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  1. Anyone else on MLB.TV have the radio audio go to a long string of commercials during this inning?
  2. Just in thinking about the physics, it seems like a feet-first slide like you advocate gives you less control of direction or stability. That means if it's close you have limited ability to twist yourself to avoid a tag. Now, a diving head-first slide would give you the faster arrival and the agility to slip a tag. More players should do that.
  3. The aim was to get 9-inning games in the neighborhood of 3 hours. This game was 4 hours long at 9 innings.
  4. Thank God MLB instituted the new pace-of-play rules, or else this game would be threatening to surpass 5 hours in length.
  5. This is the game that never ends... It goes on and on my friends. The teams just started playing it not knowing who would win, It will go a hundred innings all because the umps decree...
  6. Also, I believe they said Pittsburgh has used up all their mound visits. Do they get more with the game in extras?
  7. The solution to Martinez and McCann is to clear the bases before they come to the plate.
  8. Oh, don't kid yourself. It was a terrible, terrible, no-good attempt at a joke that maybe 3% of readers will understand.
  9. So is Zimmerman settling into the Detroit starting pitcher role of pitching really well except for one inning that costs them the game?
  10. In fairness, the shift is the most important thing about this election, no matter the outcome. Pennsylvania has newly drawn districts to vote for in November (thanks to the state court decision on gerrymandering), so this district only exists for another 10 months. Even if both Lamb and Saccone run again for the regular election, they might not be running against each other.
  11. http://www.post-gazette.com/news/politics-nation/2018/03/13/Confused-voters-18th-District-special-election-conor-lamb-rick-saccone/stories/201803130121 Some people in counties and districts not even close to being involved tonight tried to vote. Lots of people who didn't realize this was a special election for a single district.
  12. I don't really know how the mechanics of succession work. So the question I have in relation to Ryan would be: Since he's Speaker, if Trump and Pence went down without either of them getting the VP position filled, Ryan would of course be next in line. But would he be able to decline? Would he automatically become the president, or would he first have to actively resign his house seat to formally accept? The question arises from these issues relating to succession.
  13. There are lots of things to think about in such a scenario. First, if Democrats take the house, then I do think that impeachment is likely. However, it's not certain, and less so right away. President Trump is a huge albatross for Republicans, and as you say, many would jump at the chance to get rid of him. It might well be better to draw out impeachment until closer to the 2020 election, so as to force Republicans to choose between running Trump for reelection, or risk splitting the party by primarying him out. If you remove Trump in 2019, you give Pence a chance to unite the party and make it harder for Democrats to retake the White House. It might be better to leave Trump as a rallying point in the all-important census-year election that will matter for reapportionment. There's also the question of what level of involvement Pence may or may not have had in the Russia scandal. If he's the least bit dirty, the push should be to go after him before they go after Trump. The GOP is going to be much less willing to turn on him, so the only way he leaves is resignation and/or criminal conviction. If Democrats did choose to impeach Trump, it would present a huge decision for GOP senators, of whom 20 will be up for reelection in 2020. Impeachment would force them to choose a side: support Trump and risk being tied to that sinking ship, or vote to remove Trump and face the wrath of his base. If the Senate voted to convict, would Pence go the Nixon/Ford route and pardon Trump? I don't even have any idea of the political fallout from that decision.
  14. It seems pretty clear, based on his interviews today, that Nunberg is protecting Roger Stone from perjury charges first and foremost. At least, according to what he's said.
  15. So imagine that Trump gets primaried and loses in 2020. Or loses the general election in 2020. What kind of awful mess will he get the country involved in out of shear pettiness? Given his "president for life" comment today, would he go so far as to actually seize power or cancel elections to prevent someone else from taking office?
  16. As was on display once again today when Trump completely kicked over every GOP talking point there on guns, despite being completely on the NRA's side 24 hours ago. And I fully expect Trump or Sanders to come out tomorrow (today now) and completely contradict everything he said today. Trump says whatever he thinks people want to hear, and it completely changes depending on who's listening. He has no concept of his political role as the president. In fact, it could be argued that Trump may well be all for the things he said today, and always has been, but the people around him have managed to contain him the last few weeks, until today when there was no opportunity to intervene. If that's the case, then Trump's policy positions have been coming from everyone but Trump, and he's unable to assert his true opinion and too dumb to notice.
  17. This suggests that Mueller already knows the answer and wants collaboration. It also means that Mueller is closing in on Trump faster than I thought.
  18. Odds that they got permission from the family for this?
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