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  1. Ocasek and Paulina Porizkova were the perfect example of beauty & the beast couples.
  2. And now Ric Ocasek gone https://www.detroitnews.com/story/obituaries/2019/09/15/police-rock-star-ric-ocasek-found-dead-nyc-apartment/40155171/
  3. Brutal roughing the passer call keeps the Bears in it.
  4. Broncos just went for 2 with 31 seconds to go, at home, and now lead the Bears by 1. But why was the ball placed at the 1?! Or are my eyes playing tricks.
  5. Loved that last play call by Stafford. Was afraid they'd run it right up the middle into nothing.
  6. If I learned anything from last week, it's that the Chargers should have taken a knee. Nothing good happens when you try to throw from deep in your own end with only seconds left.
  7. Date of 44th win: 1968 Tigers - June 23 1975 Tigers - July 25 1984 Tigers - June 11 2003 Tigers - N/A Not Achieved 2006 Tigers- June 16 2012 Tigers - July 8 2018 Tigers - July 25 2019 Tigers - September 14
  8. Setting aside NTCs and NMCs for the purposes of this question and assuming the players would waive them, who do the Wings have this year as pending UFAs for potential trade-deadline sales? Just Green, Daley, Howard and Ericsson, correct? https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/redwings
  9. Great question. Maybe 25-33%? I'm kinduv hoping Veleno doesn't, because in order to do so that would likely mean that Zadina would need to disappoint. But no way would Veleno go #30 in a redraft today, maybe #11-#15?
  10. I remember when Lana Del Rey changed her name from Lizzy Grant in 2012 and I listened to a few of her songs then. But didn't seem to me like she would have staying power. And I ignored her the next several years, even as she carved out a nice career for herself and gained popularity in England and elsewhere, can't recall listening to even one of her songs during that period. But I'm not ignoring her new album. Some really good songwriting.
  11. England beat Kosovo 5-3 in Euro 2020 qualifiers today. That's the soccer equivalent of a 13-8 score.
  12. Let me guess, Verlander has given up 11 home runs but has struck out 16.
  13. Arthur J. Regner @ArthurJRegner After today's practice/morning skate, Mo Seider told me he was leaning towards staying in North America to play, either in #Detroit or Grand Rapids. Final call is the #RedWings he indicated. #NHLProspectsTournament 10:17 AM · Sep 9, 2019·Twitter Web App
  14. In the 8 seasons before this one, Dombrowski's teams won 7 division titles and played in 2 World Series, winning one of them.
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