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  1. I think Klobuchar is just hanging on through Minnesota to keep those delegates away from Sanders. I still think Pete has a path, guess we'll see how Tuesday goes for him.
  2. In an ironic twist, those that didn't want Pence near the White House because of how religious he is, are now praying that God saves us as this administration won't.
  3. That's because you're 46, if you're 30 and under and have been living here, you obviously know you've been victimized much more by America then anything you've heard from your relatives about Castro. Or so I've been told by my cousin who is a huge Sanders fan.
  4. So, Stanpapi, i'm going to give you a chance here. I'm looking for an honest debate/response. Watch the Sanders interview above. If you're not just a troll, you'll hear the same things that really concern me. But he makes a point only a few minutes in that he's just going to be a mayor, ultimately he has limited powers. I know you're completely fine with all the powers Trump is consolidating into the presidency. Lets say he actually loses the election to Sanders though, are you good with how much power the presidency has now?
  5. I'm not saying it in as in he wants to destroy America. I'm pointing out the different viewpoints in how they view America. MAGA hat guys feel like it you criticize anything about the country, you're putting America down and they won't accept criticism unless it's someone from their own side subtly pointing something out. Sanders folks seem to be the exact opposite, criticize everything and don't you dare tell me something good about America because that means you obviously don't fully conform to their thinking, unless you're on their side, then you can talk about the triumphs of certain things the gov does, like the VA or disaster relief.
  6. As most lean left on this forum, i'll give you an outsiders take on the debate. 1) Warren was really good. But as someone that leans right, it's tough to say she won when the points she did so well at making are points I disagree with so much. Felt like she watches too much primetime TV as every answer had to be answered with some minority spin to it. 2) Biden had a decent night, but he certainly wasn't the star. 3) Bloomberg - not sure what to say. Did he simply know this was coming and figured he'd take his beating and then hope it dies down? 4) Buttigieg - Felt like he was the adult in the room at times as he seems to understand you can't promise everything and need to pay for what you do promise, but then what was that Klobuchar moment. I get she's the other moderate and he needs her votes, but if you want the Mexican president gaffe to be her equivalent to Johnson's Aleppo, you need to let that go organically, you can't look like a child with 'no you didn't!' Felt he made some very solid points regarding Sanders and leadership in regards to the Bernie Bros. 5) Sanders - He's just sanders, hates all billionaires...we get it. He is identical in how he thinks in relation to MAGA hat wearers, just a completely different take on it. MAGA hat guys - "Murica!" Sanders "**** Murica!". 6) Klobuchar I felt like was doing what she needed to hang in there still. Solid little quips from time to time, but still didn't stand out. I felt her initial response on the Mexico interview was good, owning the mistake and calling it a lapse in memory. Her response to Buttigieg over it though seemed over the top. A calmer 'hey, don't know what to say Pete, I own it' would have been better. In fact Warren's defense of her was a plus for Warren even as it was defending Klobuchar. With poll numbers out today, I almost feel like Bloomberg has helped Sanders, the main one he didn't want to get elected. 1 year ago I thought anyone with a heartbeat and a D next to them could win this election. I really feel like we're getting close to where I just need to accept 4 more years of Trump.
  7. Meant to say "can't". He can't go around finding new put downs for all the dems and then turn around and not debate them. Even his base would say that's weak. And if he's as lost mentally as some believe, he might really believe he doesn't need to prepare and can just walk out on the stage and win regardless.
  8. Possibly proving Oblong's point below, but if he's laying the groundwork against it, he's also laying the groundwork for it. You can walk around saying 'little mikey' and then give any reason to avoid a debate. I've read so many different viewpoints on this and tend to believe he's lost a lot of his capacity lately, but if true, and based on what i've read (agent orange vs napalm) he doesn't realize it and thinks he's on top of his game. Using a technicality opens his up to looking childish. That's where it might come down to a Biden or Bloomberg that has the best chance against him. Sanders and Warren complain he won't debate, most won't care anyway. Klobuchar and Buttigieg say Trump is scared of him....again, most that might vote for Trump won't care. Biden or Bloomberg, they won't say Trump is scared. They'll call him a *****, they'll call him scared. They'll mock him. He'll fall for it.
  9. He will debate and if he doesn't, it's a clear win for the dems. It's a slam dunk that allows them to make fun of the president for being scared without looking like they are stooping down to his level.
  10. What do you mean by ripped to shreds? Is it the insults that add no value to an argument that make you feel he wins, or his insightful ending to sentences with phrases like 'the best, just the best'?
  11. As someone that can so clearly see both sides, can you explain Romney's vote? Obviously as a previous republican nominee he certainly wants to continue the conservative policy, but i'd love to know your level and even thoughts of him.
  12. Dude, what did I just watch?!?!? No joke, it might be the most entertaining SOTU I've ever seen. He mixed in relentless troll attacks, only to up it with the Rush scene, prizes handed out (scholarship), the soldier reunion, unreal. Whoever the 'producer' of this speech is should be up for an Emmy. He solidified my vote when he informed me we have the best economy ever, he made us energy dependent, and he single handedly transformed the entire military. How can I not get behind that? CNN helped him out with a pan shot of Omar and Rashida as they weren't even paying attention when he made some made some generic statement that you saw Pelosi wince at, knowing you have to clap at it even though it added no substance at all. The best shot of the night was the joint chiefs...I think they were contemplating just taking him out.
  13. From no other evidence but Twitter, I get the feeling some folks had problems with the app, either it wasn't working correctly or they weren't using it correctly. My guess is less resources were available for 'old fashioned' reporting and once folks went that route, it overloaded those resources. I heard this too, but wondered if it really signals anything. Would think it's more of your hard core folks participating in these. I know many folks in Michigan that don't bother in the primaries, but will always vote a straight line for one of the parties come election day.
  14. This quote is evidence that Trump voters and Sanders voters are actually very similar.
  15. not terribly surprised, but was starting to think that Trump would push McConnell to have her vote yes to force it to Roberts who many suspect would have refused to get involved, thus humiliating him.
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