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  1. Look at it this way, Obby: You've been right every time!
  2. Hiya, GGET! Good to have you around again. No, I didn't get a scrapbook. She just did things like that for our little brother, since he was . . . . Well, I think "special" is the accepted term in today's social climate. Heck, we all did little things for our special little brother. I used to tie his shoes for him. But after he got married, it really wasn't my place anymore.
  3. I remember that book! Do you still have the cool poster she drew, with Kaline swinging that classic swing, and "Thanks For The Memories - 3000" written on it?
  4. When Lolich pitched the final game of the '68 series, I was home with my family watching it on tv. When it was over, we (including my mom and even my dad, who never really cared a whit about baseball) all went out of the house. The entire neighborhood (in Warren) had erupted into the street, and everybody all over the neighborhood was going nuts, whooping and hollering, blowing car horns, and generally acting like idiots. It was great. In '72 we were living in Ohio, and nobody I knew was much of a baseball fan. I listened to a lot of games on the radio, though, and was happy to hear them clinch. In '84 I was living in Florida, and watched the series with my wife, who had converted from being a Reds fan to the Tigers, partly because of Sparky Anderson and mostly because of me. We celebrated together in private. In '87 I was still in Florida, so I didn't get to follow the season much. I don't remember even seeing them clinch.
  5. Wear a pair of deely-boppers and some swim fins. That way he'll know you're not stuffy, but just a regular Joe.
  6. Yes, but very pleasant, in a mammalian sort of way. :eek:
  7. What about this website: http://forums.motowntigers.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=9
  8. Castillo upset Tigers decided to walk him June 25, 2002 FREE PRESS NEWS SERVICES MIAMI -- Luis Castillo was upset Monday to learn that Tigers manager Luis Pujols planned to walk him intentionally if he had batted in the ninth inning Saturday with a 35-game hitting streak on the line. "Don't tell me that," Castillo said. "That's bad. I'd have a bad reaction, because I needed a hit. I'd be really, really, really mad." The game ended with Castillo on deck when teammate Tim Raines hit a sacrifice fly that gave the Florida Marlins the victory. On Sunday, Pujols said he and bench coach Felipe Alou agreed that with a base open and a tie game, they would not have given Castillo a chance to beat them. "I don't know why he'd say that," Castillo said. "I know he's trying to win the game, but I'm trying to get a hit. The fans were waiting for that at-bat." Castillo said he doesn't know Pujols well. Both are from the Dominican Republic, as is Alou. Castillo said he heard that some Dominican fans were angered by the manager's comments. Castillo went 0-for-4 Saturday, ending the longest streak in the major leagues in 15 years. ______________________________________ Ok, so Luis Castillo is a jerk. "The fans were waiting for that at-bat." Waaaah! Hey! Luis! Get your big head out of your tight ass! The game is about winning, you pud-pulling putz, not about give Luis Castillo a fifth chance to be a hero after he's already blown four previous chances. Schmuck. What a butthead. What a loser.
  9. What would be new about Weaver being a PH? Hasn't he always been a pecker head?
  10. We wouldn't take NJ for a dead sewer rat and a bent bottle cap. Leave New Jersey where it is, thank you. With the prevailing winds blowing west-to-east, we prefer it that way.What's that? Oh! You were talking about Nick Johnson! Oh, well. That's a different bag o' cats then. Never mind.
  12. You're all forgetting about the adjusted LPT, which tells us how Q would have posted, if this had been the Cleveland Indians message board. By tossing the magic chicken bones and reciting the special incantation known only to mystical stats adjusters, a procedure guaranteed to give 98.6% accurate results regarding what definitely would have been the case in events that never even happened (this is also known as the Radically Subjunctive Metaphysical Prediction index, or RSMP), I can state with complete certainty that on 82.5132% of all sports-related message boards the equivalent of qsilver would have posted the equivalent of a response (adjusting for possible differences if he were using a Dvorak keyboard, and factoring in the percentage probability of his using an iMac), but if we consider only baseball message boards, that rises to a whopping 97.8124%. So I think it's unquestionable that we will see a qsilver response on this thread. Besides, qsilver has always been a gamer.
  13. It's amazing what a bunch of namby-pamby mollycoddling goes on in the great sport of baseball today. "Oooh, he pitched seven innings! And he pitched seven and a third only last week! Better give him an extra day's rest and a bonus on his paycheck." Christ. "Pitchers today throw harder"? I'd be amazed if that could ever be backed up with anything factual. But of course it can't; there were no radar guns 80 or even 40 years ago. What could possibly make pitchers today throw harder than they ever did before? I never saw Cy Young or Walter Johnson pitch, but I saw Bob Gibson, and I know for a fact that nobody pitching today throws any harder than he did. And he did it well and often, and didn't count pitches or whine about going the distance. He probably would have punched out anybody who suggested he wasn't man enough to stay in a game for more than a hundred pitches. To be fair to the pitchers, it usually isn't even they who are the babies about it; Weaver doesn't want to be taken out of a game. It's management and the press and the public and the agents who make a big deal out of it. Just something else to hype and count and blather about. How is it that with today's training regimen and medical care, ball players are suddenly so fragile and delicate that they can't pitch a full game on five day's rest, yet up until fifteen or twenty years ago it was no problem, and many (many) pitchers routinely pitched every third or fourth day? I never even heard of a "pitch count" until ten years ago; now all of a sudden it's a sine qua non of every broadcast or discussion about the game. My god, how did baseball ever survive its first hundred and twenty years without the Holy Pitch Count? It's all a load of horse puckey to me. Just wait. In five or ten years, everybody will be talking about "swing counts", and going "Oooh!" and "Ahhh!" if a batter fouls off four or five pitches. "How can the manager leave him in there like that? Doesn't he know how much strain it is on a hitter's poor body to swing a bat like that so often? His swing count is over 30, and he swung 29 times in yesterday's game! Get the poor fella outta there and get him to a masseuse, before it's too late!" "Yeah, and that right fielder has already had to make 12 throws in to the cutoff man. I can't believe they let him stay in there this long." Sheeeit.
  14. I feel resignation. But not apathy. No, definitely not apathy. Definitely not.
  15. Heh! Heh! Sue said "peter out". Heh!
  16. Now now, let's not be insensitive. Those slur terms are unacceptable these days; we don't tolerate intolerance in this country anymore. You have to refer to everyone in a positive manner. It is more appropriate these days to say "He has a high suckification index," or "His playing ranks very high on the crapometer."
  17. Hey, good logic, TTF. You're going to die, sooner or later, so why not do it sooner?
  18. Yeah, I see your point. There are probably twenty or thirty thousand families in the greater Detroit area every day saying something like: "Martha, what say we grab up the kids and go to the ballpark. The Tigers are playing today." "What?! Sid, are you crazy! Go to the ballpark, when the fences are ever-so darned far away that we probably won't see more than two or three homeruns? Get real!" "Yeah, I see your point. Doggone it, if they want us to come to the ballpark, let 'em move the dingblasted fences in nice and close!" But bring the fences in, and presto zippity! It'd be: "Wait a minute, Dad! I heard they moved the fences IN!!" "Jumpin' juniper, boy, is that so! By golly gosh, that's it then! We're goin' to the ballgame! Martha, what's the number I dial to get season tickets? I only hope they're not sold out for the whole darn year!" Yessiree rube, it sure do make fine sense, don't it? And the other argument about "scaring hitters away" is a fine little paralogism too: "Ok Slugger, here's the scoop. The Yankees would love to have you, and they'll pay $400 mill over eight years, with bonuses and incentives. You'll also get a condo in Central Park West. The Tigers are also very interested, and have offered $120 million for ten years, and you can stay in downtown Detroit if you like. Which way you think we should go?" "Hmmm. Gosh, I'd really love to play for the Tigers, because the Yankees just win too darn much, but jeepers, those distant fences in Detroit are ever-so scary. Naw, can't do it. Tell Steinbrenner he's bought himself a boy." Yep, I'm sure the big-name hitters are just terrified of the CoPa's fences. Oy muthafbleeping vey. :rolleyes:
  19. I'm waiting for the bottle to killing wait when glasses empty that brings the back home over one bottle isn't the clever bottles.
  20. You figure the problem during the last 8 years at Tiger Stadium was the future fence positions at the not-yet-built Comerica Park? So, you're suggesting that bringing in the fences at Comerica Park now will somehow cause a time warp, filter back through the past 10 years (8 of them at Tiger Stadium) and suddenly make them into winners?It's a fascinating idea, but perhaps logic is not its strongest feature. If the problem is the fences at Comerica, what was the problem before the move into Comerica? The crowd was too close and distracted the players? Losing teams lose more often than they win, no matter where they play. Winning teams win more often than they lose, no matter where they play. If the Tigers and the Yankees swapped stadiums, it wouldn't turn the Tigers into the Yankees, nor the Yankees into the Tigers. The problem (actually problems) with the Tigers ain't the fences, and moving the fences wouldn't fix the real problem. At most it would appease a few gullible fans for a short time, until they realized that the team still wasn't winning, and then they'd want to paint the bases a different color or something equally silly and pointless. The fences have no more to do with this team's losing record over the past ten years than the brand of mustard being served by the loudmouth hot dog guy.
  21. I was at a game in Cleveland last week (Thursday's game -- the one Lima gave away), sitting with a friend who's an Indians fan, but knows baseball. There was one play, a liner that got past Jackson at second and bounced out to Fick in right, pretty deep. I forget who the batter was, but he took a wide turn at first, and was definitely thinking about going to second, and Fick pegged a zinger in, right exactly on target into Santiago's glove. I mean, it was just a beautiful, hard, straight line throw. The batter almost wet his pants getting back to first in a BIG hurry. My friend grabbed my arm and said, "Is that FICK playing right field?" I smiled and nodded. He said, "Jeeze! Did you see that throw? He's got a great arm! I thought he was just moved out to right this spring?" I said, "Yeah. Not bad for a catcher-turned-outfielder, huh? But you know, Kaline worked with him a lot this spring. That's kind of like having Einstein help you with your physics homework." He (and other Tribe fans) were very impressed. And I didn't see any Indians making wide turns or trying to stretch anything against Mr. Fick for the rest of the game.
  22. I bet Pete's just waiting to find out who will be playing, so he can figure the odds and get a bet down with his bookie.
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