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  1. Bettman now acknowledging that the upcoming season is unlikely to start on December 1, more like later December or even January. Yet insists that they want to play an 82- game season. Not sure why you need an 82-game season if you can't have fans. The NHL is a gate-driven league. You can't have a regular season that goes into June and then summer playoffs again (and then training camps and the start of the next season pushed back, and on and on). I'm hearing some talk in Canadian media that it may make financial sense to take a season off.
  2. The draft is October 6, right? I thought I saw that confirmed somewhere
  3. But I think allowing one's children to watch the Lions warrants a visit from CPS more than letting the kid sip Mike's Hard Lemonade would.
  4. Today was a setback, but gosh darn it, “giving up “ and “throwing in the towel” are not phrases in the vocabulary of the 2020 Tigers. I know of no law that says a 29-win team cannot qualify for the playoffs.
  5. If the Tigers win today and the Jays lose, the Tigers will be 2.5 games back of a playoff spot entering the final week of the season. Just like in 1987.
  6. Strangest thing about the 6-team NHL was not only that they’d play 68 games to eliminate just 2 teams, but that that playoff matchups would usually be #1 vs #3 and #2 vs #4. Incidentally: in magazines from the ‘40s and ‘50s you’ll often see the team atop the standings after the regular season referred to as “the NHL champion”
  7. If the Tigers win today and the Jays lose, the Tigers will be 3.5 games out of a playoff spot going in to the next to last Sunday of the season. Just like 1987.
  8. I wasn’t sure whether two foul ball strikes mar an “immaculate” inning but I guess not, they are calling it that.
  9. 8-0 Cleveland. Tigers’ playoff hopes hanging by a thread.
  10. tl;dr to choose a league’s representative for the World Series, switch the post-season to a round robin instead of multiple rounds of head to head series.
  11. Here is another idea. 154 game season ends around September 24 Top 8 teams make playoffs in each league; no divisions 21-day playoff round robin mini-season from Sept 28-October 19 Play 7 other teams in your league 3x each, so a series vs each, just 2 off days Work it out so that higher ranked regular season teams get more home games in the round robin (e.g., #1 plays 15 of 21 at home, #2-4 play 12 of 21 at home, #5-7 plays 9 of 21 at home, #8 plays 6 of 21 at home) Roundrobin winner from each league competes in World Series last week of October So, many teams make the playoffs but the roundrobin more closely simulates the regular season. Values full pitching rotation, bench strength, and travel over luck and a hot streak.
  12. Next we're going to discover that Al Hrabovsky was neither mad nor Hungarian.
  13. 154 game regular season Two 15- team leagues, as now, but no divisions. Play the other 14 teams in your league 11 times each . No inter-league play in regular season Regular season has dual purpose: a) to crown the winner of the league pennants: and b) determine the playoff field for the post-season tournament that culminates in the World Series Best regular season record in each league wins the American League and the National League pennants. Make (keep) winning the pennant a big deal. So at the top of the standings, you have brought back exciting September pennant races to win a meaningful trophy 8 teams per league make the playoffs. So lower down in the standings you have September battles to get into the playoffs. The 16 teams making the playoffs are then seeded by record, #1-#16, regardless of league. Playoff rounds until you are left with two teams, not necessarily from the same league, to play for the World Series. Fans can decide for themselves which trophy - the pennant or the World Series - they care about more. To compare with, say, English football, it would be like the difference between winning the Premier League or winning the FA Cup. Winning both in the same year is even better. Most fans in England would prefer winning the league but the FA Cup still means something. Conversely, the President’s Trophy of the NHL is given little weight (I wish its prestige was enhanced) and pales in significance compared to the Stanley Cup.
  14. Win the next 5 games and the Tigers control their playoff destiny. Which means they already do.
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