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  1. Another April snowfall in Detroit this morning. I love winter, but this is getting crazy. Its as if baseball didnt even start.
  2. Our crowd is rowdy in games like this (love during vintage Verlander performances). I actually thought the nationals crowd was quite docile til the late innings. My only takeaway from this game is I hate Ausmus more and more each day, win or lose.
  3. I hear everyone talk about getting there super early, but its a 6-hour event. A friend of mine has a ticket but would not be able to get there until like 2pm. Is that even worth it? Do the full festivities run until 5pm?
  4. I won tickets on WOMC in December, so as huge of a Tigers fan as I am and as many games as I go to every year...this will be my first Tigerfest! For those who have been, what is realistically a good time to get down there? Since its general admission, does getting in line early have any benefit?
  5. Not to mention baseball has always been Illitch's #1 true love, not hockey.
  6. I heard a pre game interview where prince said he wasn't concerned about personal achievement in the playoffs. Ummmm yeah because he has never had any lol.
  7. The first out at home was questionable to me. Instant replay has been horrible this year.
  8. Obviously fans have lost I interest with their atrocious play. But I will still watch / listen to most games the rest of the year, maybe go to one. I do miss my Tigers baseball in winter. I do enjoy winter and it's beauty however, and once spring begins we have a whole new season of hope that the tigers get right back on the top 
  9. I disagree. Do not trade JD. Definitely need to acquire pitching, but this is a freak bad year for a team always in contention. No need to get hasty.
  10. Avila has a lot of work to do this off season, and if he is wise, we can have a good team in 2016. I'm sure illitch will give plenty of money to spend too. I watched a podcast of drew sharp and Anthony fenech saying the tigers fans are abandoning the team bc there were only 30k on Tuesday night. Do they not know how good the tigers have it wrt fan support? This season is a disaster and they still get better TV ratings and attendance than most markets. Also fenech said a lot of players dont want to play for detroit so Avila needs to be wise. Why would players not want to play here? Has anyone else heard that before? A team with a rich history and good fan support and an owner who REALLLLY wants to win. What's not to like?
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