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  1. lordstanley

    Daniel Norris.

    I'd like Mario to read out the lineup as: Scrubby, Scrubanos, V-Barf, Hack, Poopbum, McCant, JaCruddy, Iglesias and Suckado.
  2. lordstanley

    Daniel Norris.

    Who knew that van living would be hard on the body?
  3. lordstanley

    5/21 @8:10 Detroit Tigers vs Minnesota Twins

    Are the Twins are going to play a moving tribute to Gardenhire on the scoreboard set, as is typical yet ironic in these situations, to Green Day's Good Riddance song?
  4. lordstanley

    2017-2018 NHL Discussion Thread

    I think it's safe to say this is the unlikely Stanley Cup finalist ever, I don't think any team is close, not even the '96 Panthers. Good for Vegas and their long-suffering fans! I'll cheer for them if it's versus Tampa, against them if it's Washington.
  5. lordstanley

    5/18 @10:10 Detroit Tigers vs Seattle Mariners

    And all of a sudden Fulmer's out.
  6. lordstanley

    5/17 @10:10 Detroit Tigers vs Seattle Mariners

    I don't think the Tigers are in a division race or wildcard place but I would say that the Tigers' playoff chances, remote as they are, are better as a wildcard. Cleveland should still win at the very least upper 80s, if not 90+, and will win the AL Central. Boston or New York are highly likely to take 2 spots with an AL East title and 1 wildcard. Give Houston the AL West. Texas, Baltimore, Chicago and KC all seem worse than the Tigers. Tampa, Minnesota, Oakland and Seattle probably aren't much better than the Tigers. So I'd say the very low chance of the Tigers finishing ahead of all those teams PLUS Toronto and LAA Angels is still higher than finishing ahead of Cleveland.
  7. lordstanley

    5/17 @10:10 Detroit Tigers vs Seattle Mariners

    Holy Jimenez! Nice win.
  8. lordstanley

    5/17 @10:10 Detroit Tigers vs Seattle Mariners

    Sounds like she's not quite married yet. She's getting frustrated. Her fiance could still screw this up. Don't give up, there's still hope.
  9. lordstanley

    2018 - Red Wings Offseason

    I think there's fear by some of Yzerman "tainting his legacy" if he comes back to Detroit and that fear may be overblown. I think most fans can compartmentalize. Willie Mays with the Mets, Bobby Orr with the Blackhawks, Trammell managing a horrible Tigers team and Gretzky making a mess of the Coyotes were all cringeworthy at the time but I'm not sure darkens one memories of them all that much. Yzerman would need to be worse than ineffective with the Wings for that to happen, he'd need to be crooked or a jerk.
  10. lordstanley

    5/16 @1:10 Cleveland Indians vs Detroit Tigers

    For sure. They make millions of dollars a year for 3 hours of work per day for 7 months of the year. You would think they'd at least make it look like they're trying.
  11. lordstanley

    2018 - Red Wings Offseason

    My personal preference in order is Bouchard, Bomquist, Dobson, Hughes. And I admit that is 100% from what I've heard. I literally haven't watched a minute of any of them play.
  12. lordstanley

    5/16 @1:10 Cleveland Indians vs Detroit Tigers

    A busy May for Ryan Carpenter: https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/hockey/news/golden-knights-ryan-carpenter-nabs-helper-as-vegas-ties-series/
  13. lordstanley

    5/16 @1:10 Cleveland Indians vs Detroit Tigers

    Tigers at Seattle on Sunday. Only game of series I could possibly make as tied up Friday and Saturday. Sunday is my wife's birthday. But the Tigers are entertaining and only 1 game out of 1st place. Could take my wife but she doesn't have a NEXUS pass and the border lineups could be nuts. Big decision, I may need to sleep on it. Or pray on it.
  14. lordstanley

    5/16 @1:10 Cleveland Indians vs Detroit Tigers

    Could be tied for 1st by dinnertime tomorrow. Lunchtime on the West Coast.
  15. Dan Dickerson's call of Greene getting Brantley for the final out. https://vocaroo.com/i/s0G2qBbtlK06