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  1. November 28 - December 9 Combined Game Thread

    Matthews is awesome. But awesome players like Tavares, Giroux and Karlsson haven't taken the Isles, Flyers or Sens to the next level. So the hype around the Shanaplan has been for the so-called "Big 3". Nylander and Larkin is a wash. Marner is the wildcard.
  2. November 28 - December 9 Combined Game Thread

    Leafs-Wings is obviously a hot ticket, so I was shocked to see that there were still a bunch of empty seats in the lower bowl during game action.
  3. November 28 - December 9 Combined Game Thread

    Wings win 3-1. Leafs will be fine this season, but it's contributions of Kadri and JVR that is making more of a positive impact now than Marner and Nylander. With the salary cap, window might be closing.
  4. November 28 - December 9 Combined Game Thread

    Since Nov. 19, the Pistons and Wings are a combined 5-18.
  5. Trammell and Morris made the HOF!

    Don't need to become the Portland Trail Blazers. 47 year history, 1 championship, 12 numbers retired. Retired numbers 12 (1, 13, 14, 15, 20, 22, 30, 30, 32, 36, 45, 77)
  6. November 28 - December 9 Combined Game Thread

    Yeah, 10 games played 30 games into the season is not much. Whatever the reason, what a disappointment compared to hopes two years ago. Neither goalie is cutting it. Mrazek's Save % is 88.8%, ranking him 46th of 48 goalies and 3.72 in GAA for 47th place. Howard is a bit better at 90.6% for 30th place in Save % and 2.90 in GAA for 28th place, but trending downwards. And of course the poor defense doesn't help either goalie.
  7. November 28 - December 9 Combined Game Thread

    Red Wings lose to Boston 3-2 in OT at LCA. Larkin's shorthanded goal gave the Wings a 2-1 lead midway through the 3rd, but the Bruins tied it with a minute and a half to go and then scored in the first minute of OT.
  8. Trammell and Morris made the HOF!

    Sunday morning I pulled into a parking lot at Whistler for a day of skiing and coincidentally the SUV beside us had an Olde English D decal on its rear window and a Detroit Tigers frame for its Washington state license plate. Tigers fans are few out here. My first thought was maybe it was Joel Zumaya's uncle, who I met standing in line in a downtown Vancouver grocery store 5 years ago when he was wearing a Zumaya t-shirt. Anyways, the car was very dusty and was just begging to be written on but I wanted to etch something different than "Wash Me". So I wrote "Bless You Boys". My daughter was mortified, but as a Tigers fan I know that if I came back to my car from a day of skiing and read that message I'd welcome it. I knew the HOF announcement was likely coming that day and would have loved to have written "Tram & Morris Into HOF Today" as a muddy newsflash but I didn't, as at that point I hadn't yet heard whether they got in or not.
  9. November 28 - December 9 Combined Game Thread

    Le troisieme etoile the **** star, Yvan Cournoyer.
  10. November 28 - December 9 Combined Game Thread

    Apparently the Wings played, and lost, tonight. 2-1 OTL versus Florida. Heard there were a few fights. 8 of the Wings' past 10 games have been at home and they've won once! And Larkin, Mantha and Green have stopped accumulating points.
  11. Trammell and Morris made the HOF!

    That Morris made it to the HOF despite borderline stats but having won World Series titles with Detroit, Minnesota and Toronto is a clear example of Great Lakes bias.
  12. November 28 - December 9 Combined Game Thread

    Helene St. James can always be counted to be a mouthpiece/lackey/enabler. Under the Freep headline: "Red Wings show good signs, growth, in ugly outcome to Blues" she wrote: Look past the score, and the Wings did much to like. They had jump at the start. They didn’t fold when the Blues scored. Frans Nielsen had a great chance denied in the second period. He scored in the third. So to sum up. They showed up in time for the game. They didn't quit in the middle of the 1st period. They had a scoring chance in the 2nd. Woohoo!
  13. November 28 - December 9 Combined Game Thread

    Wings have the 6th fewest points in the NHL. 2 points away from being a bottom 3 team. 7 of the 8 Eastern Conference teams currently in playoff spots are at least 8 points up on the Wings. Surely even Holland can see this season is toast, right?