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  1. Probably back before the rule change, which I think went into effect in 2007
  2. I still find Cot's useful, it has info on luxury tax thresholds and stuff that isn't easily available on BR
  3. I still have it. I just keep it in the shower drain now
  4. Like, through what means, or to what effect?
  5. I've seen that too, and it's not unreasonable. But guess who led the push that created salary arbitration. I guess I disagree that any ol' exec could've accomplished what Miller did. The players union certainly hasn't been as strong in the past few years. Even if that were true, I still think he belongs -- it was Miller that lead the union, and not some other exec.
  6. I would say that other than Lou (for whom I have bias) Marvin Miller is the next-most-should-be-in-already candidate. Free agency as we know it probably wouldn't exist without him
  7. it's Friday, I've got a ton to do, but I'm procrastinating. I bought the '68 pic when I was looking for an '84 pic, before the days of ebay, etcetera. Finally found the '84 pic, toward the left. I received the signed pic of late-career Tram at Lakeland as a gift, purchased at a charity auction. Some UDM basketball stuff, too.
  8. Interesting that she's Australian. I mean, I presume that -- her education was there.
  9. [jokes] Seriously, good luck. We could all use a little more mental health.
  10. he's the non-torkelson first rounder, pitcher at U-Georgia
  11. Paul Stanley in pre-Star Child makeup
  12. For people looking for offseason reading, I can recommend Tom Stanton's 'Terror in the City of Champions.' It's about Detroit in the 1930s, and the coalescence of the sports championships and some criminal societies that were brewing up in and around Detroit. The 1930s Tigers are the major focus; there is some material about the Wings, Lions, and Joe Louis, too. If anybody has read 'Devil in the White City,' this has a similar feel. EDIT: I meant to write that I really enjoyed Tigers of '68, the chapters on Norm Cash and Earl Wilson stand out to me
  13. astronaut that explores juggies instead of space?
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