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  1. every time. every day of the week and twice on sunday. for 100%. I could go on . . .
  2. Oh, I know the faces but not the names. The not-Loni Anderson character was just better looking. But give me Ginger all day long . . .
  3. Who the **** are Bailey and Jennifer?
  4. Pretty sure that's the guy who used to be with the A's and Dodgers and currently is the Giants GM. I won't even try to spell his name. On that other guess, Rick Hahn has an MBA from Northwestern, too. But Ausmus is smarter and handsomer.
  5. I am willing to be convinced that I am mistaken, but as I see it, the "skill" involved in catcher framing is the ability to fool an umpire. So unless there are certain pitches or locations that all umpires can be fooled about, it seems like it would be difficult for this to translate not only from minors to majors, but across the same leagues, regardless of level. Really the skill is manipulating a person. Bring on trackman or whatever.
  6. at bat crapped out on me just as the tension is building
  7. definitely Miguel in the top line. Is that Warren Cromartie's last MLB season on bottom?
  8. Recall that the Tigers tried to sign Hrbek after the 1989 (I think) season. When he wasn't interested, they turned to Cecil Fielder
  9. Everett was (is) nuts. He once declared fossils to be fake, because nobody ever saw dinosaurs. He later was arrested for holding a gun to his wife's head. Carl Crawford just sort of flamed out after he left Tampa. I think my favorite Ray is the Real Ace Edwin Jackson
  10. Are you sure you aren't thinking of former Red Sox and Astros but never Ray nor Devil ray Carl Everett? I never knew Carl Crawford (a good player for a while) to be a weirdo, esp about dinosaurs.
  11. I remember thinking that they had seamlessly found somebody to take over for Lou, so at least your'e not alone
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