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  1. https://thehill.com/opinion/civil-rights/457049-time-to-retire-ferguson-narrative
  2. Seriously folks, for a bunch of people that say past comments matter, have you actually read anything I have ever wrote? I did not vote for Trump in the last election (truth), before it was completely clear just how nuts he was (didn't realize the crazy scale could keep on going). I won't be voting for him this time (guess I can't say truth as it didn't happen, but I certainly don't intend to and really hoping Bill Krystal's little project comes out strong. I don't want him to win (partial truth, there is a part of me that would love to see folks crying again). I have a different take on what is going on politically though and where you have the anyone but Trump will win mantra I am skeptical and see a scenario where dems eat themselves up and we have to deal with Trump again. One of the reasons for this is I think the left is using race as a tool. My full argument is that what if Trump is not a racist, but just a really bad person. I see comments above that says who really cares, but yet you certainly are jumping on me for pointing out a few things that might point to him being more of a dick than a racist. The reason why I think that's important is because for white folks that lean republican, and might be outside of that 'OK' racist zone on the scale I talked about, see representatives of the democratic party saying things like "hands up, don't shoot" and say, hey, why are they lying about this...what else are they lying about? Now that might sound funny as why would a person caring about if someone lies vote for Trump, but that's what ideology will do to folks. While there was an initial outroar about #clintonbodycount, my facebook feed from my left leaning friends has been all about Robert Barr's dad was the guy that hired Epstein, obviously the fix is in! The scary part is, while they complained about #clintonbodycount, they are reveling in this....almost like an ideology!
  3. Or you could read the conversation I was having with Pfife and see the context of why I was saying it...but yeah....I"m not saying I hate Trump more than you, so obviously I love him and hate minorities.
  4. We've talked about Ferguson recently so let's stay with that to help explain my point. Is it possible that some on the left believe the science around the actual attack and know 'hands up, don't shoot' was a lie, but continue to say it (or simply allow others to repeat it without impunity) because it helps reinforce votes for their base? If they do that, are they in fact using race as a tool for political gain and furthermore, with all that said, is that a racial component that has gone too far or is it OK as the left legitimately cares about racism?
  5. I'll end with this as your first paragraph says a lot of things and your second paragraph sets it up that if I respond to it, i'm just defending him. So, guess i'm "defending" Trump again. So, and i'm not saying i'm right, but Is it possible that Trump is such a low IQ person and altogether bad person, that stupid and mean things he says could be misconstrued as racists? Trump called Omarossa a dog. I'm sure he wasn't the first to do that and we do know he regularly has called anyone he doesn't like that, white/black, man/women, it doesn't matter. Is he just a bad person when he called white men that? Outside of the fact that Omarossa is black, is there anything else that changes that from an inappropriate insult to a racial insult? nationalist - did you forget to put 'white' in front of this? Not saying I agree with it, but is being a nationalist equal to racism now? And if so, what evidence do you have for this outside of just saying it's dog whistle racism'? Trump calls everything that he doesn't own a ****hole. Have you ever seen his apartment? I wouldn't be too worried if Trump thought I lived in a ****hole. 'They don't look like Indians' - You can see him saying it, can't you? I know I can. Nothing to defend him here, but I definitely can see Trump wanting to see a physical difference from himself in someone that he knows is getting an edge into a market he's in as well.
  6. I do, but is there a point where it flips? Take a look at Flint. You say Flint nationally and people will think of a poor, mostly black city with a water issue. All true. You have dem candidates today saying that the water is still bad. It's not true, so why do they continue to say it? Is it possible it's because it helps reaffirm to uneducated voters their belief that republicans hate black people? It absolutely is. He did not say he was a white nationalist. He is white and he called himself a nationalist. Also, listen to his context on how he is describing nationalism and who he calls out (European nations) for their trade policies with us. I have been told that it is impossible to be white and not be racist. If true, then there definitely is a spectrum and I definitely think there has to be some OK portion. I'd say an OK portion is where you try to be aware of racism, try not to do anything racist, and always try to improve yourself and those around you.
  7. Again, at no point have I ever said Trump isn't a racist. As accurately pointed out, he has said/tweeted things that a reasonable person can draw that conclusion from. I have argued before that he may not be as racist as people are making him out to be. But I think the current talk of white nationalism/white supremacy is a huge jump and that is what I was speaking to. Mr. TaterSalad - that headline is a little too long i'd say, but for an article about Trump's involvement in El Paso, it would be accurate. The NYT article in question was focused specifically on a speech he made, where he called for unity. If we need to satisfy the left, maybe just have every headline about Trump as simply "Trump is a Complete ***** Racist", then you can read the article to find out if he put more sanctions on China, met with a world leader, or had a big mac instead of a quarter pounder for dinner.
  8. I guess i've always assumed a major difference between racism and white nationalism. All white nationalists are racists where I don't think all racists are white nationalists. I mention it as I do believe the media and the left have pushed a racism agenda onto Trump and unfortunately his tactic is to latently (and sometimes blatantly) embrace it, like a tool as you say. This is horrible and disgusting and does not dutifully represent the office of the president. But it is what it is.... we have Trump regardless. So while I fully understand that he shouldn't do it and he started it, I don't understand why the media and left continue to feed it further, unless they are simply using it as a tool themselves. NYT can't even put out an accurate headline because the left freaked out as they felt the headline alone didn't give a clear enough context of what he said in that speech vs what he's said and tweeted before. Again, it was an accurate headline, that they backtracked from AND apologized for. The article was full of context. edit: feel free to interchange white nationalism with white supremacy in my post.
  9. I don't know what to say about this. I personally don't think Trump is as racist as most of you believe. I definitely don't think he's a good guy and think it's more about power and money for him. Meaning, if Ivanka wanted to divorce a white jew in favor of Kanye, I think he would be 100% for it. It would be all over TMZ, how awesome would that be!
  10. Not sure if bombers just had a hard time explaining his side or if simply his argument was bad, but I think what you're saying here plays into what Bigglesworth mentioned earlier. At what point does something turn into a conspiracy theory. Michael Brown was the catalyst for black lives matter. Yet, the story was a lie and people all through Ferguson marched and protested because of a person that resisted arrest after committing a crime. The black lives matter movement can be attributed to what I see as a changing belief on our criminal system as a whole though. So is it a political decision to continue the lie if you think good will come of it, and even if so, at any point can that reach conspiracy theory levels?
  11. I'll add that I am part of the reason why Trump is here. I couldn't vote for him, but I didn't want to vote for Hillary either. In hindsight, while I really wish a libertarian would have gotten 5% of the vote, as that didn't happen, I regret the outcome. When 2020 comes, I can easily look back if there is a moderate running for the dems and choose them. If a progressive gets the nomination, I might seriously look at a 3rd party again and hope for a 5% outcome for the long term.
  12. I completely disagree. I think Biden is the dems best chance. Progressives may hate him, but assuming the progressives don't eat themselves and the party, their hate for Trump will trump the fact they don't have a progressive candidate and the progressive base will still be energized still. Independent minded folks that chose to vote for Trump didn't care about gaffe's. Biden also reminds folks of Obama. I think that's a big bonus for him.
  13. It also expanded to include the incorrect belief that white cops are targeting black kids and killing them systematically.
  14. Bunch of progressive comedians watch a clip of Rogan where an NYC editor doesn't like Gabbard, but doesn't appear to know a bunch about her either. The NYC editor is (gasp!) a moderate democrat, and says she's afraid the Dems will do what the Rep's did and make a giant mistake by not putting up someone that can speak to the independent voters. She's mocked by the comedians. If you have a few minutes to spare, you'd probably like at least the beginning of it. There were some funny comments....granted, wrong comments IMO, but funny nonetheless.
  15. As Euph mentioned, there will be conspiracy theories on both sides. Just saw an article on dailykos that mentions how convenient this is as Epstein was friends with Trump, and joked that Barr already opened and closed an investigation into the suicide, concluding there was no 'collusion' in the suicide. Sounds like he may not have been under suicide watch. If true, I do want to know the details on why.
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