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  1. it's almost as each side might point to the minuscule portion of the budget and blame the other side. For your sake, as every media source works to keep Trump in power, you might want to back down before the nation continues to feel the effects, as we have no choice.
  2. Absolutely correct. Trumps argument is going to center on how petty of a 'strings attached' issue it is though. I agree a lot of Americans will take issue with Trump using the Wall as a bargaining chip. That said, as folks continue to go week to week without a paycheck, especially those expected to continue to work as they do it, they will become more sympathetic to the idea that the bargaining chip is such a small part of the budget and something that the border patrol agents want. I contend that you'd have a different feeling with different political parties in various positions. Additionally, there is no democracy without compromise. I am a firm believer in this country. I am a firm believer that our constitution provides guidance on what is needed. A president that is elected represents the will of the country. A congress that is elected represents the will of the country. The differences here are often a will of the people as well, as you tend to see congress shift away from the current president during mid-terms. Still, folks were able to compromise. With every compromise came a response from each party saying they got the best deal. If Pelosi/Schumer compromise tomorrow and approve 5.7 billion, they will tout how border patrol is going to build portions of the wall in specific areas that will help, it's so much less then the 25-30 billion, mexico didn't pay for it, etc. They will have a field day and their base will eat it up.
  3. I think 900k people are picking up on all the ramifications right now. Also, the self proclaimed best negotiator backed out of a deal and came back with a deal that was even worse for him. If I hire a contractor to replace my roof for 10k, get a handshake out of him, and then he backs away. I'd be pissed. If he came back later and said he'll do it for 7k, i'd realize he screwed himself. If I were shrewd, I may not even agree right away and see if I could get something better out of him. But once I started to realize rain was coming through, i'd make the deal for 7k and still tell my friends how I got it quite a bit cheaper than the original agreement. I can assure you my friends would consider it a 'win'.
  4. To be clear, i've never been of the mindset that one set of folks don't care about another. In general political talk it almost seems like you have to accept that though. I don't believe republicans are trying to kill poor people, just as I don't think dems are killing babies. From a democratic view you are right. Any budge on the wall (even though they previously agreed to even more money) would be a political mistake. Additionally for Trump, any further budge on the wall would be a political mistake. If both parties wanted to ensure no political mistakes, they wouldn't budge. Of course the nation would fall apart, but maybe...just hopefully, the history books would favor the side you root for. I think most of you are forgetting that outside of Trump, we are talking about politcians here. They can spin anything. The dems can come to the table, find a solution, and both sides can go to out and claim they fixed the issue. At this point, if it happens, it favors the dems. If this continues on too much longer...it might start to split.
  5. He's not going to be around much longer. He'll be in jail, who cares about any precedent he sets? Do you really want to live in a world where anytime the congress disagrees with the president, they refuse to compromise?
  6. I'm making the point that republicans would rather have only 5.7 billion in funding for the wall AND an operational government. Democrats were willing to give 20 billion over 10 years. Running through a present value calculator and saying 5% interest, PV would have been 15.4 billion. So in short, democrats were willing to give 15.4 billion for a wall AND have an operation government. Unfortunately once they got but-hurt by a guy they apparently just realized was off of his rocker, they are more than content with refusing 5.7 billion for the wall AND having an operational government......because "It's Trump's shutdown!"
  7. 1) Pelosi and Shumer did the rational thing by 'noping' their way out of that sham of a meeting. But if they were truly looking to make a deal and not win a political battle, they have the means to get things going again. They have chose not to. Don't take this as me saying it's the dems fault, just saying there are two sides to the story. 2) He did succumb to them but then got them back on board with 5.7 billion, which is less than what they complained about Initially. If Pelosi/Schumer would have done this to Trump, they'd be laughing all the way home. In short, he got his base to agree to less money. 3) If I were dealing with a company that was this unreliable, i'd leave. I understand you there. Unfortunately, they have no other options. He is the president (for now at least), they have to deal with him.
  8. He knows, he knows that it takes three to get it done. House, Senate, and him. The Senate will give him the money he's asking for the wall, he'd sign a spending bill if it had money for the wall. 2/3's of the powers that be are ready and prepared to get the government moving. That sounds like a majority to me.
  9. I agree with calling it the Trump shutdown, he told us to in fact. Maybe the reason why folks think i'm a Trump sympathizer though is the fact that 1) he's not a politician and 2) I've simply accepted that he's a baby. He got mad, made a rant and wasn't a smart enough of a politician to keep himself from saying he'd take full responsibility for it. Honestly the moment he said that, I firmly believe that Pelosi/Schumer stopped acting in good faith to get a compromise. As good politicians, that's smart. I also keep hearing that he had a chance at 20 billion (over 10 years). He felt, for whatever reason, 5.7 billion now, is better than 20 billion over the next 10 years. To me, that's a compromise already. Additionally don't most think it will cost 25-28 billion to complete based on his initial proposal? So he has come down quite a bit from what he originally wanted and is willing to take less up front to get it done. It's been a long time since my finance days, but eyeballing it, i'd take the 20 billion over 10 years (2 billion per year) if my goal was the best dollar value. We are talking about .11% of the economy. For something that will bring some value back. Remember the border patrol wants this, they just don't think it's the end all, be all. Additionally the construction will be American workers, paying taxes, etc. To put this in perspective, if your household made 100k last year and your wife wants to buy a 150 dollar smart thermostat. She claims it'll pay for itself but your programmable thermostat already goes down at night, so it's not like it's going to pay for itself like they claim, plus who knows, you've talked about moving for awhile...it just might not be worth it. A crap-ton of people are not getting paid, the entire economy is taking a hit, simply because of a Nest thermostat.
  10. All i'm asking out of you is an acknowledgement that every single major news outlets (except fox ) consistently mocking and making fun of the president, might not actually help him. just possibly. I'm not even saying that you believe it, just that you understand that maybe, some people might begin to think he's an idiot due to it. I'm not even getting into all the false reports about him that most people still believe, i'm just talking about the day to day horrible coverage of him (because he's horrible) and that maybe it might not help him.
  11. Absolutely true. But you have to admit that the shutdown is a political rallying tool for Pelosi/Schumer because they can call it the 'Trump Shutdown'. So they have no interest themselves in helping the folks they are railing against the president for hurting.
  12. While I actually agree with your response to Stan, I'm surprised it's coming from you. You need to throw all those polls out the window. They mean nothing. Remember, Trump has the full backing of CNN, MSNBC, Tom Hartmann, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, NPR. All that free media that they scheme to give him, while pretending to be anti-Trump for show.
  13. We're a republic though, it doesn't matter what most American's want, it only matters what those that are elected decide. Obamacare costs a lot more than the wall and was never supported by most Americans (at least before it was enacted). Some still believe it will save us money in the long run, those that support the wall believe it will do the same. Right now this is still all on Trump. At what point to folks start to get mad at Dems as well though? There will be no true winners in this. Yes from a political standpoint we're going to hear both sides claim they are the real winners, but let's be clear, there are no winners in this, only folks not getting paychecks.
  14. ewsieg

    Potential Democratic Candidates for 2020

    Legitimate complaint. And yes, I wouldn't expect a large bunch of folks to come out and endorse anyone else. That said, there still is a never trump contingent doing everything it can, and looking for anyone that wants to join.