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  1. All legit points, but he also campaigned on ending ISIS. A week ago dems couldn't even say anything about Trump in regards to ISIS, now we'll have to deal with them again. He could have still moved forward with withdrawals at some point but fought for a political end that could have kept ISIS in check and provided the ability for both our allies, Turkey and the Kurds from coming to blows.
  2. A week later and I'm still stumped by this. It's almost like he is begging to be removed . Mattis was on Meet the Press today and you could tell he was trying to stay out of the politics of this issue, while making sure people knew he was dumbfounded by it.
  3. Heh, pretty much proves my point. Trump is so much worse, so no point even looking into opponents. There is no way they could be as worse as Trump, so they get a pass with everything. In no way am saying any other major political candidate is nearly as bad as Trump. But I would like to go back to the days where all folks were scrutinized.
  4. Warren is currently on the campaign trail saying she was fired for being pregnant. Video surfaced from years ago where she's being interviewed stating that she choose to go back to school. Everything at the school indicates she was asked to come back and she resigned.
  5. https://www.freep.com/story/opinion/columnists/nancy-kaffer/2019/10/11/elizabeth-warren-pregnancy-fired/3934102002/ An example of what i'm worried about with our current media state. I've seen more than just Kaffer ignoring what appears to be another obvious lie from Warren and reframing it as a great thing, as she's pointing out injustice.
  6. Last week when there were rumors of him leaving by the end of the year there was a pretty decent write up on how he's considered to have done a good job, especially considering he ran on eliminating the agency. It talked about how he's managed to stay out of Trumps doghouse. Few days later "Rick Perry told me to call Ukraine" ~ Trump. heh
  7. I would really love to see a pundit poll on impeachment. Once Pelosi announced the inquiry I think it was near universal that ultimately it would just be a show as the Senate would not vote him out. Wonder if that's still the general consensus and even if so, how much confidence they have now.
  8. Journalists are professionals. Their personal beliefs never make it into their work.
  9. BS? You say I'm starting off with BS and then you go on to agree with everything i'm saying. I never said these were Trump's ideas, I was just pointing out that Trump is doing more then just mounting political pressure on them. He is directly hurting their economy (albeit ours too). That is a costly tactic that is completely different than what has been done before. As you point out, China has agreed to stuff, then did it their way anyway. I do agree with you on TPP. It definitely would have put more pressure on China and would had made sense in pursuing. That said, TPP was another status quo direction, which if everything worked out the way we hoped, would have been years in the making to get some changes out of China. Again, i'm not saying Trump has a plan here and if he does, that it's good. I am saying that I do think you can make a valid case that tariff's are a radical way that could possibly lead to a favorable outcome. Our economy is in a position of strength to handle the impact, China has much more to lose, at least in the short run.
  10. Fair point, and part of what you're saying matches up with my desire to get back to a politician in the White House, where even though when I'm being lied to, I can't necessarily prove it and I sleep better at night as a result.
  11. I'm not saying increased trade is bad, that's actually good. What i'm referring to is fair trade. I just tried to find some documentation on how much this trade war is costing and find a slew of different numbers emphasizing specific industries. Some of what I found was: -300,000 less jobs -Up to 60 billion dollars based on $460 per household average with roughly 128 million households in the US. -All out trade war could cost up to 300 billion (not sure if estimated per year or as a whole) As of 2013, Intellectual theft was estimated as a loss of 200 billion a year and stopping that alone was estimated to bring 2 million jobs back to the US. I know none of you trust Trump and i'm not saying you should, but would you be willing to spend 60 dollars on something that would save you 200 a year? https://www.foxbusiness.com/business-leaders/trump-us-china-tariffs-trade-war https://www.cbsnews.com/news/trumps-trade-war-squashed-an-estimated-300000-jobs-so-far-moodys-estimates/ http://www.ipcommission.org/report/ip_commission_report_052213.pdf
  12. I can only judge Trump on his actions. You folks seem to think that as he's a blatant liar, you can't trust anything. I go into this assuming every politician is lying to me and don't trust them. Hence, all I have are their actions. It's easy to just say Trump is an idiot so everything he does is wrong, but I do think something different needed to happen with China. I'm not confident it'll turn out well, but I've been willing to see how it plays out. Like I said initially though, it's getting old.
  13. My point is the status quo has done nothing but put us behind the eight ball. Trump, right or wrong on anything else, has put out some valid complaints that have always been there about China, but never pushed by any political administration or business leader. Do we really have to go this way again? You can disagree with me, but does a minor point which honestly isn't even pro-Trump as we have no idea how it'll end and at best, is still hurting our economy, has to be attacked because it's not anti-trump enough?
  14. Based on the position we're currently in, there is nothing to suggest that any Chinese expert, trade expert, business leader from the last 30 years, politician from the last 30 years, educator, business school, etc, have anything to suggest they would be competent either.
  15. I wouldn't say that I ever regarded Trump as an honest actor. In regards to trade, it's the one topic that I think his business side and his wealth gave him a different view than most on and while I wasn't all that gung ho with him on trade, I was willing to see it through. As we all see, the world revolves around what Trump see's, he doesn't have the ability to really relate to what others say/do. So I think watching his wealthy friends deal with China, where he didn't have to, gave him a different perspective that maybe is actually needed. The prevailing views on trade with China over the last 20-30 years has been: Business community - We have to do whatever is required because that untapped market is too important. Politicians - We have to do whatever the business community says to keep them happy plus China is too big to **** off. Many have felt we're selling our soul to get something that really will never be attainable.
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