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  1. If we stick with it a little while longer, it will become funny again
  2. I could feel the earth shake with each of his steps!
  3. So your dream self was going to have a few pops and then go workout? Also, did Dave say "quality"?
  4. I don't know if he ever came right out and said it but he definitely implied this. On a 180 from the topic of this thread, I recently read 'Terror in the City of Champions,' about the mid-1930s in Detroit. The Tigers, Wings, Lions, and Joe Louis were all winning championships then, and the book alternates chapters between discussing sports stuff (mostly Tigers, and heavily Mickey Cochrane) and some crime/terror organizations that were brewing in the City at the time. It's a pretty good baseball fix for the winter, with a little other stuff thrown in too. The guy who wrote it is (was?) a history professor at Detroit Mercy.
  5. Bummer but I can't say I ever thought the Tigers would actually sign him. At this point I hope that they'll just pony up for Cole Kalhoun (or is it Kole Calhoun)
  6. it sure is, but i guess the deferrals reduce the amount
  7. Did he say whether they should move the fences in?
  8. If he was a 2-win player, that's like $3.1M per win. That's pretty reasonable according to some of the stuff that Fangraphs has published about the going rates for WAR.
  9. Probably back before the rule change, which I think went into effect in 2007
  10. I still find Cot's useful, it has info on luxury tax thresholds and stuff that isn't easily available on BR
  11. I still have it. I just keep it in the shower drain now
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