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  1. The Tigers will be playing meaningful September baseball. Whatever meaningful means.
  2. That's how we feel about Washington state. Only 3 deaths in BC total the past 17 days, only 18 currently hospitalized, 5 in ICU. Vancouver was dropped as a potential NHL hub city because the province wouldn't make enough concessions and exceptions for the league. - fine. So by luck or skill BC seems to have things mostly under control. Well, except for ... https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/vancouver-strip-club-brandis-covid_ca_5ef37630c5b6aa825ac9f293 The health authority in Vancouver is warning that people who visited a strip club this week may have been exposed to the novel coronavirus. Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) said several people who were at Brandi’s Exotic Show Lounge between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. from June 21-24 have tested positive for COVID-19. “As a precaution, we are advising people who attended Brandi’s Exotic Show Lounge during those hours to monitor themselves for 14 days,” said VCH. “As long as they remain healthy and do not develop symptoms, there is no need to self-isolate.” ADVERTISING
  3. Anyways, I think we are pretty close to a 40 year low point for the Wings. Not a lot to show for missing the playoffs 4 straight years. Yzerman needs to start trading assets. No one is untouchable.
  4. True. I don't have a problem with a draft lottery. I think dropping 1 or 2 spots and moving up 3 or 4 spots is fine, but a bit too wide for my liking under the current system.
  5. Gooooaaaaallll! It seems like a bunch of players could go anywhere from #4-#10. Given what Yzerman did last year, I'd say there's only a 50% chance or less that Yzerman goes with the conventional pick of either Raymond or Drysdale. Rossi? Perfetti? Sanderson? Even goalie Askarov (gulp)? Whoever they pick, expect it to be considered a strong but non-sure thing prospect, like Zadina/Rasmussen/Seider.
  6. Yzerman looked pissed and frustrated last night, but then again he didn't push hard a month ago when it looked for awhile the lottery system would revert for this year only to the old system of not being able to drop more than one spot. For some reason, Yzerman said he didn't support that, even though it clearly would have been in the Wings' best interest.
  7. But didnt do much in the SHL, did he? I'd almost be tempted to trade down although I doubt there is anyone badly wanted enough at #4 for teams to offer much. The Kings really need defense, I've heard Drysdale is the next Bobby Orr, his name fits for L.A., how about you guys bypass Byfield and Stutzle and pick him instead
  8. Draft spots gained/lost since 2016
  9. I’d go ask someone with COVID to breathe on me right now but since I’m not a senior and don’t have a co-morbidity catching it probably wouldn’t do me any good,
  10. 4th straight year for the Wings have moved down due to lottery.
  11. I feel like there is a big drop off after the top 3. Losing out on Lafremiere is disappointing but missing top 3 is devastating,
  12. Her we go. I don’t believe it,
  13. Devils bidding to be the new Oilers. A win tonight would be their 3rd #1 in 4 years.
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