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  1. Came across a list from the end of last year indicating the most snubbed folks in the rock and roll hall of fame. Just started going through the list and pulling up groups/songs on youtube. My buddy regularly complains Ted Nugent is the biggest snub. I usually ignore him, but I just started grabbing names. The order is based on specific folks I know and felt deserved some note as I came across them. Kraftwerk was listed #1, Phish was in the 90's, so it's top to bottom, but again, I only selected those I personally cared about. Kraftwerk NIN Gram Parsons Iron Maidon Warren Zevon MC5 SoundGarden RATM Smashing Pumpkins Dead Kennedys Motorhead Willie Nelson Merle Haggard Slayer Alice in Chains Beck Outkast Joe Cocker Jane's Addiction B-52's A tribe called Quest Dolly Parton Phish I'm not one of those folks that gets mad with singers that aren't 'rockers' getting in, but damn. How is Nugent not in? And for those that are fine with many other genres, how TF is A Tribe called Quest below Outkast?
  2. Nah, he'd be moved next to Bolton and labeled a RINO, dismissed, and discredited. Basically anything a dem has criticized him for in the past would be used by Trump. Esper is already in hot water over publicly stating he doesn't think the military should be used to quell any riots.
  3. Whelp, looks like a new Secretary of Defense soon.
  4. You're right that his expectation is loyalty, but as it's his expectation, it's also just assumed. He never told Sessions to be loyal, but once Sessions recused himself it made Trump believe he wasn't loyal and was on the outs from that point on. Trump got a list, Kavanaugh and Gorsuch were at or near the top. Knowing Trump, these two guys are probably more personable than any others that were interviewed and that was the only input Trump cared about and/or acted on.
  5. My mom still has the 1200 they gave her for my dad (passed away early last year) if you need a little help until you get yours.
  6. This is untrue though. At least as a whole. Prior to Trump: Science - They were anti-climate science, but not science as a whole. The upper middle class suburban house wives of Oakland county weren't the ones pushing the anti-vax movement or screaming about non-GMO foods. They weren't the ones protesting Nuclear energy which would have provided clean energy for our environment. Education - In the last five decades we've reinvented our entire economy from a labor work force to a service driven economy. We can all complain that kids don't know basics anymore, but man there is so much other stuff they know now too. This happened with both Democratic and Republican leadership in place. Racism - I know it's not a winning formula, but I contend that just because blacks vote for D's on a roughly 10-1 ratio, doesn't actually mean D's are doing anything better. The republican party prior to Trump received plenty of support from Latino, Hispanic, and Asian populations. There were active steps in place to provide more outreach as well under Steele and even Priebus. Voter Suppression - I still disagree with 5 decades, but yes, gerrymandering has been more of a republican issue as of the last 10-15 years. Some could argue gerrymandering is an issue with whatever party holds more state control and the pendulum will swing, but there is enough evidence to support Republicans moved the bar on this. Many of the polling related issues aren't always clear cut Republican issues like they are made out to be, but Republicans clearing out voter rolls is an obvious issue too in the last decade. Wealth Consolidation - The last president to make a significant move towards government fiscal responsibility was Bush Sr (less than 5 decades ago). Clinton carried the torch and was smart not to disrupt it. Since then, while Republicans have led, Democrats have followed. Even democrats have supported some of the tax cuts which have helped create the divide. Edit: Someone just reminded me Clinton raised taxes on top earners.
  7. First Step Act. Mind you, this was done in 2018, before there was much mainstream talk of reform outside of 'why are so many people incarcerated'. https://www.politico.com/interactives/2020/justice-reform-biden-trump-candidate-policy-positions/ Another thing. On this board I got a lot of crap for saying I didn't much care what Trump said, I was interested in his actions. Time has proven me wrong on Trump, but in this specific issue, he not only took action (argue how effective it was all you want), but he publicly talked the talk as well. The much publicized hoopla with Kanye/Kim has all been about drug/prison reform. Not sure about the first SotU, but in his last two he's had a drug dealing women that received clemency and an ex-felon that was helping youth or something like that.
  8. I notice Axios specifically mentioned Kushner's criminal reform as a complaint about Kushner from Trump. Would love to know if that's based on Trump specifically pointing out criminal reform or if Axios just pointed to that as an example of some of the things Trump could be upset about. Ironically, the criminal reform work he has done has been some of the only positive things to come out of this administration and Trump is willing to throw that all away and go all "Law and Order" just because some inner feeling has him believing it's a winning formula. Just unreal.
  9. Detroit has already had to deal with "defund the police" already due to the bankruptcy. Chief Craig has stated it directly affected putting police on the street and that that for the benefit of all, the citizens need to take steps to protect itself. For big pro-BLM folks, a well armed (and legal) black community would add a lot of political power. They obviously have chosen to focus on certain areas, but you have a lot of private/public organization as well. Rock Financial's security works side by side with the police and goes far above and beyond what the city can do. Latin gangs have been credited with securing parts of southwest Detroit as well and making it safe for outsiders to come in and spend money in that area.
  10. How about instead of losing more rights, we encourage folks in Chicago and other high crime areas to go out and get guns. I'm not saying shooting will die down immediately, but a well armed citizenry would be a deterrent. Detroit Police Chief Craig has long advocated for the citizens of Detroit to get armed and trained.
  11. Exactly. Best case scenario is someone didn't do it with racist intent, but rather just thought it was a funny joke.
  12. Based on the fact that we know it was like this in 2019, I don't see how it could be tied to Wallace. My only point is that many tried to turn this into some hoax or some crazy misunderstanding. Based on what we have seen, I do know it was neither. NASCAR just did an audit of all garage pull downs. Almost 1700 pull downs, only a handful tied into a loop, only one noose, this one. I am the first to complain about people overreacting, this was not an overreaction and that's all my point is. IMO, the person that did this a year ago had to know how this could be perceived much more so than Kimmel or Kelly would have know about how blackface would have been perceived today when they did it 20 years ago (Kimmel) or thought about it 30 years ago (Kelly).
  13. It certainly does appear to be. But my only point is this isn't like some of the misunderstandings we've seen in the past. This isn't someone seeing broken shoelaces hanging off of a door knob at an MSU dorm and thinking it's a noose, it's not a white tarp over a medical equipment in a university laboratory and someone jumping to the conclusion that this is the KKK. This looks like a noose. There is no logical reason to have a noose as a garage door pull as you'd pull it down and it would tighten on your hand, so while you're trying to pull it down, now you're using your other hand to try and untighten the grip around your hand. On the other hand, if it's not a noose and doesn't tighten down on your hand, then someone went through a lot of effort to make a knot that would be useful as a garage pull while making it look like a noose.
  14. So, if i'm Bubba Wallace and I'm pulled into a meeting and told they found a noose in my stall, and then I see this picture....yeah, i'm telling everyone it's a noose. It may not have had the intention, it may not have been directed to Bubba, that's definitely a noose though.
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