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  1. Gee, I dunno...... I finally got lucky and picked a good 'un last year. Oh hell.....I'm IN.
  2. Rajai becomes an everyday player, and if he shows holes in playing the position, Donnie Baseball plays in the late innings.
  3. Sorry I'm late for the dance. I've had to deal with my 84 year old pop being in a rehab facility the past 2 weeks. For my (late!) #17 pick, I'll take RICK PORCELLO. This is his break-out year...for sure.
  4. How about Omar Vizquel? I'd heard Indians' commentators saying he'd make a great manager, as he's a real student of the game. His Latino roots would be a plus as well. What say?
  5. Aren't the Tigers something like 9-2 without Miggy in the lineup? I say rest him. And I agree that home field "advantage" is overrated. Lately they're playing about as well on the road as at home.
  6. I think you're on the right track here. Cabrera is usually so easy going and unflappable. He gets struck out on a good pitch, he nods to the pitcher. "Good one. You got me that time". Seeing him so upset over the Rodney buzzing made me think there was much more going on. He was pointing to the Rays' dugout and jawing. I'm betting he was being taunted or something derogatory said in regards to Miggy's mother. Joe Maddon is usually a pretty smart manager. His comment on Miggy being a "cry baby" shows he doesn't know Miguel half as well as he may thing he does. Miguel usually only complains when he has a genuine beef, and tv has usually proven him right. That's how smart and perceptive our slugger is.
  7. Does everyone here recall when Delmon Young (a Twink at the time) got pissed at his pitcher for plunking a Tiger (can't remember who....help an old fart out here), which inevitably resulted in Young being plunked? Pretty sure the pitcher was Bonderman. The '09 season, maybe? I thought Delmon's turning on his teammate for setting up a retaliation plunk was pretty priceless.
  8. Say what you will about BB. When he came up after Guillen went down for the umpteenth time, he hit some balls harder than anyone (except possibly Miggy) I ever saw. He esp. hit well in Texas. Didn't he make his Tigers debut there?
  9. Donny baseball has had an alright Spring. I'd keep him around. Worth and Kobernus too. I'd move Santiago to make room.
  10. Hear hear! Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul RULE!!!
  11. My thoughts exactly. Wait and see if he wasn't a one-year wonder. I think pitchers caught up to him late in 2012.
  12. I send my deepest condolences. I share a love of the Tigers and many nights in the past (as far back as 1966) listening to the Tigers on WJR with my dad, who turns 84 on May 2. We talk many times a week about the latest in Tiger News (he's never wanted to learn to use a computer), and since I have the Extra Innings package on DirecTV (all he gets are Cleveland games, and I have to watch them on the same Cleveland channel he gets to see them on, STO), I keep him abreast of every game. So it is with this common thread I feel your pain deeply and keenly. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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