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  1. Interesting 2007 Article I'm seeing floating around. NFL ref likes Big Brother - NY Daily News
  2. Mike O'Hara @MikeOHaraNFL · 53m 53 minutes ago How wrong I was on one-game suspension for Suh for stepping on Aaron Rodgers Sunday. Thought he'd get a fine. Huge loss for Lions. ))))))))Well, maybe I'm wrong... Even O'Hara didn't think suspension was imminent....((((((((((((
  3. Hahahaha... Good catch! You didn't hear; he's our new DH once Vmart's contract ends in a few... Obviously, I have baseball on the mind. 97 days until opening day...
  4. NFL reviewing Suh's step on Aaron Rodgers - NFL.com
  5. Whether the suspension was deserved or not isn't really the point. It's that Suh continually out of 11 guys puts himself in positions to get reviewed by the league? Coincidence? Likely not. JBK- Rogers hits him in the rear after the play. Why doesn't Suh turnaround and acknowledge?
  6. Not the point. Priors. Plus, the NFL makes a good point. In their letter to Suh they point out that his response was not that of an accidental step on someone's leg.
  7. I agree. I don't want him on the Lions anymore. Ryan Fields has been posting some on-point tweets regarding this, such as: Ryan Field ‏@RyanFieldFS1 2m2 minutes ago If Caldwell is truly hoping to clean up culture in Detroit, guys like Raiola and Suh have no place on the #Lions.
  8. No, but they need him to win Sunday at 4:40 in Dallas. That's the disgusting part. Dallas and Seattle are the two teams styles that we needed him most.
  9. May have been the most self-centered play by a Lion in the past 20 years. I hope that's his last Tigers game. He just completely ruined the playoff chances singlehandedly.
  10. Exactly right. He should've been 10 yards away minimum.
  11. Interesting tweet, but Dodgers may be the fit for Max: Norman V ‏@nnala15 1m1 minute ago Signs point more for Dodgers to sign Max scherzer than acquiring Hamels with the savings of Hanley, Kemp,Haren, and Beckett not on roster
  12. Bob Nightengale ‏@BNightengale 19m19 minutes ago The #Tigers no longer are pursuing Max Scherzer, GM David Dombrowski reveals.
  13. I'm starting to wonder if Scherzer would just take highest bidder at this point... Regardless of contention...
  14. Chris Iott ‏@Chris_Iott 2m2 minutes ago Dave Dombrowski on Max Scherzer: "Our situation with him has not changed whatsoever."
  15. It's almost an ego trade for DD. Like he wanted to call the bluff of Boras and say 'fine, we just lowered Max's value a bit and are done'. Apparently he said a few minutes ago are rotation is now set. Posturing? I don't think so, I think Scherzer is long gone...
  16. I like this if we are locking up Scherzer now... Analysis: How much might Rick Porcello sign for as free agent? More than $100 million within reason | MLive.com Porcello for more than $100 mill contract next year makes sense and I'd rather have elite than good for the big bucks.
  17. Gotta love the "toughness" of your franchise qb tutting short of a must have 1st down.
  18. At least Schwartz would've been fun watching uncontrollably having a fit.
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