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  1. What are the thoughts on Breonna Taylor here? Based on my knowledge of the case, sounds like the DA did exactly what should have happened in regards to the police. I feel the real issue is a legislative issue, not a police issue though. I made the mistake of watching some mainstream news though. Fox news - it's all about how awesome citizens are in defending the Louisville and how horrible BLM rioters are. CNN - it's all about how justice for Breonna didn't happen and how sad that is. Both are doing nothing to talk to the facts so the actual issue could be addressed, both are just stoking their sides. So tiring.
  2. While likely those that got it once will have significant protection against it, at least for some time period, we don't even know about that either. For all we know, we deal with this all through the Winter and start hearing about a significant amount of the early covid population getting sick again.
  3. To be fair, he didn't say this. He just said he'd follow the constitution and if the president gives him a nomination, he'll do his duty and vote on it. I like the headline (and article) better on this one. Republican Report Suggests Hunter Biden, Donald Trump Both Unfit for Office
  4. politico GOP pushes Amash out, put's in a "Meijer" and even with that, Dems are smelling blood and going for it.
  5. I wouldn't say he's on board with Trumpism. About the only 'republican' thing Trump has been consistent on is his deferment to republicans with nominating traditional republican judicial candidates.
  6. Correct, there isn't a lobby for gyms and theaters and low and behold, gyms are just getting opened and theaters are still closed. I don't believe for a second that Casino's can be safer than gym's or theaters, but i'm not going to lie, I only have my thoughts and feelings on that, I don't have any science to back it up. My only point is that since March i've been told science will determine how things get reopened. She's had six months, she can't share some of the data she is using to make these decisions? Is that really that hard? That's really all i'm bitching about right now. She might be doing it the right way. I certainly would put my money on her over Trump when it comes to dealing with this, i'm just not seeing any transparency on it either and that bothers me.
  7. So if i'm reading this right you're saying 'principles be damned, do whatever is needed to get what you feel is necessary.' Odd, seems like I have a complaint with another 'politician' that feels this way. Yet I seem to have support on this board when I complain about it with him.
  8. No, just pointing out that four years ago democrats, instead of pushing hard, they figured Hillary would win anyway. So while it's hypocritical for republicans to push through a nominee right now after saying it shouldn't be done 4 years ago, it's also hypocritical of democrats to say the current POTUS should not be able to put up his nominee for a vote.
  9. Opening up restaurants, casinos, encouraging BLM protests, and deferring to school districts on reopening (same thing Democrats have correctly complained about Trump deferring to governors on many Covid related issues) are all things that point to the fact that it is not about keeping infection rate as low as possible, but rather some type of balance. And i'm fine with that, I just want to understand what it's being balanced against and tired of hearing 'based on Science' as her response. My cynical view, these 'powers' kept focus on her, especially as she was on Biden's short list, allowing her name to become more nationally known. For a more practical view, these powers give her much more ability to quickly deal with changes in how to deal with Covid, but it also expands the governors power and how future administrations will use it, including republicans. At some point, the governor and the legislation should work together (kind of the point of our government) so a never ending emergency declaration or one that can just be extended whenever she wishes, doesn't sound all the democratic. Even emergency managers, which democrats hate (at least when a republican is in charge), have set goals in place which would lead to their removal.
  10. Surface contact is what I meant. Evidence is pointing towards airborne is the main issue. With that, I can't go to a movie theatre, wear a mask and be socially distanced. But I can meet up friends at a restaurant and once I get to the table, I can remove my mask and spend an hour with several other folks less than 6 feet away. If you're telling me that there is science showing that movie theatre (which apparently no one goes to) is somehow going to spike us over the curve, than i'll stop mentioning it. In fact, that's all i'm asking Whitmer to do, show me the calculations she's making based on the science rather than just using it as a rallying cry to help prevent anyone from tackling her emergency powers head on.
  11. Pointing out that hypocrisy is not a republican only trait is not whining, at least IMO. I've been very critical of Trump on this board, but anytime i've pointed out an issue that I felt the democrats were wrong on, or merely questioned it, I've immediately been relabeled by this board as no different then Rush Limbaugh.
  12. But you can go inside to eat, you can go to a bar. You have that choice and you are free to decide it's not worth the risk as well. You obviously don't believe it's safe to do those things, but you're alright with our governor allowing it. You're also alright with her picking and choosing which industries deserve to survive. I don't understand that. If the science pointed towards contact related spreading still, then I'd understand it.
  13. Well, i'd argue 'controllable rate' is ever changing, at least in terms of how it's been defined by Whitmer. Initially shut everything down was to control healthcare capacity, then it was to go further to get to the point of contact tracing. Now apparently it's all based on need vs risk. I understand saying it's apples to oranges, but at the same time it's a mixed message. People also need to feel normalcy, people also need to be employed. If you can tell me restaurants, casino's, and colleges are fine, then you obviously can't defend her actions preventing movie theatres, hence why you're not attacking my argument there, but sidestepping it and pointing out the apples vs oranges argument.
  14. I heard an argument this weekend that Trump should simply name who he plans on nominating should he win and use that as a rallying cry to get all the anti-trump republicans to find a reason to vote for him, but ultimately, I think you're right. Republicans sold their soul for this, they will go for it. Plus, they are looking at what happened with Garland and will see the error of the democrats with that. Just to note, for every Lindsay Graham quote you'll see saying a Supreme Court nominee should not be put up in a primary year, you'll find every democrat that was around 4 years ago on record saying that it's a shame the republicans won't put Garland up for a vote and tout how the constitution calls for the president to nominate if there is a vacancy, nothing about waiting for the next president.
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