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  1. Anything short of a Dodgers-Astros World Series would seem unjust.
  2. Feeble at-bat by McCann to end the game as the tying run at the plate.
  3. God misheard. He thought you asked for 1 or 2 runs.
  4. Forget what the players' jerseys say this weekend. His real nickname is Paranoid Android Boyd because he's constantly stealing peeks at his Samsung Galaxy to check whether Avila is sending him down to Toledo.
  5. Bryan Murray died this weekend. http://www.freep.com/story/sports/nhl/red-wings/2017/08/12/red-wings-mourn-p/562270001/ For years he was considered a punchline. Should he get a bit more credit for kicking off the Wings' era of success?
  6. If you had asked people to predict what would be the weirdest story of the Red Wings summer, no one would have come up with this. http://ftw.usatoday.com/2017/08/charlottesville-white-supremacy-marchers-detroit-red-wings-logo
  7. The Twins are alone in the 2nd wildcard position. That's mind-blowing.
  8. I learned that Petzold's Minuet in G written in the early 1700s and the Toys' Top 10 hit from 1965, Lovers' Concerto, are the same.
  9. So I snuck in under 180, at 179, for my 50th birthday the end of June . That put me down 22 lbs in 3 months. Although that put an end to my real weight loss effort, I did drop a couple more subsequently and now am at 177. But with two places (see below) recently having measured my height at 5'11 1/2, I really can't claim to be 6 ft anymore! In fact, one said if I wanted to round off to the nearest inch, I might be a bit under 5'11 1/2 rather than a bit above 5/11 1/2. Silly for me to a bit bummed about that, but there's nothing I can do about it, lol. More interesting I think are a couple of lab tests I did the past couple of weeks to establish some baseline fitness measures that I can track over time. First, I got my VO2 Max (which measures oxygen intake) and my lactate threshold tested in a lab. Treadmill, snorkel, nose clip, pin ***** of blood taken every 3 minutes, heart rate strap on chest. I may have run more on a treadmill that day (31 minutes) than I have in the rest of my life to date combined. Starts at a comfortable pace and then increases the speed in intervals every 3 minutes. I was literally drooling by the end of it thanks to the snorkel. Most big cities or university towns have such a place where this can be done. Had never done it before, but turning 50 I was curious. Given the results, I did pick up some tips on how to train smarter to improve performance - I will start using a heart rate monitor. My V02 Max was 46, so the 82nd percentile for 50 year old men, which is pretty good but I thought I'd be a bit higher. Not because I'm much of athlete, I'm not, but because I thought the volume of long-distance running I do would push me higher. http://www.peakcentrevancouver.ca/vo2-max-blood-lactate-and-energy-usage-analysis/ Second, I got a DEXA scan to most accurately measure body fat (calipers or other methods by a trainer at the gym tend to understate body fat by 3-5 percentage points). You lie down on a table for 6 minutes while you get scanned, not unlike an X-ray. Also measured other stuff like bone density, the muscularity of my left leg relative to my right, the muscularity of my legs relative to my arms, even the size of my head. My body fat came in at 22%, which is healthy and around the 72nd percentile for 50 year old men. That surprised me a bit, I thought I'd be under 20% and leaner than 80% of 50 year old men. Thank God I didn't get tested back in early April when I was over 200 lbs - playing around with figures, the consultant estimated I may have been over 30% body fat then! But once I saw and understood the results it does make sense. For my height and weight, I have a bit less muscle (by 0.5 of a standard deviation) and a bit more fat than usual. Not unusual for people whose primary exercise is running. So my goal going forward is not necessarily to lose more weight from 177, but to change that composition of 177 lbs more into muscle. Got some nutritional advice on that. Also had a good chat with the tester how BMI - which simply measures weight:height ratio with no consideration of muscle/fat composition) - can be highly misleading and is pretty much a worthless stat. http://www.bodycomp.ca/sample_scans.html
  10. DETROIT — The Detroit Tigers have acquired infielder-outfielder Phil Nevin, the No. 1 draft pick in the 1992 free agent draft from Cal State Fullerton, from Houston to complete the trade last week that sent reliever Mike Henneman to the Astros. Nevin, 24, has been suffering from a muscle pull in his side. He will be examined at Detroit's Henry Ford Hospital before working out today at Tiger Stadium. He has been assigned to the Tigers' top farm club at Toledo. "Phil's bat is exciting," Tiger General Manager Joe Klein said. "We expect he will be a major part of a brighter Tiger future for a good number of years. We're excited about his acquisition." Nevin was the No. 1 selection in June, 1992, taken by Houston after leading Cal State Fullerton to a runner-up finish in the College World Series. A former all-county selection by The Times Orange County at El Dorado High School, Nevin won the Golden Spikes Award as the top collegiate player of 1992. In 62 games for Houston's triple-A farm club at Tucson, Ariz., this year, Nevin batted .291 with seven homers and 41 RBIs. In 18 games with the Astros, he batted .117 with no homers and one RBI. http://articles.latimes.com/1995-08-16/sports/sp-35612_1_detroit-tigers
  11. The Thursday afternoon start time is not a tradition unless the Red Sox get to complain annually about being screwed by it.
  12. I'd prefer we submit usernames of 25 MTSers to the Tigers organization and have the players wear those this weekend.
  13. One of my early hockey memories is being outside The Olympia after a game in 1976 when the Montreal Canadiens were waiting for the team bus. Bearded French-Canadian players in long black leather jackets smoking cigarettes. Seemed to me at the time the epitome of coolness and glamour.
  14. Cobb on What's My Line in the '50s. Starts at the 8:00 mark.