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  1. Not that he really had any legitimacy to fight the election results, but ironic how many Covid issues his campaign team has had as they attempt to keep up the 'good' fight.
  2. Fixed that for you. I really can't argue with you on your feelings. "Do stupid things, win stupid prizes" is a phrase that matches up with Rittenhouse, and that entire exchange that night, perfectly. If it comes out that the one guy did sexually assault a minor, I hope he doesn't get any prison time for that one though, lack of sympathy from me on that one (if true).
  3. Exactly, but odd enough, if he was another year older and lived a few miles north, he might not face any time.
  4. Not really sure he went looking for a fight, he was running away right before each shooting. He bought into the narrative that he needed to help his fellow citizens from having their businesses destroyed. Just as many have bought into the narrative that African Americans are being hunted by police and folks need to riot to show how upset they are. He's just a pawn in their game and he's too ignorant to realize it. At some point, he's going to wake up and realize how much he screwed up, and like I said, no one is going to be there for him anymore either.
  5. I can't help but feel sorry for this Rittenhouse kid. He ate up the conservative narrative and it led him to literally fighting the liberal narrative. He's going to a good portion of the beginning of his adult life in prison and after the conservative narrative led him to that life, they are propping him up and continuing to use him as a pawn. Wonder how many of them will be around when he's trying to get parole in 20 years.
  6. This is the type of scandal I was hoping we'd get back to with a Biden win.
  7. For whoever added the 'sad' emoji to my comment, it was just a joke. Two of those I mentioned aren't even eligible, but that's what many of the ignorant right believe is coming.
  8. He mention any of the concerns on the temp required to transport the one vaccine? That's the scary part for me. The other has a shelf life of 30 days in normal refrigeration, there won't be any worry about getting it used up within 30 days, at least early on.
  9. https://politics.theonion.com/governors-call-on-gretchen-whitmer-to-shut-down-their-s-1845691592
  10. There is a couple in my neighborhood with a regular bulldog. If you're outside when he comes by he'll just lay down on the side walk until you come out and give him some love. While the couple is nice, they mentioned they were making sure to take walks around lunch time during the summer as that has the least amount of people out and they are tired of 90 minute 1 mile walks.
  11. I assure you that my ballot which was straight ticket Dem, minus Candice Miller (confirmed no Trump endorsement this year), and even a dem vote on a university board position which I never vote on pointed the blame to who I felt bared most responsibility.
  12. Correct, no one cared to point out he's been arrested, isn't a real journalist, is just a janitor (I mean, hopefully his vote only counts as 3/5th of a vote, god forbid we let 'those' people have a say in our nation) , or is a jackass dog of a person that ambushes everyone. And why didn't anyone say that, because it was something that supported your thinking.
  13. He was responding to me, after I was responding to someone that told Yoda not to talk to the "Stans of the world".
  14. I think he's pointing out that at no time did I ever say this virus is no big deal nor did I compare it to the flu. I take that back, I have said and based on the science that I understood prior and continue to believe at this time, I did say that like the flu, I expected the the reprieve we experienced in the summer would not last into the fall/winter as everyone moved indoors.
  15. LeDuff drinks too much, but he also is working part time at American Coney Island so he can give his family health insurance as he continues to pursue journalism in this town. He also volunteered down at TCF and while he stated there were legitimate voter issues that need to be dealt with, there was no sign of widespread fraud and went on Foxnews to make sure that audience knew it from someone actually in the building. He interviewed the one Wayne County canvasser that is now trying to state his election approval was under duress and got him to confirm there was no mass 130k Biden vote dump. If the article was from two weeks ago and detailed his election volunteering all of you would be pointing to it and applauding it "see, LeDuff was on the front lines and is proving Biden won, hip hip hooray for LeDuff and journalistic integrity!" But no, he's critical of the State of Michigan's handling of something coronavirus related (which hints at a Whitmer failure) and instead: * Why hasn't he asked the nursing homes instead of focusing on the gov't. - I still laugh that you are completely fine with holding the businesses 100% accountable and are fine with ignoring whether state oversight is actually doing their job or not. * He's too lazy, probably asked a facebook group. - * He ambushed these folks. - Asked people he were told would be in charge and unless they directed him elsewhere, expected answers....how unfair of him! * He still has a journalistic job? - safe to say you think he shouldn't? * He's a jackass - Some truth, guessing you're not saying it for any other reason to discredit further though. * "Freelance" it appears. - safe to say the quotes indicate something? * He was arrested on opening day.... - true, what does that have to do with anything? * Dogs do it, He was probably marking his territory... comparing to a dog.
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