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  1. Good job, a lot of players whose names were on the tip of my tongue but who I wouldn't have gotten without your work and without looking up the roster. Based on the roster below and a Google image search of baseball cards, I'm guessing that the Angels player beside Carlton Fisk is Dave Chalk, that you're right about George Hendrick and John Mayberry, that the Texas player beside Luis Tiant in the back row is Jim Sundberg, and that you're right about Wilbur Wood and Mike Cuellar (I never realized until now that Cuellar was Cuban). Pretty sure the Royals player beside Gaylord Perry is Steve Busby and the other guy in a KC uniform could be a coach. http://www.espn.com/mlb/allstargame/history/results/_/year/1974
  2. Bob Dylan with two touted “new Dylans” in 1975 - Springsteen and John Prine. The woman is just Springsteen’s then-girlfriend.
  3. Chris McCosky @cmccosky Avila also confirmed that the cause of Al Kaline's death was not COVID-19 related. His health had been failing for several months. Also, Avila said there have been no positive tests for the virus in the Tigers' organization. 1:03 PM · Apr 8, 2020·TweetDeck
  4. Probably 1968 was right when it was changing, complete by early 70s. Looks quite a bit different by 1972, once you get past the fans behind the plate.
  5. It would be hard, but if they were prepared to go deep the bubbly would soon be flowing.
  6. That's where I was going with Florida Panthers. But yeah, Phoenix even more applicable.
  7. Maybe the NHL could resume the season with all the games played at the Florida Panthers' arena without fans.
  8. I think the most important consideration is how MLB will be able to milk the crisis to tug on heartstrings and portray themselves as responsible, patriotic corporate citizens. I expect that at the beginning of each game in Arizona, there will be a P.A. announcement reminding TV viewers how MLB has been intricately linked with health care for over 100 years, that MLB will be making a generous donation of $500 to one hospital for each home run hit during the game, and then a masked nurse or doctor will come out to sing a muffled version of the national version. During the 7th inning stretch, one kid who had been invited to the game as a special guest will be led onto the field on the premise that he is going to be given prizes such as toilet paper and sanitizing lotion. But nope, that's not the big reveal! In fact, looking over his shoulder he will see a glass-enclosed golf cart exit the bullpen carrying his 80 year grandmother he hasn't seen in 2 months due to the corona lockdown. Surprise! Weeping, he'll run to the cart, press his palm up against the glass, and his grandma will blow him a kiss.
  9. I loved the ceremony that closed Tiger Stadium that day, including Ernie's speech at the end as the lights went out. The one flaw in the broadcast though was that for the first several players who came on the field, their names weren't put on the TV screen, and the banter didn't always identify who they were.
  10. I didn't think it was a waste at all. I thought it was a great episode. The season has hit its stride the past couple of weeks.
  11. This aired the evening of the final game at Tiger Stadium in 1999. The final few minutes evoke a lot of memories. Here comes Kaline at the 40:30 mark.
  12. I read a piece today where Kaline said his biggest career regret was pulling himself out of his final game after 3 innings.
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