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  1. It's on TV. If you have cable, you can get it on a smartphone via the Fox sports go app
  2. boy do i get tired of baseball players 'going about their business'
  3. I similarly thought he was putting up better numbers than he has. Still an upgrade. I'll always think of him as the guy who broke up Verlander's would-have-been third no-hitter
  4. Do you know if Harper or Machando were taken into account in the wins projections? If Harper re-signed with DC, for example, that would presumably give them a boost, probably past 89 wins and the Mets EDIT: I found them myself, they don't have those guys, at least not on any of the rumored teams/teams I looked at
  5. I filed this under "Bonderman's change up"
  6. I'm sure that they pay a handsome salary to Deuce for, you know, "protection."
  7. Finley, kind of as a response to Miller pushing for FA back in the 70s
  8. I recall learning that once, and that he was sort of a celebrity in addition to being a baseball player (and golfer). I think I can see the loafers now that people have pointed them out.
  9. Is Hawk depicted in his sock-feet here or am I just not recognizing the style of the times?
  10. Sounds like the Braves are willing to move Dansby Swanson. Everyone's thoughts on Swanson for Castellanos? Not enough? Swanson was a 2.3 brWAR player in 2018; defense was important to that. Nick was 2.9. Defense, not so much.
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