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  1. Let's all just show up at Comerica with posters of this:
  2. I saw it last night. My first thought after he was finished was, "He's not coming back again, ever."
  3. We can't burn the oil, we need it for our SUV's.
  4. From the images on CNN, it definitely looks like a strong F3 to a weak F4 was the strongest. Of course, a new fujita scale was put into operation by NOAA just yesterday, and comparable wind speeds put this almost into an EF5 category. Then again, they updated the scale to account for different building standards, so it'll still be an EF4. Hope my great-aunt is okay. The same thing happened (in the exact same area) this past Christmas. Edit: CNN says the death toll is up to 19.
  5. Just thought I'd pop in with my own opinion really quick, then pop back out to bed... My first impression when I saw it in the 2nd inning at work was, "Oh no, pine tar?" Then I thought, that kind of looks similar in color to the Comerica Park infield dirt. Knowing how misty and moist the night was, I then figured it was probably from Kenny rubbing the dirt before he started (kind of a ritual, if he is one to do that kind of thing). So I'm going with that. Whether or not it's presence was intentional, I'm convinced it was dirt. And that picture from earlier in the thread looks very little like I remembered from TV. That, and I don't know what pine tar looks like on the skin.
  6. http://www.tigerscentral.com/multi.php Bottom of the page. I just came across this the other day looking for Ernie Harwell clips.
  7. A shame Conan stumbled over Brandon Inge's name: "Brandon... Inge-ey?"
  8. I downloaded both the WMV and the MP4 of Game 4. The WMV includes broadcast commercials and showed evidence of being the L.A. area feed, seems to start at around 4:30pm or so, and includes the celebration through Kenny Rogers' antics. It runs 3h 11m and some seconds. The MP4 did not include commercials, but seemed to be missing parts of the first and second innings, as well as replaying a few seconds in the top of the 9th. This might have been a download fault. The video quality of this version was much better than the WMV. I first tried downloading them simultaneously, and they both froze at about 25%. I redid each one separately, and they came through fully.
  9. "I hope on the flight home, the Yankees lose this bag and not me."
  10. The best thing about all of this is that, should the Tigers win it all, there will be nobody who can say, "well, they didn't have to play the Yankees." The Tigers will be fully legit in any normal person's mind.
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