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  1. This made me, for the first time ever I think, actually look up Koncak's stats. I guess it worked out for the best.
  2. The soap opera might even be set in a town called 'Logan Shore.' EDIT: He might also be a mortgage broker.
  3. At one point I heard winning percentage but this has been a moving target
  4. The one that I have it on good (anonymous) authority is a fake!
  5. All the guys named Randy, or all the guys who are randy?
  6. There is no moon, it's just a projection that the elite put up in the sky to distract us. Wake up!
  7. These are all really cool, thanks for sharing
  8. Godley threw 4 shutout innings for the Red Sox yesterday
  9. I guess he gets one eye on them first?
  10. by having only 5 rounds, the tigers weren't spread so thin, so they had more focus and drafted better. just kidding. i think
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