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  1. The Official 2017-2018 Detroit Tigers Off-season Thread

    Baseball name? That's Rhine Reighbourne
  2. Baseball Playoff Predictions

    Game 2
  3. Baseball Playoff Predictions

    Now just for the Indians to lose . . .
  4. If not Ausmus then who?

    As a player -- so very briefly -- he was known as "Bam bam" Muelens Edit/PS: What happened with Manny Acta? I understood him to be a more sabermetric-inclined manager. Plus he checks some of the other boxes that seem to apply.
  5. Baseball Playoff Predictions

    I'm pulling for that Verlander-Scherzer duel in game 1 of the World Series. I think Arizona wins tonight.
  6. 2018 Draft Pick Watch

    Good work on being a Vegas oddsmaker!!
  7. 2018 Draft Pick Watch

  8. 2018 Draft Pick Watch

    If you have the At Bat app, all games are free to watch this weekend. I am watching SF-SD game; Giants up 1-0 as of the time of this post.
  9. 2018 Draft Pick Watch

    Back on Sept. 4, you and I had an exchange about the Tigers wins in September, saying it would be a fun prop bet. You suggested the over-under would be 6.5. I was taking the under. So far, looking good!
  10. If not Ausmus then who?

    Whatever happened to Matt Walbeck? For a long time I thought he was the next Tigers manager.
  11. 2018 Draft Pick Watch

    Losers all the same.
  12. Tyler Collins gives the finger to the 2017 season. And that Yankees sweep was in May 2000, partly behind the great Dave Mlicki
  13. I'm surprised to see Romine in the OF again too. Did I miss something going on with Presley again?