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  1. November 1, with the time zone change, is when my weight tends to drift up 5-10 pounds until March 1. Then I try to get that all off by around July 1.
  2. Hughson is ok, if bland. I like Ken Daniels better. I like CBC and Sportsnet for their pregame, intermissions and panels but for the actual I prefer NBC. Louder sound, sharper look. Emrick got his start calling play by play for the Port Huron Flags then of the IHL in 1973 and now lives nearby in St. Clair. Cool Tweet thread here from Dan Dickerson. https://twitter.com/dan_dickerson/status/1318290916797411328?s=21
  3. His voice grated on me at times, but I liked Doc's PBP better than anyone they have on CBC right now.
  4. A David vs Goliath World Series coming up.
  5. Dodgers three outs away from their 24th National League pennant, pulling ahead of the Giants who have 23.
  6. Bellinger destroys one to break the tie. 4-3 Dodgers after 7.
  7. This is a good game. Back and forth scores. Dodgers tied it on a home run in the 6th but then just had a runner thrown out at the plate. 3-3 after 6.
  8. 3 of the next 4 games are against teams with 1-5 records.
  9. West Coast guy here. I love 4:30pm starts for playoff baseball and hockey. Allows to me enjoy overtimes and extra innings. Can check 1st inning results on your phone, listen to a couple of innings on the radio on the commute home, have the middle innings on as you prepare dinner and then kick back and enjoy the last few innings on your couch. Very civilized. Then with the game over by, say, 8pm that leaves plenty of time in the evening for us to go out and do yoga, protest in the streets, stare out of a Starbucks window or whatever else we feel like doing.
  10. I prefer Tampa because I’d rather the team with the best record in the AL beat an under .500 team. I need a break from the Dodgers. Clay Travis and I will cheer for the Braves tomorrow.
  11. Rays win pennant. If they had blown lead, there would have been questions why Charlie Morton was pulled after 6 masterful innings and only 66 pitches.
  12. If it means games would be every day and with some daylight, I'd be open to the World Series being at a neutral PT or MT site in the future. Dodgers off to a quick start today. I prefer Tampa and Atlanta, but Dodgers-Astros would generate the most interest and hate.
  13. Looking forward to another baseball doubleheader tomorrow. Hope closer than today’s games though.
  14. Plus back in the 1910s it was day baseball only. Day baseball?! You know the only people who can watch day baseball? Nickel-dime people who ought to get a ****** job and find out what it's like to earn a ***** living. 85% of the world was working, the other 15% were watching day baseball.
  15. Bobby Veach may be the most overlooked star in Detroit sports history. I believe Bill James called the Tigers outfield of the mid-1910s the statistically greatest ever.
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