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  1. lordstanley

    Do you attend sporting events more or less these days?

    I have a smart phone but if I turn it on while in the U.S. I get hit with a $7 roaming charge automatically. Yeah, chances are I'm going to have the phone on anyways for other things if I spend, say, 5 hours driving to/from the game and attending it, but I like having a print out.
  2. lordstanley

    Red Wings Preseason

    Veleno has been assigned to Drummondville. He seemed to impress at camp. Not sure what more he can do in the Quebec league but I guess not much of a choice.
  3. You're wrong, that late hit penalty last week fired up the Lions and changed the entire course of the franchise. 14 quick points against the Niners and a dominant win last night. Stafford's wife was right.
  4. lordstanley

    Mike Emrick

    Mike Emrick could maybe suit basketball, but would be terrible for baseball. Ken Daniels on the other hand ...
  5. With the Lions beating the Pats after getting blown out by the Jets who lost to Cleveland a few days ago, you need to think of the Browns as one of the NFL's top teams.
  6. Patricia looks 500 pounds lighter and 10 years younger with this win.
  7. lordstanley

    2018 Michigan Football

    You really have to feel for OSU fans, they've been through so much the past few weeks. Fortunately they're "Urban Strong".
  8. lordstanley

    2018 Michigan Football

    Rumor on Twitter is that if Michigan hits 70 today then national coaches will huddle and switch their '97 vote from Nebraska to Michigan.
  9. lordstanley

    9/21 @7:10 Kansas City Royals vs Detroit Tigers

    Aducci is not a saviour. Tigers lose 5-4, stranding the potential tying and winning runs on base in the 9th.
  10. lordstanley

    MTS Baseball Forum Hall of Fame

    Whew. Put up my hand one year at Mass on Holy Thursday and it then took me 4 years to break the expectation that I'd again be an "apostle" getting his feet washed.
  11. lordstanley

    9/21 @7:10 Kansas City Royals vs Detroit Tigers

    The only suspense left for with the 2018 Tigers is whether the Linkshe models whose ads run down the right side of my screen in the Tigers forum get more daring and adventurous as the season winds down.
  12. lordstanley

    MTS Baseball Forum Hall of Fame

    Maybe I just told myself that. Better than dealing with the fact it went by personality.
  13. lordstanley

    9/20 @7:10 Kansas City Royals vs Detroit Tigers

    Did Royals fans ever figure out what to do with their hands?
  14. lordstanley

    Red Wings Preseason

    Phenom Called Zadina
  15. lordstanley

    Red Wings Preseason

    If the LCA video crew don't put this vid on the Jumbotron everytime Rasmussen scores so we can chant Rah-Rah-Rasmussen it will be a missed opportunity. Don't tell me the 45 seconds mark onwards wouldn't have the joint jumping.