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  1. Agreed. Sounds like Brad is starting to really get some negative press outside of Detroit. He's made moves that almost seem to baffle the mind. He NEVER will admit fault either, ever. Just once I'd love to hear him say 'bad call on my part, I f'd up'. But no, he explains the Tucker scenario... extremely illogical. Also, one thing I've heard basically nobody mention is the fact that Altuve has the narrowest and slimmest of margins for a strikezone in the league. Therefore, 'unintentional intentional walk' is really setting up Wilson to fail there.
  2. Funny, one thing that never has interested me is vehicles. Give me something decent looking, American made, well built, with strong air conditioning that can pull our boat and I'm happy. I guess I've always preferred nature's creations vs. mans.
  3. Always a fan on and I'm willing to pay the extra in cooling bills for AC to keep it at 71 TOPS in the Summer. I prefer being chilly than warm and at night set the AC to 68
  4. This is an impressive inning. Also, Kirk is really growing on me. He's monotone but extremely insightful.
  5. No doubt. Jim Price is the nicest person in media/ sports/ or any celebratory type status that I've ever met. Literally spent about 15 minutes chatting it up with my then Wife and I. Just a great human being. Also, Ryan Field, was working the road game and bumped into him. Both being MSU alumns, chatted for a bit. Extremely nice guy, was glad to see his success. I must say, Mario was really nice too.
  6. Okay, I see what you mean. I also met Rod on the road before a Tiger's game. Everyone, especially Jim Price and then Brayan Pena, were especially friendly. Rod not so much, seemed bothered and had quite the swagger.
  7. Agreed. Do we make the playoffs? No way or wild card even. BUT, I think it's a neat perspective to be the spoiler. Also, I think Ausmus is managing for his job. I'm not sure he's fired in DD's mind just yet. I think if he can get above .500, DD can always fall on the Miguel injury.
  8. What do you mean regarding the arrogance? Not in the definition sense of the word, but have you heard or experienced this? Just curious. I have gotten that impression as well. Also, anyone think Rod and Mario get along off camera? I get a weird feeling they do not like each other. I actually think the two of them on camera are quality broadcasters. Listen to other feeds for a while and you'll realize how good they are.
  9. Fantastic accomplishment. Neat baseball story. Here's a neat article from earlier this summer all about Mike: The not-so-glamorous life of a 'modern day Crash Davis' | MLB | Sporting News The one thing I can't seem to find, which is just pure curiosity, is what Mike earns per year with the mud hens after all these years? I know it's peanuts in comparison, but just curious.
  10. Gravy Radio ‏@GRAVYRADIO 1m1 minute ago Looking like another possible 3 way trade involving #WhiteSox & #Tigers. The trade reportedly involves the #Mets. 20 minutes to make a deal
  11. Bye Cespedes! Bob Nightengale ‏@BNightengale 9s9 seconds ago The #Tigers real close to moving Cespedes. The #whitesox involved but not the favorite
  12. Marc Carig ‏@MarcCarig 1m1 minute ago Been in touch with rival exec who recently checked on asking price for Cespedes rental: expecting elite prospect.
  13. Jason Beck ‏@beckjason 37s37 seconds ago FWIW, I don't think 5-day window would be a big obstacle to re-signing Cespedes. If mutual interest, not hard to find common ground ...
  14. Mike DiGiovanna ‏@MikeDiGiovanna 54s55 seconds ago Hearing no #Angels deals "unless something fell in our laps," which probably means prices still too high for them. System not very deep.
  15. Good point. One thing is for sure, DD is one of the best trade deadline poker players of keeping his hand close.
  16. Okay, he was joking, but followed with this... he's pretty much a major reporter for Mets: Adam Rubin ‏@AdamRubinESPN 10s10 seconds ago Asked #Mets person if optimistic or pessimistic about trade. Answer: "We are trying."
  17. Cespedes to Mets it looks like according to Adam Rubin. Unless he's joking.
  18. Never know, but he seems to be onto something. And agree with other statements, the 45 second delay is ridiculous on this board.
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