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  1. This game will not be played today. If it was a non-division game, they might wait as long as possible, but with the mass of rain moving into the area with a lot more behind it, there's no chance whatsoever.
  2. 8-pitch 1st inning. 7-pitch 2nd inning. At this rate he'll work a 0-pitch 9th.
  3. On the plus side, if he can't, we'll have ready-made memes for our gas can of a pitcher.
  4. They could cut Victor, but they still have to pay him. Since there's nothing at stake as far as the season goes (unless they really think they could make the playoffs), they might as well keep him on the roster, rather than paying Stewart major league money (unless Stewart's on a contract already).
  5. No need to eat up team-control service time for no reason.
  6. Even from FSD, as they come back from commercial and silently show us a John Hicks home run.
  7. The theme of today's game is "Lackadaisicalness".
  8. Matt Shepard and George Brett have the same hair. Kirk Gibson wishes he had hair.
  9. Well, that was exciting. I can report that Warwick Saupold looked like he was preoccupied with something else while warming up in the bullpen, then went out and proved his mind wasn't in the game.
  10. Grounds crew pulling up the stakes from the tarp. Not exactly in a hurry though.
  11. Delayed, probably until 7:30 or 8. The rain is really light, but persistent. The tarp is on the field still.
  12. I'll be at this game. Try to pick me out from the large masses of people certain to be at such a marquee matchup.
  13. Thank god they don't have any more doubleheaders this season. Oh, wait...
  14. I would say that the Tigers are better than we were expecting, but our expectations were rather low, so it still doesn't mean they're any good.
  15. The question is, is there some other explanation for it? Are any of those explanations less bad than that one?
  16. Would juicy stuff become public if Cohen did nothing illegal with regard to those things? The whole point of the raid is that Cohen may have been involved in illegal activity. If Hannity isn't wrapped up in that sort of thing, then presumably the prosecutors would discard information related to him before it reached the point of becoming public evidence in court, because it's not relevant to the criminal case they're trying to build. Unless Hannity is afraid of leaks. I think the bigger deal for Hannity, if he's done nothing illegal, is the damage that has already been done by the revelation of his name today in terms of ethics and just pure embarassment. And that's already done. So if Hannity still fights this, he's probably done something illegal, or Cohen did something illegal for him.
  17. The grandfathering was allowed, in part, due to Trump: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2018/04/trump-once-lobbied-against-sprinklers-at-his-midtown-tower.html
  18. Ah, they're back. apparently the booth lost power or something.
  19. Anyone else on MLB.TV have the radio audio go to a long string of commercials during this inning?
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