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  1. by having only 5 rounds, the tigers weren't spread so thin, so they had more focus and drafted better. just kidding. i think
  2. The MLBPA vote was moved to 5:00 as I understand it. So it may be going on now
  3. I have to believe Cabrera is where they try to get under-slot to make up for the over-slots
  4. Dirk Diggler signs, details unexposed
  5. I would be interested in that too. I offered the non-Maggs division because its like blase I guess to have been at the Maggs game
  6. I'll offer two: first, Magglio's homer in game 4 of the 2006 ALCS, which is an easy one; second, Alex Sanchez scoring on a wild pitch in the bottom of the ninth in the next-to-last game of the 2003 season, ensuring that the Tigers would not exceed the Mets' 120 game loss record. EDIT: The Tigers had been losing that 2003 game on a cold Saturday night 8-0 before coming back late and winning on that wild pitch.
  7. Ilitch and Co. should start selling something called a "Skubal Snack" when Skubal hits the bigs, presuming there is such a thing in the future
  8. What has happened to virtual Miguel?
  9. The best thing about Alfredo Simon was the completely chrome Mercedes he had that could be spotted around town (because how can you miss a completely chrome mercedes?)
  10. You guys are taking me back. I was an undergrad, drank a fair share of Boone's Farm, and loved Mickey Tettleton. What an underrated player
  11. Yeah, I was really into the idea until I saw how the site handled all that. Now I'm following yours instead!
  12. In the baseball-reference.com simulation, they have Miguel batting 7th. And I always go with RBI, for the grammatical reason
  13. No, what is it? There is a lot of content about Cochrane in 'Terror in the CIty of Champions'
  14. Does Jesus Rodriguez stand any chance of being the closer for the Whitecaps? Because Jesus saves
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