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  1. The Wings are going to lose tonight but Svech has another goal. 5-2 Hawks.
  2. When was the last time the Red Wings had 41 shots on goal with still 13 minutes left in regulation? Trail 3-1 though in Chicago.
  3. Standings show the Wings out of last place in the Central, with 17 points to Dallas’ 16. The Stars do have a whopping 7 games in hand though, lol. Similarly, the Wings are 26th overall out of 31 in points but still have the second worst points percentage.
  4. Back to back wins! Always nice to beat the Hawks. 5-3 final.
  5. Weird who is scoring these goals for the Wings the past 2 games. Nielsen and Helm tonight, for example. 5-2 Wings. Nielsen's 1st goal in 363 days.
  6. Svechnikov!. Wasn't sure he'd ever score again for the Wings.
  7. This was the 3rd goal. An ultra rare power play conversion
  8. The Wings are following up their 5 goal game the other night with 3 goals through 2 periods in Chicago. For the Wings that counts as an offensive explosion.
  9. I'd say at this point the four worst records in the NHL are those of Ottawa, Detroit, Anaheim and Vancouver.
  10. Hattie for Gagner into the empty net. 5 goals - by Erne (3), Glendenning and Erne. Who would have thunk it?
  11. Will the Wings gagner ce match thanks to Gagner. Two goals from him and the Wings lead Nashville 3-2 with a few minutes left in regulation.
  12. Wings played tonight. Listless. Didn't score. PP putrid. Lost in regulation. The end.
  13. I’ve been done with NHL outdoor games since years ago but the Tahoe setting for Flyers-Bruins is pretty spectacular. Too bad the sunshine pushed the start time back and knocked it off the main NBC network.
  14. Wings win! Brome's 1st NHL career goal is the game winner.
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