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  1. That was the whole point in signing Fiers and Liriano. Hope they have good first half and flip them for whatever you can get at the deadline. There are arms in AAA that have ML experience so the veteran leadership won't be completely gone. Rinse and repeat for the 2019 season. Hopefully in 2020 we can shift our philosophy in FA and look to sign guys who will be here for the long term.
  2. Saturday game. Great seats and I paid a lot. I guess at this point the bright spot is that Verlander should pitch that day.
  3. I don't think we should be worried about the long term at this point. So many things can happen into next few years that could make this deal great or awful. I am only concerned about this season at this point. The potential problem I see is the miggy experiment not working out at 3rd. Leyland approaching both him and fielder and both refusing to be a full time DH.
  4. I would have to think the games that Miggy is at 3rd the goal would be to have the best defensive LF possible. I think it would be a good idea to have a guy in left that can either get to the balls quickly that Miggy doesn't get or have a cannon of an arm to try to limit extra bases as much as possible. I cringe thinking about Cabrera diving for a ball most 3b would have gotten and then watching Raburn kicking around the baseball in left.
  5. Ultimately I don't have a problem with the signing. We needed another bat and we got one of the best. I do think down the road he probably won't be worth what we are paying but its gamble you have to take when you are this close to competing for a championship. That being said for the people saying don't worry about it because "its not my money". The Tigers are your team and if they cry poor in 2016 because of this contract all of a sudden you will more then likely be upset.
  6. I have been complaining about the scoreboard for years. So this is good news assuming its a hd screen. I realize I am not at the game for the scoreboard but its just sad comparing it to the scoreboard at progressive field and many others in the majors.
  7. Same here. I am a big Michigan fan but I don't see this offense being effective once B1G play starts. The defense while improved is still not up to Michigan standards.
  8. They will be better then MSU in a few years and at least competitive with OSU but not this year.
  9. I really wish Suh and the rest of that defense would cut down on the cheap shots. You are just encouraging other teams O lines to take cheap shots at you and the other teams D lines to try to kill Stafford more then they already are.
  10. Dude throws way to many sliders. GG AA it was nice while it lasted.
  11. Unless two teams in this awful division make major upgrades at the trade deadline 85 wins will be enough.
  12. Sizemore is crappy but he was the best option we have at 2nd right now. So this team is worse for now.
  13. I will be there Saturday in section 8. Also doing the ballpark tour on Saturday morning.
  14. At this point no chance. It could happen but Michigan would have to dominate the matchup for the next couple of years and win a big ten title or make a deep run in the NCAA tournament. They have a lot of ground to make up.
  15. Does this mean Beilein gets another extension? I realize we have a different AD now, but beating MSU at home should be worth another 5 years?
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