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  1. To be fair, Southeastern is the reigning NAIA college champion, which is the college equivalent of being the top AAA baseball team.
  2. I don't think they typically do the pregame show for spring training games.
  3. My favorite part of the drug ads is always the part where they tell you not to take [drug] if you're allergic to [same drug].
  4. It's not that people don't know the term, it's that a slip of the tongue when introducing the "colored analyst" can cost someone a career. Also, calling someone a "color guy" implies that the PBP person is too boring to hear alone, and cheapens the value of the analyst by saying he's only there to spice up the broadcast.
  5. He still owns a casino in Cleveland, so I'm not sure he's in the clear for MLB ownership yet anyway.
  6. Thanks. For now it's just a lot of waiting for bone and incision healing to take place so I can get back to normal life.
  7. All sorts of things have already come out. I wouldn't be surprised of some Senators themselves are caught up in the whole thing. I don't see 15 GOP senators flipping unless the investigation completely clears Pence at the same time (unlikely, seeing how deeply he was involved in the transition). The other (highly unlikely) possibility is that Pence resigns as part of a deal, and is replaced by someone who could serve as a caretaker president once Trump is removed. This would clean the slate for 2020 for the GOP, and is potentially their best option if they think Trump won't survive either the investigation or the 2020 election. Perhaps the least likely scenario would be both Trump and Pence being impeached, leading to Speaker of the House (presumably) Pelosi becoming president. This would almost certainly be characterized as a coup.
  8. James is touting his Trump endorsement on his website, and say he is a "Conservative Outsider who supports the Trump Agenda – Actions speak louder than words and from tax relief for working families to the elimination of overbearing government regulations, President Trump is keeping his promises to the American people." That doesn't sound very begrudging to me.
  9. A reminder that impeachment requires 67 votes in the Senate to convict. That means even if Democrats gained a narrow majority (e.g. 51-49) they'd still need 15+ Republican votes to remove Trump. Unless they want to drag the proceedings into 2020 to poison Trump's reelection campaign.
  10. Funny, I just had a similar situation, except the valve was in my heart and was leaky. Heart surgery at 34 is no fun.
  11. I don't know how things like ownership of content and broadcasting rights affect where things go before they make it to air. It's possible that MLB makes WXYT send them the feed first, then "sells" it back to them for broadcast. Or that because WXYT streams their station online, it takes extra steps to make sure WXYT doesn't let the game get to the stream, which MLB forbids. All in all, the digital lockdown MLB requires on their content might slow things down.
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