and based on the differences in indictments between Schuette's admin and Nessell's, they apparently don't see as much fault in the local level. So if the local level isn't at fault, I don't understand how it goes up to Snyder. I would love to hear more out of Flood, but he has refused to talk specifics even after he was fired, as he should. My understanding is it was going to be more like the states version of a RICO case, where by themselves none of the 5 he put up for involuntary manslaughter are guilty alone, but the totality of their actions resulted in involuntary manslaughter. If true, I think that would have been an easier path to convict or more likely tilt the edge to the state in a plea.
  22. I think (and hope) you're right. Only the true diehards are going to come out now and even half of them apparently believe they don't need to do anything as Trump and Space Force already have a plan.
  23. One of my customer's main sites is near the Capitol and is inside 'the wall' as they are apparently calling it in DC. Sounds like an incredible amount of administrative work is being done just to make sure a small group of folks have access to the building to assist with any IT related stuff, and that's not just for the day off, but even sounds like the day before now too. So much of me wants Joe, Kamala, and Nancy there and see an inauguration that completes with no issues for the benefit of the country. I think that's very important. I certainly hope what you're saying is under discussion though and implemented if there is any question to the ability to secure them. I told a buddy I don't want to see any security (police/national guard) with batons, mace, or even guns. Every one should have grenade launchers, put some guys on mortar duty behind that line too. One guy breaks through, everyone in range lets a round off. Note, i'm saying this jokingly...somewhat. Who am I kidding, that would by my sportscenter highlight.
  24. I know most of you guys on this board will look at this guy as a racist. But it's all about states rights. In this case, he's making a statement that the power belongs with the states, not the federal government. So much so, that states should be able to invalidate other state powers when it comes to the outcome of what the federal government will look like. This is important because if the federal government has policies you don't like, you than would have to worry about how those policies affect your state's rights. Your state's rights affect how you live day to day more so than your federal rights. For instance, until his state can have full dominion over it's own laws, they can't get the economy back to the good old days of the pre-1860's. This guy may not even be able to ever own a slave if the federal ...... oh wait, nevermind. This guy is racist.
  25. Hasn't basically everyone in the White House already gotten it because they were so cavalier? Might already be the safest place in the world right now in regards to COVID. I saw a clip of a Capital police officer talking about his experience during the riot. He got pulled into the crowd and was getting beaten. He talked about what was going on in his head, should he pull out his gun and shoot, would that just ensure his death as there were so many, etc. He said he started screaming to them that he had a wife and kids and wanted to see his kids again. Apparently that diffused enough folks that a few sheltered him a bit and that gave another officer time to pull him back out of the crowd. He ended it with "to those that helped me, thank you.......and **** you for being there."
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