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  1. So in reading that, i'm not entirely sure there is anything new here. In the previous article it stated there were 15 sites which targeted seniors and bypassed state/county guidelines in an effort to get shots quickly into the arms of seniors, which again, has led the nation with getting shots into the arms of those with the biggest cost to bear. We know one had the richest, meanest, slave owning descendant group of people get it at that one place, but It stated 9 of 15 were in two blue counties, so stands to reason probably a few of these were in red counties. Red counties tend to support republicans. I like how you claim i'm giving what Biden said with some "FoxNews Spin", than you post CDC guidelines which says nothing about several of the things you claim (ventilation updates, only certain circumstances) and in terms of vaccines, just states teachers should get them when supply allows. Guess what, the CDC is recommending for me, a guy in his 40's with no pre-existing conditions? You'd be right if you said 'get it when supply allows'. Here in Michigan Whitmer has repeatedly claimed in the last few months that the "Science" says we can go back to school and hence has been pushing for back to school. Michigan went a different route and prioritized teachers as well, but even before that, consistently said schools weren't spreaders and they were safe. Seems like she contradicted herself, but we know that you can't contradict "Science", so I obviously just don't fully understand and that's my own fault. I like the whataboutism claim too. I have consistently made it clear Whitmer deserved to be held accountable and while I couldn't disagree with much of what she was doing, I didn't like that it wasn't transparent to us. I didn't understand the love fest with Cuomo and honestly felt Whitmer mostly played follow the leader with him, which even on this site I have stated that when you're faced with something new, sometimes that is the best road to go down. I have praised her a ton as well. I also said I wasn't against an investigation into Desantis, but you guys would put him behind bars and it's quite possible that the people of Florida were better served with how he handled Covid than other states with Democrats in charge were served.
  2. Most recognize it's a good way to make everyone feel better. Biden, with CDC support, stated that vaccines were not necessary to reopen the schools. So please don't pretend there is any science stating teachers are more at risk than others. And again, i'm not arguing that teachers should be at the back of the line, just that if we're going strictly on science, there is still legitimate debate on who to select first when dealing with limited supplies. My only point with Florida is they specifically targeted Seniors, on purpose. As every age group of Americans have some rich people in them, it stands to reason that rich seniors were in fact some of the first to receive the vaccine in Florida. It looks like the news is digging into this and the campaign contribution is legitimate evidence to account for further scrutiny, but it's far from an open and shut case. Do you have a link? And note i'm not trying to spin this in anyway. It deserves scrutiny and luckily for the State of Florida, the news is investigating it. But I find it funny that I've pointed out things done by Cuomo and Whitmer and you folks laugh it off. Heck, some of you still deny it (putting Covid patients into nursing homes), but you see a headline on a guy with an (R) and he's guilty. Finally a little scrutiny on Cuomo and we realize Covid didn't change him, he's still a horrible person/politician.
  3. I linked the site that provided those numbers in my post. As for simply saying Florida is full of seniors and should lead, that's crap. Early on, most states said they were targeting first responders and then would move to seniors. Florida, maybe because they do have more seniors chose to target seniors. That decision is why they are leading. That decision could be a bad thing as it might come back to be more effective to target first responders, it might come back that each state is unique and the right answer for one might not be for the other.... I don't know. What I do know is, he obviously was succeeding at what he was trying to do by focusing on seniors. 1) It's not about what we want. Many people don't want to wear masks and I don't hear anyone on this board siding with those folks 2) Schools have been determined not to be a source of spreading and are termed low risk (speaking of in-school learning). Again, i'm not saying who is right when it comes to prioritizing these shots, there are many different people that 'deserve' it in my eyes, but we simply don't have the supply to give it to everyone now. But based on the numbers I provided, this 'uppity' site was one of 15 pop up clinics targeting seniors and when it's all said in done, this rich community of up to 2000, were part of the 300,000 vaccinations provided to seniors in that state. Everyone on here seems to be saying they were the first to receive the vaccine and the gov got a kickback. Did he get a kickback, possibly, but they were "1 of the first", not the first.
  4. I'm not sure what Naomi is, as for the one community, how do we do this ethically than? Republican Governor - Phase 1 - First responders from communities that are 75% minority, Phase 2 - 50%, Phase 3 - 25%..... Democratic Governor - Phase 1 - Trump supporters that stormed the Capital, Phase 2 - Trump supporters with flags still up, Phase 3.....
  5. I don't know, as it states, it's a very wealthy community. Maybe someone was a DeSantis supporter, has been afraid for his life because he's old and this virus is much more deadly for him, and was happy that unlike most Governors, chose to target Seniors over first responders and chose to support him in a legal way? Did you know Whitmer has been given nearly 2 million dollars from education associations over the years and instead of targeting our seniors, who bare the greatest cost in this pandemic, she chose to go against the science and allow teachers to get the vaccine, even though the State and CDC believe schools can operate safely during these times? Or, she looked at a cost/benefit, still believes there could be some spread in schools and this helps limit the spread, thus limiting the spread to all, including seniors. IDK. I will say this. If my life was on the line and I had to chose whether Desantis had no idea and was pleasantly surprised by the donation or if there was a back-room meeting or some other reason to have an educated guess that by putting the Vaccine at that location, it'll pay dividends, I'd go with the latter. If I was choosing between a Desantis having a sit down with this specific individual that offers a bribe to get a vaccination in his community or Whitmer sat down with the MEA president who said 'Our teachers have supported your campaigns for years and I know you'll lead accordingly', I'd go with the latter still.
  6. Not really sure it's the community that should be answering these questions. It does sound like the State has responded per that article. If they lead the nation in vaccinating the senior population, that should be applauded. And later in the article So yeah, we know vaccine allotment was scarce, but DeSantis chose to target seniors, likely at the detriment of first responders. I'm not entirely sure which path is the best, I don't think experts are confident one way or the other either. I found this site which gave week by week updates on Florida Vaccination rollout. The link is for the week ending 1/15 report. The article we've been quoting stated this uppity community got it in the middle of January, so these numbers might reflect them as well, or maybe the 1/22 report, either way, i'll be conservative and stick with this one. So roughly 300,000 seniors had it by the time the uppity rich folks got it too. Again, I don't know if he did something illegal or not, but if you dig into it, it also doesn't appear to be as outrageous as it's getting made out to be either.
  7. If only DeSantis was smart enough to use the legal term that allows him not to not get questioned on it, 'We're following the science'. Per the article, the State is claiming that a total of 15 of those vaccination programs were setup specifically targeting older folks and they were spread among both wealthy and non-wealthy areas. I'd think that claim could be contradicted easily if it were not the case.
  8. Detroit declines J&J vaccine Detroit has big enough problems convincing it's population to take the vaccine, so from that standpoint i'm glad these vaccines can get sent somewhere that they'll be used instead of storage, but WTF on this comment from Duggan The last thing any of our political leaders need to do is to get people to start trying to handpick which vaccine they get.
  9. "...not shocking whatsoever because its detnews" and "manufactroversy" were a couple of terms you used which made me think you didn't think it was a story worth caring about. I'm trying to reread the initial post over to try and see how I could have taken that wrong, but I can't help but think I was either correct that you didn't care or it was a whataboutism to deflect something you know is an issue and blame the conservative Detroit (Fake) News. I felt I gave you the benefit in the doubt in believing your words indicated you didn't care about it rather than you were deflecting. This link probably doesn't belong in this thread, but man oh man, just keeps looking worse for Whitmer. And yes, I do want to know if you're going to go with the source I initially provided that supports your Dem (in your eyes), but that you seemed to play the 'fake news' angle with at the same time, or this source, known to lean liberal?
  10. I buddy lives in TN. He sent me a link about this from a local news station and just said 'read the comments'. If Romad gets his wishes on this virus morphing and targeting the ignorant, looks like my buddy and Dolly might be the only ones that would make it alive from that state.
  11. Again, you say common, but what you quoted specifically stated it was common in private sector but stated it has happened in public sector too, that doesn't mean it's common in the public sector. Buried even deeper in that article (typical mainstream media) was that the director already resigned. He was ready to walk out the door, Whitmer chased him out throwing cash at him. I would think most people that want to hold government accountable would wonder why. You simply made it clear you didn't care and yes, I inferred a reason. I also voted for that same governor that I'm trying to hold accountable now, as Schuette was becoming everything I despise about the current GOP, even if I still tend to agree with many conservative policies. I posted it here because of his role and the potential effect it might have in reviewing and understanding this states actions after the fact. Even if nothing was done illegally, I would think all levels of government should go back and review how they handled this pandemic to learn about best practices going forward. Due to this agreement, many of those aspects may be lost on our State government. To me, the position he was in is the big factor. If you wanted to quit, your agency would still give you a buyout? My company provides severance if they choose to eliminate our jobs. The severance does have an agreement which generally states that in return for the package, we agree to continue to work for 30,60, or 90 days as work is seamlessly transitioned. This guy either wanted out, or Whitmer wanted him fired. Either way, it could have been done without further taxpayer dollars, unless.... I'll give any Whitmer defender the chance to try and write up a possible 'unless' that they can type up with a straight face.
  12. Trump got it, if the golden cow got it, it's fine for the followers. He never went against the vaccine either, so I don't think there is anything built up there. Traditionally anti-vax mentality was shared across both political parties, but slightly slanted towards liberals. Many on the left probably didn't help by stating they didn't trust it as it was 'rushed' by the president.
  13. Luckily? Kind of would be cool if it could target folks without masks. I know you're not supposed to say it, but we all wish for that, at least a bit. Some more optimistic news though, Biden is set to announce partnership between Merck and J&J.
  14. I think both of us know the answer on that. I mean, I guess there is a chance if we spun a 'republican' wheel of any/all politicians in the last 5 years we could win the lotto with a Kinzinger or Amash. The difference is, i'm not trying to say there is a difference, regardless if there is a (D) or an (R) and it would be nice if all were scrutinized equally.
  15. Since someone was confused, i'll spell it out * One of Whitmer's campaign promises was government transparency * She directs agencies to do just that, but than fails to see if they are actually doing it. * Covid hits and since there is an emergency, it's just too difficult to be even pretend to be transparent. Don't worry about what they're doing right now, before you know it everything will go back to being transparent. That's what all the non-fascist democrats I know say all the time. * Whitmer hires a lawyer with experience in the office of management and budget to lead Health and Human Services. In hindsight, wonder if someone with a certain set of skills would have been helpful in that agency. * He resigns, which based on his role you'd think would be important, and Whitmer isn't candid at all about it. Which if she was all about transparency, based on what we know now, she could have simply said "Due to a confidentiality agreement, which is very common in private sector and has happened in the public sector, I am not at liberty to answer that, X is my new director and I will answer any questions related to X's role".
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