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  1. Serious question, can we see this happening with Leyland? I'd be thoroughly shocked.
  2. Yep, agreed. Wasn't even going to mention it. Just an odd week of baseball / timing.
  3. Two times MLB Superstar Caliber players on the same team weren't ready to start their inning of work. Cespedes and Price. Maybe Ausmus needs one of those buzzers for his team like when you're waiting at a restaurant for your table
  4. Exactly. I think the thing that stands out is the lack of respect from Price to Ausmus. Miscommunication at the highest level of professional baseball seems like quite the cop-out from me regarding the two players. There's obviously more to this and hopefully Ausmus has or will clarify behind closed doors with his team.
  5. Isn't that a huge issue if this is your reasoning?
  6. Agreed. There's something very odd here. Also, I know it's pretty standard protocol these days for pitchers to 'hit the showers' after they're removed from a game, but it's not universal. There are plenty of pitchers that will stay on the bench to support their team, even after great frustration; i.e. Samardzjia last night.
  7. I don't either. I think Price actually doesn't look very good in this scenario. His post game comments he then basically said 'miscommunication, you can put it on me'. But that's after the fact and pretty meaningless to me.
  8. I agree, Lee. To me that really stands out as a lack of regard for the manager's respect or an odd rapport at the least between Price and Ausmus. The 'handshake' of finality from Leyland after a pitcher's start was always something that stood out to me. It was the ultimate sign of respect and understanding between player and manager.
  9. So this is being highly discussed on Twitter, but this is still my favorite place to talk Tiger's baseball. This may be all small potatoes in the scheme of things, but it's one of the most odd things I've seen in a MLB game in a while. To recap: The 7th inning was about to start and Price was not on the mound to pitch. They sent in Wilson, to the surprise of Ausmus, whom was alerted by JV that Price is not in the game. Price said he had no uniform on and later said it was a miscommunication. Henning posted this tweet a bit ago, " Lynn G. Henning ‏@Lynn_Henning 47m47 minutes ago Lambertville, MI Will also suggest: Price's departure yesterday all but ensures, for two parties, that free agency is four months away. As if any doubt." The implication is there, but the follow-up tweets allude to 'nothing to see here'. Thoughts? No biggie or bigger issue. For those that didn't see it, here's the video: Confusion in Tigers' dugout | MLB.com
  10. Lynn G. Henning ‏@Lynn_Henning 2h2 hours ago Michigan, USA Thought on Ausmus: Tigers just now getting back their roster, intact. If not playing well by All-Star break, Gardenhire could be summoned.
  11. Good point... so he's not using sabermetrics and he's not great at the gut instinct. Yep, you're right, good snippet from an interview he did regarding metrics- Caputo asked Ausmus a rather pointed question about his opinion on sabermetrics, to which Ausmus said that advanced statistical data is more for analysis "after-the-fact ... it doesn't blend too close into game action." While he acknowledged that "there's data that I will look at, that we will use during the course of a game," he noted that "it's the players who win or lose the games." Ausmus referred directly to the fact that "people got the thought that, because of my age and my background, I'm a sabermetrician," but dispelled this idea by adding, "I'm really not."
  12. Very interesting the differences between him and Leyland. Leyland would hold a line-up card and use his gut and baseball savvy. Ausmus uses analytics and sabremetrics to a degree, but he has absolutely no foresight into the game beyond that moment or gut instinct. I think this very team with this line-up plays better under Leyland with a better record. Ausmus I think would do better with a young team without the superstar veterans. I'm still on the Gardenhire bandwagon for next year.
  13. This would not surprise me. The experiment is over and I'd like to see a respected veteran manager come in... Say... Gardy.
  14. Devon Travis Stats, News, Pictures, Bio, Videos - Toronto Blue Jays - ESPN Kinsler looks that much worse this year now...
  15. https://twitter.com/georgebissell/status/562281468765175808 George Bissell ‏@GeorgeBissell PECOTA isn't high on Shane Greene (5.60 ERA)...I have him at 3.57 ERA...I think he pitches well in Detroit...DDD (Don't Doubt Dombrowski) THIS WAS FROM FEBRUARY 2, 2015... NOSTRADAMUS PECOTUS
  16. Oh I know that. I'm not even saying Ausmus is to blame. But, a shake up can work wonders to a team.
  17. Hypothetically, lets say we continue this horrid slide to a 10 game losing streak. Ausmus gone and go after Gardenhire? 12 games? Or is he our manager all season?
  18. Give Leyland credit. He didn't let them get to shaken and had them keep an even keel
  19. I imagine that's a career ender at his age. 7th all time saves, nice career.
  20. Jon Morosi ‏@jonmorosi 6m6 minutes ago Joe Nathan has "UCL tear and a flexor pronator tear. He will undergo season-ending surgery at a later date," Tigers say.
  21. Not sure why Brad let Price threw that many either. You could hear him grunting through the broadcast on the radio.
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