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  1. lordstanley

    2017-18 Soccer Thread

    So does Deschamps now get to keep his job?
  2. lordstanley

    7/15 @2:10 Detroit Tigers vs Houston Astros

    I'm better than the original.
  3. lordstanley

    7/15 @2:10 Detroit Tigers vs Houston Astros

    I did squeeze in a run today along the trails of Tubbs Hill and by mansions in residential neighborhoods near Sanders Beach. I saw a fair amount of bare flesh and it was refreshing how much of it was free of tattoos, in contrast to Vancouver-Seattle-Portland. It was like a throwback to a Tom Petty video (as in, Free Falling, not as in Alice in Wonderland being sliced into pieces).
  4. lordstanley

    2017-18 Soccer Thread

    Since the Three Lions won two knockout games and improbably reached the semi-finals, I see no reason why the Detroit Lions can't this season win the wildcard and divisional playoff rounds and advance to the NFC championship game. MTS expects.
  5. lordstanley

    7/15 @2:10 Detroit Tigers vs Houston Astros

    Tonight and tomorrow only. Where are my 6 balls put in play?
  6. lordstanley

    7/15 @2:10 Detroit Tigers vs Houston Astros

    I'm currently in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. Does that mean I'm supposed to ask for 6 runs?
  7. lordstanley

    7/13 @8:10 Detroit Tigers vs Houston Astros

    Pamela Anderson and I were born the same day. The GDT would be brighter if a page from one of her magazines had been inserted at the top instead of Heath's.
  8. lordstanley

    Lowering the bar for the Hall of Fame

    George Kell and Hal Newhouser are lucky to be in the HOF.
  9. lordstanley

    2018 - Red Wings Offseason

    Wings signed Mantha to a 2 yr x $3.3m/yr deal. Same as AA's. Thought it would be higher.
  10. lordstanley

    Brandstatter out, Lomas Brown in

    Yep. Brandstatter lost the wrong job.
  11. lordstanley

    What are you currently listening to?

    Could be worse. Could be one of the teenage boys in the '90s who thought the long-haired kid in the Hanson MMMBop video was a girl.
  12. lordstanley

    2018 - Red Wings Offseason

    If the Wings could once again draft 4 times in the top 40 next season, that would be a great foundation when added to this year's draft. Their own 1st and 2 round picks should be around #5-#10 overall and #35-#40 overall. From Vegas, they have a 2nd round pick that is dependent upon the Islanders' positioning - the Islanders may not fall into the bottom 10, so that could mid-40s overall, but if they do drop due to Tavares' departure there's your 3rd top 40. Nyquist and/or AA would be your 4th top 40. Wings fans are excited after the draft and would be totally onboard with a weak 2018-19 now that there's hope for the future. Wings should be a playoff contender in 2020-2021 after missing what by then will be 4 straight years.
  13. lordstanley

    2017-2018 NHL Discussion Thread

    Definitely a Cup contender now. Will be interesting to see how this plays out. No reason not to trade Nylander for a good D now.
  14. lordstanley

    2018 - Red Wings Offseason

    Vanek signing was dumb and needless. He has no trade deadline value (even if he waives NTC) and we have young forwards that could step in.
  15. lordstanley

    2018 - Red Wings Offseason

    Green back to the Wings for 2 years, fine. But I doubt Green will sign without a no move clause, which defeats the purpose. Bernier likely to be signed as a backup for 3 years. Whatever, I wouldn't mind someone cheaper and shorter term, but fine. I have no interest in Vanek and/or Filppula, wish the Wings would stay away.