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  1. This thing is all on the bullpen right now. That BP was shaky before the first pitch crossed the plate in April and now we're paying the price.
  2. Thank you, it is easily accomplished with a compuuuuter. Great to see another Dr. Strangelove fan. Where in the UP you from? I was born in the Soo, raised in Marquette.
  3. Thanks for the help, you've knocked out a bunch with one post. Thanks for the welcome to the site, long time lurker here.
  4. Hey All, I'm trying to build an iPod playlist consisting of the intro songs for the Tigers batters and hitters. I've got a few down but need some help with the rest. Any assistance is appreciated: Pudge - Latino Heat by Eddie Guerreo Casey - Polanco - Guillen - Inge - Monroe - Ain't Nothing But A G Thing - Snoop Dogg Granderson - It's going down - Young Joc ? Ordonez - Zumaya - Voodoo Child Jones - Walker - Rodney -
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