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  1. Sunny and 59 as of 1 AM. I'll take it!!! Carry it on all the way through April!
  2. These analyses won't be significant until we can quantify what happens in the off season, positively and negatively.
  3. I'm going to take Rafael Belliard Here's to Miggy picking up a Gold Glove at 3B!
  4. Ummm...even elementary school crossing guards have developed the habit of disobeying my AAT's stop signs.
  5. Her range at third base more than makes up for her weakness around the plate!
  6. My AAT had his stop sign run through the other night (vs. Chi Sox I believe) by Miggy...He will no doubt improve once the weather warms up!
  7. ClintD

    Rod Allen

    I'm awfully unclear about what everyone thinks a good color analyst sounds like... Comparing him to Ernie is unfair for many reasons, but the simplest is that Ernie was a play by play guy. Apples and Oranges. I watch nearly every game on TV (only get to 4 games or so per season) and I think he is 1) knowledgeable 2)predictable 3)definitely trying to reach the "black crowd" (perhaps by design from Tigers brass, perhaps not) All in all, Mario and Rod get a thumbs up from me
  8. I learned a good 2nd half (i.e. Raburn) will get you a job for the next season, but a good 1st half (i.e. Valverde) will only set US up for disappointment. If you ask me, I'd take a consistently mediocre season over the up and down that these guys provide.
  9. Cecil Fielder...his HR or K approach set this organization back AT LEAST 19 years
  10. I can't argue with your sentiment. You definitely don't have to have any sympathy for someone who screws up like this. People follow teams and root for athletes for a wide range of reasons. However, I still circle my thoughts back to "He's a person". If he wasn't a baseball player, this wouldn't be news to baseball fans, but SOMEONE would care about him. And comparing him to other players I also have a different view on. If players that we don't care about do something like this, it is hardly news. "Cut him, move on". I think the best players get chewed up by the media and the fans much more than the "who cares" players, IMHO.
  11. I'd like to make my yearly, overly-tardy splash and take Gene LaMont Thanks for all you've done with this Yooper!
  12. I'd love (hate?) to see the Tigers' stats and the average stats for getting a runner in from 3rd w/ less than 2 outs.
  13. I've been calling him Action during these first 4 games. I guess that would be my vote
  14. Jacoby's downtown. GREAT place, good food, decent prices
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