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  1. Sporting News ranking over last nine years is very kind to Detroit coming in at # 3. Check it out: http://dp33.blogspot.com/
  2. Guys going to Sunday's game, The Dan Ryan is all ripped up right now, so provide yourself ample time. I've been to several Sox/Tigers games at the Cell (going Sunday as well) and the fans are not too bad. Of course, this is prior to the Tigers taking control of 1st place. Sunday crowds are also a little more laid back. Friday and Saturday nights are more hostile; however, Saturday is a day game. The surrounding area is a hole. CoPa is Disney World compared to the Cell's locale. There are a few local establishments in the area, but be alert and wise, especially if wearing Tigers gear. Keep in mind, the area is not comparable to Wrigley. Hope this helps. dp33.blogspot.com
  3. Great thing about this series: 1) Great confidence builder as the Tigers showed they can play with the Sox and are for real. Not too mention stretching the lead to 5.5. 2) In winning the series, it revealed that we still have a major hole in hitting and need to add a bat before the deadline. Going into this series, I half heartedly wanted the Tigers to win it yet, I didn't want blind success. I never imagine we'd win 2 out of 3 and show our true weakness. In my opinion, a serious bat puts this team over the top.
  4. Potentially the biggest week for UM basketball in the last decade. The 2007 class could shape-up as the class that get's the ball rolling. http://dp33.blogspot.com/
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