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  1. The Lion defender making the touchdown sign cracked me up.
  2. Me too. My first team, thanks to my uncles who were Orr nuts. Watching Rangers-Bruins final in the spring of ‘72 is my first NHL memory. Had a couple of his posters on my bedroom wall. So I was a Bruins fan 5 years before I became a Wings fan. But by the late 70s I was cheering for the Habs over the Bruins when they played each other in the playoffs.
  3. Game over. 2nd win this Series for Kershaw. I think this Series is quite compelling Looking forward to Tuesday. With Snell and Morton coming up, this isn’t over.
  4. Rays have tying run at the plate with 0 outs in the 9th. It is only 8:30 here and I’m not sick of baseball, so I hope Tampa sends this to extra innings. My West Coast privilege.
  5. I’m drawn to these Arozarena at bats. But flies out with 2 on 1 out.
  6. And instead May sets down in order the four batters he faces. 4-2 Dodgers after 7.
  7. While Gurley erred, I think the TD is really on the Falcons coaching stuff. Why not just take a knee twice instead of risking a fumble, offensive penalty or accidental TD. Perfect position for a 27 yard FG attempt isn’t close enough, you really need to make it a 20 yarder?
  8. Dodgers pull Kershaw after 85 pitches through 5 2/3, had retired his final 7 hitters. I hope the Rays light up May next inning
  9. And the extra point for the win is at the 2:20 mark here https://omny.fm/shows/detroit-lions-on-wjr/detroit-lions-postgame-lions-rewind-10-25-20
  10. On the final drive he started talking about Prater’s career long FG before checking himself (either on his own or his booth mate handed him a note) and noting that was irrelevant because the Lions were down by 6
  11. The Lions did play that Gurley play perfectly. If they had just stepped aside, he would have caught on in time and gone down before the goal line. Their soft tackling - on purpose or just because that's how the Lions tackle - allowed the TD to happen
  12. The Korean PBP call, not included in the compilation clip above, cracks me up
  13. Tell me again which team is the blue team?
  14. There were not enough fans in the stands laughing and pointing and going “oooooo” when Arozarena tripped for Smith to realize what was going on.
  15. Now there will be a catchy clip of the final play for the teenagers to wake up to in the morning.
  16. So in about a 5 second span we have the ball bounce off the outfielder Taylor’s glove, the base runner Arozarena trip over his own feet halfway between 3rd and home, and then the catcher Will Smith accidentally swipe the ball away.
  17. Jansen vs Arozarena wasn’t quite Welch vs Reggie, but still pretty cool.
  18. November 1, with the time zone change, is when my weight tends to drift up 5-10 pounds until March 1. Then I try to get that all off by around July 1.
  19. Hughson is ok, if bland. I like Ken Daniels better. I like CBC and Sportsnet for their pregame, intermissions and panels but for the actual I prefer NBC. Louder sound, sharper look. Emrick got his start calling play by play for the Port Huron Flags then of the IHL in 1973 and now lives nearby in St. Clair. Cool Tweet thread here from Dan Dickerson. https://twitter.com/dan_dickerson/status/1318290916797411328?s=21
  20. His voice grated on me at times, but I liked Doc's PBP better than anyone they have on CBC right now.
  21. A David vs Goliath World Series coming up.
  22. Dodgers three outs away from their 24th National League pennant, pulling ahead of the Giants who have 23.
  23. Bellinger destroys one to break the tie. 4-3 Dodgers after 7.
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