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  1. It means I felt like swallowing a bottle of pills after reading that.
  2. Tyler Bozak stuck the dagger into the Sharks with the 4-1 goal with 6 minutes to go. What a difference 12 months makes. A year ago Bozak was a member of the Leafs. Now he is going to the Stanley Cup Final!
  3. I must admit, everytime I see that there has been a new post to this thread I shudder for a second, thinking that if I open the link I might read news that he has committed suicide.
  4. Yeo had them lined up for a top 3 pick. Which is exactly what a team like the Blues that had missed the playoffs the year before needs to get back to relevance. Berube came in and totally ruined the tank. Pretty messed up.
  5. I'm cheering for the Sharks but a joke ending to tonight's game. Horrible missed hand pass. Play should have been whistled down, instead it assists on San Jose's OT winner 2 seconds later. How do you possibly miss that?
  6. Something like what is floated in this column. I think 2 or 3 non-1st round picks, with the 3rd of those picks taking effect if Trouba signs with the Wings, or one of those picks getting better (still non-1st round) if Trouba signs with the Wings. When "prospect" is mentioned below, I think that would mean a middling prospect, not as high as a McIsaac or Linstrom. https://www.wingingitinmotown.com/2019/5/15/18563537/jacob-trouba-and-the-detroit-red-wings-it-could-happen When factoring in Trouba, every effort should be made to acquire him and it’s unlikely the Jets would facilitate a trade prior to July 1, unless it resulted in a major prospect from the Wings’ organization going the other way. What would that trade look like to be an enticing enough offer for the Jets’ front office to pull the trigger? Well, keep in mind that the Wings would simply be trading for Trouba’s rights to negotiate a new deal—which there is no guarantee he would sign in Detroit—but, it’s easy to point out that the Wings have a lot of draft capital over the next two seasons (18 total picks and a conditional pick). Entering this June’s draft, the Jets only have three picks combined (second, fourth and fifth rounds), and it’s important to note that the Wings have four picks in the first two rounds this year. I’m willing to bet that Yzerman would have to part ways with at least two of those picks and possibly a prospect to lure Cheveldayoff into making the deal. The Jets have their own contract disputes to settle this summer as Nathan Beaulieu (RFA), Ben Chiarot (UFA), Bogdan Kiselevich (UFA), Joe Morrow (RFA) and Tyler Myers (UFA) will all enter negotiations. Considering that list, I can’t imagine the Jets keep all of them — including Trouba — and it’s plausible that the Wings could use some combination of their early round draft picks this year plus one or more of their young prospects to entice the Jets into making a deal.
  7. I time traveled back to 1968 to attend a game once. I was so embarrassed because I went dressed in cargo shorts and a T-shirt and the other guys in my row were in ties and hats.
  8. Yzerman takes over a bottom 5 team whose young talent & prospect pool is encouraging but not overflowing. Let's say he's the GM for the next 10 years. Two conference finals appearances in that time would be doing well. One appearance is fair to expect. More than that - e.g, 3 conference finals appearances, 2 SCF appearances, 1 Stanley Cup - would exceed what any of 31 fanbases should reasonably expect.
  9. Canes are now down 2-0 in the series to the Bruins. Mrazek gave up 4 goals in Game 1 and then 6 goals on 25 shots yesterday. A return of Mrazek's inconsistency? Perhaps, but more likely his groin injury of a couple of weeks ago has been a big factor.
  10. I'd be thrilled with Byram, very pleased with Podzolkin and fine with any of the handful of others expected to be in contention around 6. If Byram is available at 5, I'd have a chat with the Kings.
  11. Yep, I've taken a couple of steps back from writing him off, compared to what I would have said on Opening Day.
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