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  1. I will say, while I do think Trump has a chance against Warren or Sanders, but no chance against anyone else, this next election is probably the most likely chance for progressives to actually get one of their folks in. So I do understand the want/push for them from their supporters.
  2. With all the impeachment news and history, this ties in with the Clinton impeachment too. In hindsight most probably will say that was a referendum of one side saying how morally corrupt the president was vs "it was just a *******". But that wasn't the argument back then, the democratic talking points were along the lines of 'we don't condone his behavior, but you don't have to like the man, just judge him on the economy'. It worked. Republican support for Trump, assuming the economy is still good, will be right along these lines and it'll be tougher for a candidate seen as another extreme to get those closer to center votes.
  3. MB, you just don't understand though. Bernie Bros are doing it because anyone that disagrees with them is evil. So for them to do it, it's right and just. The others that do it, it's because they are bad. (crazy how Bernie Bros are so similar to MAGA folks in terms of ideation, yet so vastly different in those ideas and thoughts).
  4. It's not just that they might vote for Trump, it's that they may not vote at all. I don't want to see Trump re-elected, but as someone that leans right, Warren/Sanders certainly aren't going to get me to jump out of bed to vote that day. For your average 'independent', which is the group that will determine the election, they don't go into an election already knowing they are voting for a D or an R. For most of us on this forum, that's something we don't really have experience with. Those people might look at a good economy and see the vast differences of the opponent as a threat to their day to day lives.
  5. Adding nothing but bolding this from Shelton. This couldn't be more correct.
  6. I can't argue with this comment, and Gehringer's above makes a solid point as well. But it wasn't 10 people demanding the bully stop, it was 10 people, occasionally saying 'you probably shouldn't do that' and we do have evidence with 40 years of trying for fair trade that nothing we were doing before was working either. So while you folks are fine with it not working as you were too scared to try and blow it up and do something different, Trump took the blow it up route. It'll be a long time before any differences (assuming we get some) can be evaluated, but he's going to win some votes now just for trying something different.
  7. China has bullied their way with trade though, so the analogy doesn't work. Sometimes the bully backs off once they know someone is willing to fight them, even if they can still win a fight, it may no longer be worth pushing. I still am not saying Trump 1) was right to start the trade war and even if he was that 2) he's doing the right things to win it. What I am willing to see though is how this works out, as the small steps approach we've done over the past 40 years has actually moved us further away.
  8. Not entirely sure that's the case yet... but we certainly don't know. This trade war has hurt both parties, simply stopping it is a plus....that said, this should be looked at like a truce, not a 'phase 1'.
  9. I know a lot of Sanders fans that felt like he gave up and didn't fight against the party over the last primary and wrote him off. That said, I know many that came back to him too so you probably are right. I do think she's still the dark horse in this. I still think Biden is the best bet in the national election, but Klobuchar would be interesting against Trump. I wouldn't expect quippy comebacks like Biden would hit Trump with, but she wouldn't stand down. I think Trump would be more worried about getting on a debate stage with her than anyone else.
  10. I'm starting to think this might blow up one of these campaigns. Not sure what to think on it yet, Warren has no history of lying (/sarcasm), and Sanders is an old white guy.
  11. Obviously early, but CNN is reporting that Iraq is stating there are no known casualties at this time. As much as i've wondered where the **** we'd go from here once Soulimani was killed, if Trump can continue to keep his cool overnight. This might be a blind squirrel / nut situation we have here.
  12. I mean, you have to give the guy credit, he's obviously evolving.
  13. But dangnabbit, this time we're going to get it right!
  14. it's not just that. As Romney was mentioned before you can go through a long list of old white guys that did one stupid thing and got blown out. Some people, based on some type of charisma or something, can escape it. Some people scream 'Heeyaahhh!' and have to pack up the campaign.
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