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  1. We are in a rough spot. McLemore is basically the only guy that makes us a serious team to look at and he doesn't fall below #2. And barring a miraculous and beautiful collapse, Muhammed is likely to be a top 4 pick. In my estimation we are a 5th pick. Porter and Oladipo would make good Pistons, but they are not be scorers by any means. Needless to say, we are a black hole in the wing player spot and you HAVE to take one. Smart likely wont fall. Find a way to keep Jose for less than 7 million per year, and jump in the Millsap sweepstakes. Have an emergency FA plan if we can't land Millsap. Keep Singler as the back-up three, and keep Middleton, as we need a guy of Stackhouse' size with a nice stroke. Stuckey and CV can kick rocks. We let go of one of them over the offseason and use the other as an expiring contract next season. The Russian guy sucks. Maxiell gives us nothing if we land Millsap.
  2. You're only on the ledge if you think Verlander is just this God who if he has a bad game then we are screwed. He accumulated 3 strikeouts only last game against the terrible Yankees. He's not making his pitches like the other starters, probably for being so drastically overworked. He's human and it fricken shows... I believe in Douglas Fister. Go Tigers.
  3. And does the love of God no Villarreal.
  4. I knew this would go seven. The Giants are a different team with Vogelsong on the mound. KELLY IN EXPENSE FOR SANTIAGO. I like Dirks but for God sake, ONLY TO PLATTOON.
  5. GO WEEDCICUM! What a difference one month makes. This team was called trash a month ago and rightfully so. The starting pitching came along when Sanchez got on board.
  6. I can't believe I dislike that man/baseball player as much as I do, and he's probably a swell human being at that. I just don't want his baseball skills associated with the Tigers, even knowing that he's young.
  7. Yep. We freaking got to this point. And we didn't give up our best prospects for a deadline bust. We didn't lose nearly 100 games. We don't play in the Southside of Chicago and are not about to witness an overhaul in management.
  8. Heres to (presumably and realistically) next season. We did great things this year (presumably and realistically) I.... am at peace
  9. The "worst #3 hitter in baseball"
  10. LOL, honestly? The Angels. Dat pitching... And I have flashbacks of the work that the BoSox put on us a few months back, although they are impaired right now.
  11. Watching Rios and Dunn bat side by side for most of the season. And today.
  12. And replace him with who? Bonine? Figaro? Galarraga? Do we really need to see the Galarraga show again? Doesn't anybody look less comfortable and confident on the mound as AG does? Regardless, I'm sure we'll see him again due to an injury someone. We don't exactly have much insurance in the rotation.
  13. Defense 10 So when we're in the World Series this year we won't have to worry about any shenanigans from the mound to 1st base?
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