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  1. lordstanley

    January 2019 Game Threads

    Kings win! Kings win!
  2. lordstanley

    January 2019 Game Threads

    Was at the Wings-Canucks game this afternoon. Wings dominated 2nd period but faded in 3rd and lost 3-2. Bernier looked bad on tying goal. Missed the first two minutes of 3rd period as a few hundred of us in concourse were watching final 2 minutes (from just prior to blown PI call to end of regulation) of Saints-Rams .
  3. lordstanley

    January 2019 Game Threads

    Wings kept taking the lead, then would quickly cough it up. Ended up losing 6-4 after leading 4-3 with 6 minutes to go. A couple of goals for Larkin, a couple of assists for Nyquist, a couple of points for Green, goal for Mantha.
  4. lordstanley

    January 2019 Game Threads

    I wonder whether Holland, Kronwall or Helm dared to take the 10 Year Challenge on Facebook. "What Red Wings fans thought of me in January 2009... What Red Wings fans think of me in January 2019"
  5. lordstanley

    An Insidious Trend

    I pay a higher percentage when I'm by myself than when I'm in a group, as he or she is still serving the table and in absolute terms is getting a lower tip than if she was getting paid by 3 diners not just me. On the other hand, I'm pretty easy, I make a decision quickly after seeing the menu and am usually able to order my food the same time they take my first drink order. I also tended to tip higher than I normally do when my daughter was under 5, no matter how well a kid is behaved I think they make the table a bit more higher maintenance.
  6. lordstanley

    January 2019 Game Threads

    https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/2019/01/17/niklas-kronwall-rebuilding-detroit-red-wings-future/2586782002/ Kronwall's future The 38-year-old defenseman, a Stanley Cup winner, in his 15th season with the Red Wings and the last in his seven-year $33.25 million contract, said he would consider a proposed trade. If approached by Ken Holland in the coming weeks about a deal with value to the franchise, Kronwall said he would feel duty bound to at least listen. A modified no-trade clause allows him some control. He expressed surprise and said he had not heard about a couple of reports that the Maple Leafs are interested in him, hoping to augment their lagging defensive corps with a veteran playoff performer. “I haven’t really put too much thought into it,” he said. “For myself, I’ve always put a lot of pride into being with the same organization. “But, at the end of the day, you realize also that Kenny is trying to do what he can to improve this team. “So, if he were to come ask for something, then I think part of my job is to listen to that, to hear what he says and what he is thinking. “I have all the respect for what he has done and how he’s treated me over the years. So, I think I owe him for what he has done for me to listen to what he has to say, if that comes up.”
  7. lordstanley

    Fist City: population...Rod and Mario

    On another broadcasting note, the Reds announced today that this will be Marty Brennaman's final year, after 46 seasons.
  8. lordstanley

    January 2019 Game Threads

    Jensen is 28, will be due for a new contract, and until recently was considered a fringe NHLer. Definitely getting lots of love this year from the media and some fans, but I'm not certain that's well-founded. I'd gladly take a 2nd or 3rd for him. Howard will be back in Detroit next year - whether he leaves for a couple of months in the interim I'm not sure. As for this year's draft, I'm really not hearing great things, as far as it being one where a top 3 pick all but guarantees an elite player. If you take out Jack Hughes, are picks 2-15 any better than the 2017 draft topped by Hischier and Patrick?
  9. lordstanley

    January 2019 Game Threads

    Ha, DeKeyser's shot gives the Wings the late lead, who else! Looks like Nyquist tipped it on way in.
  10. lordstanley

    January 2019 Game Threads

    More of that, please.
  11. lordstanley

    Fist City: population...Rod and Mario

    Gus Johnson is black and from Detroit. Primarily known for college football and college basketball of course, but believe it or not has done a bit of college hockey and soccer in the past. He'd be terrible for baseball though.
  12. lordstanley

    January 2019 Game Threads

    You need to give a team on an 11-game losing streak a chance to beat ya. Although: Dekeyser 20GP 1G 6A 7Pts W. Nylander 17GP 1G 2A 3Pts Up front, Rasmussen still hurt?
  13. lordstanley

    Fist City: population...Rod and Mario

    International. I wanted the job.
  14. lordstanley

    January 2019 Game Threads

    6 Red Wings with more than 1 point tonight including: - 3 goals for Bertuzzi - 2 assists for Hronek - 2 assists for Larkin - 2 assists for Nyquist
  15. lordstanley

    January 2019 Game Threads

    A hattie for Bertuzzi! 5-2 Wings. Suck it, Mr & Mrs Parise.