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  1. Well most of the negative responses I got showed disinterest because he can't keep his wang in his pants... If the man can play I don't care how many kids he's got in different states.
  2. How come I post the possibility of trading for Cromartie and almost every single person didn't want to touch him, and now a week later everybody wants him?? I don't get it. Anyway I would much rather give away a 5th like this article suggests than Kevin Smith... I haven't given up on him just yet.
  3. How so? By having a few good games?... and I mean very few. He hasn't been doing anything different than what Sproles has done in SD, a smallish, quick scatback that catches passes in the flats and takes them to the house. Obviously I don't work with the Chargers but I figure that they are looking for a between the tackles, bigger guy to compliment Sproles. I don't really think Jerry Jones wants to get rid of Felix Jones anyway, he is in love with the guy and he is from Jones' Alma Mater...
  4. He had a few so-so years, but is only 25 years old and is a big athletic-physical corner who is only 2 seasons removed from a 10 pick year. Kevin Smith hasn't exactly blown us off our feet either.
  5. Why would the Chargers want to replace an old workhorse back with an old workhorse back? I don't really think they want any of Chester Taylor, and the only one of the Dallas trio they might want is Marion Barber, Felix is a scatback like Sproles... but the Cowboys are quite happy with their cornerbacks with Newman and Mike Jenkins emerging finally.
  6. Cj Spiller in the draft possibly? Maurice Morris actually did better than Kevin Smith Given a chance...
  7. Sources: San Diego Chargers shopping cornerback Antonio for running back - ESPN Interesting... Would anybody be interested in a Kevin Smith - Antonio Cromartie trade? I figure Keven smith is the type of workhorse back their looking for with Sproles as their change of pace guy. I like Kevin smith, but our CB situation is scary... Would you do this trade?
  8. I didn't say anywhere in my post that high jump balls are getting him killed. It's ones that are WAY off target that Roy has to try to superman, and then gets his ribs cracked. A nicely placed jump ball is very different from one that hangs him out to dry. I also didn't say that it isn't Roy's fault he is dropping a lot of passes, just saying that the way Romo was getting him destroyed earlier in the year may attribute to it.
  9. So what exactly were you looking at when you say the Browns are 29th in the league... Giving up yards? Here's an actual important rank. The Browns rank 16th in allowing passing touchdowns... Respectable. We all can't just sugar pick stats and ignore important things. I don't think that Stafford's accomplishments should be thrown out just because everybody here wants to make the baseless claim that their defense was absolutely terrible just by looking at the total and passing yards they gave up. Like I said earlier, Browns only gave up more than 2 passing td's a game TWICE and held 4 QB's to ZERO TD's. I would think that carries more weight than simply saying, "Well Browns defense is 29th in the league" Both Sanchez and Stafford had absolutely terrible years, that is not what I am arguing. They both had VERY similar statistical seasons. Given the situation Stafford is in, saddled with the leagues worst defense, terrible running game, having to know and execute the whole offense, having the game put on his shoulders and having to throw almost 20 more times a game than Sanchez... it is kind of obvious who should be given the leg up based on their 2009 years. In contrast Sanchez has the leagues best defense, the leagues best running game, an offensive line with 3 pro-bowlers, only having to throw about 15 times a game, having a dumbed down playbook that mostly consists of play-action passes and rollouts etc. They both had similar TD to INT ratio. I don't know how there is anyway a single person can say that Sanchez performed better!
  10. That kind of eliminates the purpose of looking at season long stats, and at that point your just skewing statistics toward one viewpoint or the other. IT happens all the time, and I don't agree with it. Staffords had a better best performance, and Sanchez had the worse worst performance. Eliminating those games would dramatically skew stats.
  11. Sorry, no it's not. 12/15 for 180 and a single TD. You're kidding right? That performance isn't that impressive no matter the circumstances. That almost looks like the stats of a Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees etc. would have in a single quarter. I am so tired of this junk being talked about how bad Cleveland's D was this year. I'll give you a break down of how all other QB's performed against them. It may surprise a few people. Week 1: Minnesota: Favre 14/21 110 yds. 1 TD Week 2: Orton: 19/37 263 1 TD Week 3: Flacco 25/35 342 TD Week 4: Palmer 23/44 230 2TD 1 INT Week 5: Edwards 16/31 152 1 INT Week 6: Roethlisberger 23/35 412 2 TD 1 INT Week 7: Rodgers 15/20 246 3 TD Week 8: Cutler 17/30 225 1 INT Week 10: Flacco 13/18 155 Week 11: Stafford 26/43 422 5 TD 2 INT Week 12: Palmer 13/24 110 1 TD Week 13: Rivers 18/25 373 2 TD Week 14: Roethlisberger 18/32 201 Week 15: Cassel 22/40 331 2 TD Week 16: Frye 26/45 333 3 INT Week 17: Garrard 22/39 202 2 TD 1 INT So lets break this down: Browns only allowed more than 2 TD passes TWICE this year. Browns held 4 qb's to Zero TD performances. Browns only allowed over 300 yards passing 6 times out of 16 games. So all these other teams that played the Browns, with much better quarterbacks, none managed to have a better game than Stafford. Actually some qb's actually had downright bad games against the Browns. Roethlisberger, Frye, Palmer, Flacco, Edwards. Seriously, the guy broke the Rookie record for yards in a game, and TD's in a game and you don't call that impressive. Yet a 12/15 180 yards 1 TD performance is more impressive. Yikes.
  12. He can't be anything anybody thought he was unless he is given opportunities. Seriously, everybody here knows that Roy NEVER got open, but used his jumping ability and size to come down with the ball. Has Dallas not realized this yet? Romo doesn't throw to anybody unless they are wide open. I'm no Roy apologist but the guy wasn't given much of an opportunity this year. He was target ONE time in yesterdays game... Once. He has dropped some passes this year, but I really don't blame the guy for how Romo had been hanging him out to dry early in the year. Romo got Roy KILLED on that play that resulted in Roy's cracked/bruised ribs. I say give the guy one more year in Dallas and actually given opportunities to make plays, before we all say he was a monumental bust. I mean, seriously. The guy put up good numbers with Joey Harrington, and John friggen Kitna throwing him the ball! You should have posted the whole article. It's hilarious when the writer edited Roy's quote, and put Vikings Corner Antoine Winfield as "Dontonio Wingfield" HAHAHAHA
  13. This thread should be closed if another person says that Sanchez is clearly better than Stafford again.
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