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  1. Just wondering... been hearing a lot about Nemo's Bar/ Restaurant... Is this place pretty fun / nice atmosphere to go with my fiance' before Sunday Night's game? Also, is the shuttle still available for $3 before AND AFTER a Sunday night game- shuttle right to Comerica? Any answers about Nemo's sounds great... going Sunday night...
  2. I hate to post a negative comment, but honestly this is very unfortunate to get swept here. Between White Sox facing Royals for 4 games, and us IN Boston for 3... this could be really close to a tied up pennant race. The problem then becomes... EXPERIENCE, therefore, us in a Wildcard race if we give up this lead... is devestating. Tigers better win 2 of 3 in Boston, or... I've also hit the PANIC button.
  3. No good huh... I definitely hope we're actively pursuing such players with batting power. Dimitri does not look like he is going to be our strong bat, but I certainly hope he can contribute.
  4. First of all Hello everyone... My first post here. Been a devote Tigers fan for 26 years strong, and just moved back to Michigan from Las Vegas, NV. Didn't miss many games on MLB.tv out there either. Anyways, I just noticed this article on Espn.com and it definitely concerned me. I was hoping Dave Dombrowski was closer to a deal with Soriano than any other team, ESPECIALLY the Sox. Here it is, and glad to be a part of motowntigers.com boards! "
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