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  1. I would simply add "better play calling" to that list, and I feel like you're right. While we still, technically, lost both games, the team on the field seems to be more cohesive than in the past, plus we are not starting out games 21 in the hole.
  2. I realize that we lost, and we'll (most likely) lose the next two games. However, the way that we bounced back in both games and had a spark lit under us was so much different than years in the past. I honestly feel like the problem with this offense, right now, is the play-calling. When we opened up the passing game, we moved the ball effortlessly (at the beginning AND the end). But when we try to run down the middle, we choke. It seems that we had this same, rather strange, game plan in both weeks. We just start running down the middle, whether there are any gaps or not...and going 3 and out for several consecutive series. Maybe I'm just seeing it wrong, but I really believe that this offense can be VERY potent if they open it up a bit. While my hopes for 7-9 are dwindling fast, I still have hopes that we'll stay in more games and possibly squeak out a few nice surprises. I'm looking at you Sanchez.
  3. Does anyone know if this game is going to be aired locally? If so, what station. Thanks.
  4. Does this mean that both Suh and Stafford's contracts will be up in the same year? I wonder if they did this deliberately to be able to restructure both deals at the same time. Pure speculation, though. I haven't taken the time to really look at Stafford's contract. I also wonder what that does to the franchise tag that year.
  5. We should have every Lion's PLAYER watch it before every game, too.
  6. Ouch. that game was brutal. Seriously setback my view on Stafford. I hope he can recover, cuz that game hurt almost as bad as the St. Louis game.
  7. This game, while I don't think it was all THAT bad, was a good reminder to think 2, 3 or 4 times before taking a drink of any kool-aid. That's a positive.
  8. The thing is, half the defense from last year probably IS working at Chuck E. Cheese this year. It's not really the same group. I'm pretty stoked to hear that it will be a more "attacking" style. That Cover2 crap was just that.
  9. I think I'd rather hear the title of the article as "Stafford Making Lions' Decision Easy". Either way, it'd be nice to know what we really have in this kid.
  10. What is it, exactly? I've seen this before but haven't seen (and don't really know where to find) an explanation. Not to repeat a question, but it'd be nice to have a link or something. Thanks
  11. The jersey's almost look a bit feminine. I'm not trying to bash them, but for the one above of the number 92 looks a little feminine to me. It's possible it's just the way that it's sitting on the display, but...meh I'm just saying.
  12. While that may be true, it seems a bit unfair to assume that he didn't learn anything. We don't know what types of things he was exposed to in this whole process that may have changed this view of this issue. Conviction is an interesting thing, you can do something for years not really thinking it was wrong (or not seeing how it hurts others) and then when your eyes are opened to the damages...you realize it was wrong the whole time. It's not really fair to judge a person. That doesn't mean I'd want him being the face of my organization, unless remorse and genuine retribution was paid within the circles of his error. Serving time for a crime judicially absolves him of his crime, but morally he still needs absolution in the minds of people. I'm not sure that made sense.
  13. +1 more. And my dog annoys the snot out of me.
  14. I just hope they don't give up Sims for him. Sims has so much potential, and with a solid LB corp, I think our defense will be dramatically better. Losing Sims would be a difficult pill to swallow.
  15. It's unbelievable how a thread about the Cory Redding trade so quickly changes into a thread about Stafford. Is it me or do our linebackers have a much more difficult time because our line is what really sucks? I'm kinda wondering what the rationale for this move was.
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