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  1. I think his hands aren't quite big enough to get around player necks.
  2. On the other hand, the Royals have been far more consistently bad in that time, making the playoffs a mere 3 times. Since the switch to three divisions in 1994, the Royals have finished 4th or 5th 16 times out of 26 seasons. From 1985, they've only won their division twice and finished above .500 9 times. By direct comparison, the Tigers made the playoffs 6 times, finished 4th or 5th 13 out of 26 times since 1994 (okay, only a little better) and since 1985 have won the division 5 times and finished above .500 14 times. So while over the long term the two teams appear closely matched, the Tigers are more likely to be good in any given year. The Tigers also were able to have sustained success (2011-2014 playoffs, and 6 out of 7 years >.500 including 5 years in a row, plus the mid-80s at the beginning of this period) while the Royals only managed to hit .500 in three consecutive years (twice).
  3. Alan Trammell subs as first base coach for the day, and Tigers batters celebrate by not getting anywhere near him in the 1st inning.
  4. That's the Pfizer vaccine, and it will require two doses. So will the Moderna vaccine, which has to be stored at "only" -4°F. I read an article yesterday (can't seem to find it now EDIT: Here it is) that did at least mention that the ultra-low temperature storage requirements were only for longer-term storage (like weeks), and that the vaccines would still be viable for hours at room temperature and a few days in normal refrigeration. Even if a vaccine were approved by November while somehow not taking shortcuts and skipping critical safety checks, there would still be the issue of getting that much vaccine out to the public. Aside from the shipping and storage concerns, the sheer number of people who will need to be vaccinated means that once things get underway, it might still be a long time before the average person gets it. Consider that if a million people can be poked every day in the U.S. alone (which seems like an impossibly high rate), with the two-dose requirement, it would still take two years to fully inoculate the country.
  5. We'll see how he does in his second, third, and further starts.
  6. Is it time to declare the season over now, or is that just undue panic?
  7. Nook Logan. Now there's a name I haven't thought about once in a long, long time.
  8. This season has questionable legitimacy anyway, so even if it's 2006 redux, it would be hard to take the outcome seriously.
  9. I was thinking maybe he scraped himself up diving for the tag (looked like there was a scrape on his elbow).
  10. I think the storms are actually expected to fall apart or turn away before they make it across. Might not be much of a factor.
  11. Pretty much, the way he went to the ground and didn't move makes me think he was knocked all the way out. When they rolled him over his face didn't look like he was all there.
  12. 20/60 games against the NL Central. The Tigers' schedule is kind of front-loaded on that factor, with lots of division games later.
  13. It could be done safely, probably. The issue is that enforcing distance rules, the limits on activities and availability, etc. are either going to be very difficult to do or will detract from the experience so much that it's not worth it to let fans in. You'd have to have fans sign waivers absolving the team of responsibility if they contract the virus at the stadium, and even then they'll still sue. Plus, a lot of cities/states still have restrictions in place that would prohibit more than a very few fans to gather in one place. Some aren't all that hot on the teams gathering as they are (see: Toronto). It might not be up to MLB or the teams as much as they'd like.
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