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  1. Sounds like the Wings played one oft heir better games tonight. But fell to the Pens 2-1 in OT. Zadina scores the only goal, for a promising 6GP 6A 12PTS in 23 games.
  2. I'd suggest Yzerman call Gallant and tell him to take the rest of the season off, watch a lot of Wings games and NHL games at coach from the comfort of his La-Z-Boy, and prepare to sign with the Wings around April 15th.
  3. Nor are they even particularly young or promising. Mantha, Larkin, AA and Bertuzzi are not kids. Prospect pool, even including Seider and Zadina, is above average (as it should be having missed playoffs for 3 straight years) but not spectacular. And don't have scrappiness or toughness or entertaining to fall back on like some of the weaker '80s teams.
  4. I'd like to see the Wings go to a shootout competition at the end of every game. A real shootout. Whoever is the worst Wings player in that game gets shot at point blank. Should only take a couple of weeks to clear out much of the deadwood.
  5. If the Wings sign a good new goalie, hire a good new coach and draft at #1 overall, I could see them improving by 30 points next year.
  6. Now 6-1 early in 2nd. When I heard they pulled Howard, did it mean they pulled the goalie completely and are playing with an empty net or something?
  7. Howard pulled after 3 goals in first 7 minutes. Goal by Hronek and yet another point from Fabbri. 4-1 NYI after 1.
  8. Michael Rasmussen is finally playing again. Scored 2 goals for Grand Rapids on Saturday in his first game back.
  9. Nope, good trade. I'd take Hronek over either Cholowski and Chychrun right now and without that extra pick that came back in the trade I'm not sure the Wings get him (might have still drafted Giavani Smith instead). The problem was Holland blowing the saved Datsyuk money that offseason on Frans frickin Nielsen for 6 years, Darren Helm for 5 years, and Danny DeKeyser for 6 years. Shouldn't have signed any of those, just let the Wings sink in 2017, they ended up missing the playoffs anyways.
  10. Not exactly sure, probably around 45. But innovative move by the Tigers PR team to schedule one exhibitionist game in March as well. 50% off tickets for camgirls or for dudes who show up to Joker Marchant in only a raincoat.
  11. Howard is terrible. Sure, to some extent his bad stats are due to how bad the rest of the Wings has been, but he has done himself no favours. At one point today it was 5 goals on the first 18 shots. Of the 55 NHL goalies who have played at least 14 games this season (and thus are counted in the NHL.com stats): - Howard is dead last 55th in GAA at 4.10. The 54th place goalie is at 3.34. The top place goalie is at 2.08 - Howard is dead last 55th in Save % at 88.0%. The 54th place goalie is at 89.0%. The top place goalie is at 93.2%. Goalie is a funny position though. Some top 10 goalies in stats this season include Tristan Jarry, Pavel Francouz and Darcy Kuemper. Some bottom 10 goalies in stats this season include Henrik Lundqvst, Sergie Bobrovsky, Penna Rinne and Jonathan Quick.
  12. Wings down 3-0 with still 7 minutes to go in 1st. Will need to stumble into the intermission and turn on the Chiefs-Texans game to see what a comeback looks like.
  13. Wings going for their 3rd in a row today, versus a beatable opponent Buffalo. But the Wings already trail 2-0 midway through the 1st. Hronek has 12 points in past 15 games. Drafted #53 overall, from that 2016 draft he's 13th in points and 18th in games played.
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