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  1. Let me first admit something to all of you. Even if I agree with an opinion, if no one is arguing the counterpoint, i'll jump in and run with it. I don't do this to be an antagonist, but I want to see if I can learn more about it based on other peoples thoughts/reasonings. We may all agree on something, but might differ on why and never even know about it if we simply say we agree and that's the end of the discussion. To my parents and some members of my family, i've become a liberal, as i'm the one challenging them on their views. On this board, in the Trump era, the left has grabbed the same Bush mentality they mocked years before, "You're either with us, or against us." My complaint with the media doesn't even have anything to do with right wing/left wing media. It's an overall desire to be the first to get it on twitter, resulting in a lack of the full story. By the time the full story comes out, it's too late, we're on to the next thing. This isn't even a media only problem in the world of social media, but I hope as a profession, they put in some safeguards to help it out. I think you'll find that i'm not too often citing any right wing media, I have no use for them. (Just put on my conservative hat on) I do think there is a double standard in the media. I understand Trump doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt. Still, I want reporters held accountable if they lie or spread a lie about Trump, assuming they didn't to any due diligence. At a time when the POTUS has no honor, I think it's even more important for the mainstream media to be even more diligent in reporting the facts.
  2. mtutiger - Just like with everything, you're going to defend Trump ewsieg - why do you think that, lately all I can think of is I won't bash him on the trade issue (yet) and have been critical of the media, which I don't understand how that means that's pro-trump. mtutiger - there you go, bringing up the media out of the blue --------- Can you explain to me why i'm apparently the 2nd biggest Trump supporter on this board? I don't want to guess and incorrectly bring up other things which i'll be accused of muddying the waters with.
  3. I don't want to sidetrack this, but just this morning a CNN reporter retweeted this. I can't access Twitter from my work PC, so just googled the link. In this case, it contradicts statements made by Trumps administration, so i'm hoping that any Trump factor can be eliminated and it can point out the overall issue I have with the media today. Please note to be fair, I think it's probably harder to be in this profession today then ever (in this country), https://twitter.com/MarshallCohen/status/1104782986967429120
  4. From my perspective, you answered your own question with your next sentence. To restate it in my own words, I don't know why pointing out obvious media gaffs/errors automatically means i'm supporting Trump, but I guess it's because folks like you and most others on this board will get an implication from me that I should be more focused on what Trump does than what others do, thus I must be giving him a pass.
  5. You claimed that I do nothing but defend Trump. I don't understand that, although I do admit I don't sit on this board and call him the anti-christ. When it comes to Trump, at least recently, I feel like my 'defending Trump' has simply been not to hammer him on the trade issue as I don't consider it a closed issue AND when everyone goes off on Trump and reminding folks we need to hold journalist accountable as well. So when I responded, I was pointing those two things out as the only things I could think of recently which might be conveyed as me defending Trump. I wasn't saying it was the trade issue and how the media was reporting it.
  6. I've mentioned it already on here, just referring to the (not just with Trump) issue of reporters going for that retweet or tweeting info based on a need to be first rather than ensuring accuracy. And before you say "But Trump!", it's really sad that I am asking for journalists to do something we don't see out of our own President, but I think it's more necessary now than ever.
  7. "Like everything else"? Seriously? I have talked positively on Trump about this issue and I haven't even talked positively about Trump in regards to the media, just said I don't want to see the media fall to his level, which I believe is happening all to often. I really don't see how the second part is pro-Trump, but anytime I argue it i'm lumped in with Stan so I guess it is. I simply accept Trump for what he is. I can't change him. If he's talking, I assume he's lying. I don't know what else to say about it. All I can try to do is figure out is what is he actually trying to do. Most of the time the fact that he has contradictory lies about things makes that impossible. With the trade aspect, there does seem to be some type of plan though. I very much could be wrong and I certainly don't have this high amount of confidence that 1) he really does have a plan and 2) even if he does, that he won't screw it up. But, i'm not going to criticize him on this yet. I see things falling into place and I see him tackling an issue most would ignore.
  8. I'm not saying it's necessarily good or bad. What I'm saying is the US/Canada issue was small potatoes compared to US/China, BUT there were legitimate issues related to US/Canada trade. Instead of just dealing with those later, he forced the issue now. While it created a spat between us, it also forced Canada to pick a side on the US/China issue and they picked our side. So to China, it made them realize we'll even go after our allies and friends, so don't expect just talk, expect action. It was a political move for the purpose of long term solution with a short term expense. It's the only thing I've seen out of this administration that appears to have a plan in place and isn't changing on a day to day basis.
  9. Actually there are quite a bit. I know when in doubt, blame Trump ensures a pretty good accuracy mark, but the trade fiasco and how everyone has let it continue on with status quo is a huge issue.
  10. I think Canada (and Mexico) were just byproducts of China. Show China that we're going after everyone where we think there is a raw deal, even our allies and neighbors. But you're right, both Trump and Trudeau have used personal animosity to do nothing but effectively tax their own people.
  11. I intended on folks seeing the comedy in my argument, assuming you're responding to what I wrote. That said, in terms of Trumps belief, I wholeheartedly believe that he truly believes he's draining the swamp. I think his reasoning is something like this: "If X is so smart about education, how come they aren't multi-millionaires, oh looky, DeVos is a billionaire and is interested in education, she's gotta be so much smarter than anyone that has dedicated their life and lived 'in the swamp' of education and still isn't rich, DeVos is the answer!"
  12. I understand the argument that no one wins trade wars, but at the same time, we were so far behind the eight ball, I don't see how it could hurt either. Long term I hope it can lead to something sustainable. As for the drain the swamp comment, I don't think you read everything on that. He's definitely 'drained the swamp' in terms of the cabinet, but then put in his own swamp where the only qualification is that you're loaded.
  13. To be fair, he'd lock up Hillary if he could, he has gone to war on trade. Obviously, who knows who will win, but he's trying. He did cut middle class taxes, of course in a way that isn't as exciting as most that enjoy tax refunds will like. He is draining the swap (unfortunately replacing it with another swamp). Manufacturing jobs are up, long time, not a smart industry to hold your hat on though.
  14. Is the AOC/Amazon thing still being debated for real and there really are supporters for AOC on this still? Also, how can this be compared to Foxconn unless you're just trying to be funny? Overall I want local officials to pay more attention to giving companies money. For instance here around Detroit, I hate hearing all this 'great' news when Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Quicken Loans, etc moved to Detroit, from a place just down the road. If there were any incentives, it means a net loss for the metro area. We're talking 25,000 well paying jobs though. Foxconn was something like 10k factory jobs for nearly 5 billion. Amazon is 25k jobs, for about 2.5 billion with half of that only if they produce the full 25k number. Another good chunk of that were offers that any NY city businesses can get. Then a promise by the city to spend another billion on infrastructure that would benefit the entire city (and the fact that Amazon is there, would help the city pay for it). Incentives are out of control, but this was a great deal for the city. Detroit offered almost double in nothing but tax incentives, pretty sure there were no strings attached and even Detroit's offer would have been great for the city.
  15. Well, this isn't a red state thing. I work with well educated folks in blue states (mostly) and actually taking the time to read emails, the inability to respond to simple questions, and insistence on blame others is a consistent occurrence. My favorite is when I propose a solution like "I can do X, which gives you the ability to do A, B, and C or I can do Y, which gives you the ability to do A, B, and D. How would you like to proceed?" and they response "Yes, let's do that." This is universal and not specific to political affiliation.
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