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  1. I loved Mickey Tettleton, still think he is underappreciated
  2. The young guys can watch -- here's my favorite meaningless player phrase -- "how he goes about his business"
  3. Pelicans was both a throwback and a minor-league name; it was the name of New Orleans' minor league baseball team in the early part of the 20th century
  4. I also like Blues, and Blue Sox or Spiders. But because it's Cleveland, they'll go with the lamest possibility like Rockers. They could even eff up Blues, though, by saying that Blues was the basis for rock and then having the team come out with music notes on their caps or jerseys or something.
  5. When you roll out the barrels and know where they're rolling to. Prost!
  6. The Deuce told Lewicki and them guys to make him a bat, and it better be right
  7. Pronounced differently, not sure it counts. Also, any relation to Milt?
  8. The White Sox also cut loose Don Cooper. he would represent an upgrade for the Tigers
  9. I haven't followed this, but it sounds like the lower courts approved the minor leaguers as a class, MLB appealed asking the supreme court to get involved, and the supreme court said no. so the case goes back to the trial court as a class action, where it will continue. And dog years is a very charitable description. The wheels of justice grind slowly. Especially in the age of covid
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