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  1. The Deuce told Lewicki and them guys to make him a bat, and it better be right
  2. Pronounced differently, not sure it counts. Also, any relation to Milt?
  3. The White Sox also cut loose Don Cooper. he would represent an upgrade for the Tigers
  4. I haven't followed this, but it sounds like the lower courts approved the minor leaguers as a class, MLB appealed asking the supreme court to get involved, and the supreme court said no. so the case goes back to the trial court as a class action, where it will continue. And dog years is a very charitable description. The wheels of justice grind slowly. Especially in the age of covid
  5. Yes. I know its unpopular, but I don't hate the Yankees. I really like NYC and that may influence me
  6. yes. and i picked the Reds on the strength of bauer going in game 1. d'oh!
  7. I just want to take this opportunity to say that I hate the Indians
  8. or that SAI comes before SAN EDIT: oops, same thing as above
  9. With an all-florida series, that fever might be covid . . .
  10. I thought my error was Brewers-Dodgers. I know the Dodgers have had a lot of names over the (many) years but I don't think any of them started with A or B
  11. alphabetical team name? EDIT: no, i see my error
  12. Somebody had to do it. I figured it might as well be me. If this is a duplicate or otherwise prohibited, mods please delete. Otherwise, here we go. Here are the NL Wild Card Series matchups: (1) Los Angeles Dodgers (43-17) vs. (8) Milwaukee Brewers (29-31) (2) Atlanta Braves (35-25) vs. (7) Cincinnati Reds (30-29) (3) Chicago Cubs (34-26) vs. (6) Miami Marlins (31-29) (4) San Diego Padres (37-23) vs. (5) St. Louis Cardinals (30-28) And here are the AL Wild Card Series matchups: (1) Tampa Bay Rays (40-20) vs. (8) Toronto Blue Jays (32-28) (2) Oakland Athletics (36-24) vs. (7) Chicago White Sox (35-25) (3) Minnesota Twins (36-24) vs. (6) Houston Astros (29-31) (4) Cleveland Indians (35-25) vs. (5) New York Yankees (33-27) WILD CARD PICKS: Dodgers over Brewers Reds over Braves Cubs over Marlins Padres over Cards Rays over Jays Sox over A's Twins over Astros Yankees over Cleveland DIVISONAL PICKS: Dodgers over Padres (I think that is how it works) Cubs over Reds NL Champ: Dodgers (over Cubs) Rays over Yankees Twins over Sox AL Champ: Rays Word Series: Dodgers over Rays Mookie Betts, WS MVP
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