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  1. No, what is it? There is a lot of content about Cochrane in 'Terror in the CIty of Champions'
  2. Does Jesus Rodriguez stand any chance of being the closer for the Whitecaps? Because Jesus saves
  3. The emergence of Elden Auker and the addition of Goose Goslin from Washington for the 1934 season were factors, too. I don't want to downplay Cochrane but I think it is an overstatement that he was the primary reason.
  4. If there are strippers serving pizza, I'm going. I'll wash it down with a Corona. Damn the torpedoes!
  5. I recall reading or hearing something about Dunn having some off-field issues (like his wife being sick) that first year. I followed his performance that year because like RandyMarsh, I also wanted Dunn over Victor before that season.
  6. I used to remember my license plate number based on a phrase I fitted to it about Brendan Boesch striking out
  7. That, misspelling Raburn, some others. Paredes being a lard *** is getting there (I hope)
  8. I'm seeing reports that the Tigers are close to bringing back Cameron Maybin. Cue "did he sign" posts.
  9. If they get there. There'll be some kind of summary judgment motion out of the gate. I would expect causation to be a big problem (but far from the only one) for the plaintiff
  10. One thing about these hats that occurs to me is that the rationale that the Tigers offered for changing the jersey olde english D to match the hat olde english D was that MLB wanted logos to match. Putting aside that this didn't seem to be universal (as the yankees interlocking NY on their hats and jerseys remain subtly different) we are now getting a hat with a tigers logo that hasn't been used for I don't know how many years. Maybe its supposed to be okay because it is secondary and on the side, but it reminds me of the jersey change that still burns my ***
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