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  1. The A's just traded for Bailey. Maybe the Tigers can overcome TBD and not get swept EDIT: Reportedly
  2. When everything was going wrong in 2008, it was because the Tigers could not get Cruceta into the US. Then he got into the US and everything was better and the Tigers won the World Series.
  3. Notwithstanding this, MLB.TV is giving me the blackout restriction
  4. 699? That's higher than a lot of the Tigers' OPS. Sign me up!
  5. Straight people use butt plugs too. I mean, that's what I saw online. Words, I saw the words. Not pictures. Words about straight people using butt plugs.
  6. Don't throw bobby out with the bathwater!
  7. Phil Humber. Weaver was outside the top 10 but I don't remember where. Definitely 1st round tho
  8. Gotta be Verlander and Bailey. I wonder if Niemann is close.
  9. That's how they are going to throw cold water all over him
  10. espn had a piece up on 2020 draft prospects
  11. And NC is getting rocked by Auburn right now
  12. Congratulations to your son and your family!
  13. If nobody is going to hit anyway, why even go there. Rest is the new market inefficiency.
  14. If someone'***** tool is ****, I think that's not permitted either. Only ******* great hitters are permitted.
  15. Tim Jones' hair looks like curtains hanging from his cap
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