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  1. 1 hour ago, Keepleyland2 said:

    I'd be shocked if either was anything close to that


    Impemba had been the Tigers telecasts’ play-by-play voice and was earning at least $500,000, it is estimated by market analysts familiar with Detroit’s size and baseball pay structure. Allen is believed to have been earning about $350,000. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/mlb/tigers/2018/10/10/candidates-replace-rod-allen-mario-impemba-detroit-tigers-fox-sports-detroit/1594496002/

    Tigers are one of the biggest market's. 1/2 mill a year for a full time gig as regional broadcaster is good money if tenured that long.

  2. It's too bad two careers took a hit like this one. It's likely they will never see the audience or lucrative contract they were likely making ($350,000k Rod and $500,000+ Mario / yearly are the estimates).  

    As a baseball fanatic, I love Gibson's insights, as a player and manager he brings that insight. However, as some have noted, he definitely delivers to the baseball fans and not the everyday 'flick on the channel passerby'. I couldn't imagine him being the analyst full time.

    I remember well a few years ago being on the road for a Tigers series. We were at the hotel the team was staying at. Mario was great with fans, took time with each person. I saw Rod and he nodded. I remember at the time saying how completely separated the two were in their interactions and distance. 

  3. Well, the immediate thought would be Wilson. But he's been lights out in the 8th. What about giving Leon a shot straight into the 9th. Might catch lightening in a bottle, send down Bell and bring him up. Not likely a long term solution, but may work for a bit.

  4. Just read this, "David Littlefield, vice president of player development for the Detroit Tigers, told the Free Press in a phone interview this morning that he had tried calling the Triple-A Toledo outfielder, but had not spoken to him one day after a dugout tiff with manager Lloyd McClendon."




    No call no show? He's really putting Avila in the worst situation here. Either Avila backs him and allows him back with AAA, he apologizes, or he's released. All scenarios Lloyd doesn't look great here...

  5. To revisit.


    Fair to say win win for both teams, but I am loving this trade. It's even a more of a win if Cespedes opts out of his 3 year deal next year. Easily one of the best big picture trades for Tigers in recent years it is appearing. Fulmer's initial reaction.

    “It kind of was out of nowhere,” Fulmer said. “I didn’t have any idea. I walk inside and all my teammates start clapping, saying there’s the new Tiger. They’re watching MLB Network, my name and face are up there with Cespedes.

    “That moment was kind of surreal [but] it was nice to be wanted. So, hopefully I can prove to the Tigers that they made a good choice and that I’m here to stay.”

    Also, the New York perspective 


  6. I had to sleep on this one.

    - Caldwell clearly didn't know the rules, hence his trepidation at the presser.

    - Calvin needs to hold onto the ball and like he said 'not put it in the refs hands'.

    - Blandino's explanation that it may not have mattered if he recovered it anyhow in the endzone is a horrid excuse. Then a penalty 30 yards away from the play should never be called either in that mindset.

    - Caldwell just doesn't seem to be a fit. I can't think of many other coach's that don't have visible outrage instead of 'dazed look', as Sharp wrote, on the stand.

    - The back ref/ line judge and Blandino should have just admitted they blew it. The 'inadvertent' take is a joke, especially at the same time basically as the Seattle player admitted he did it on purpose.

  7. I'm torn on this one. 50+ pitches in an inning for a 22 year old old in meaningless play seems very odd for me to comprehend. At the same time, maybe this turns out to be a moment that he says in 2016 helped him grow up a bit. I'd watch Norris quite a bit in person when he pitched for the Lansing Lugnuts. He really was in his own league and coasted through the innings, as Mark eluded to.

    I think from the uber-talented there is a tenancy to coast or assume high levels of achievement are destined. Maybe this was good for him. That being said, he throws out his arm or we hear of an issue, this will be one of the worst managerial decisions in 2015.

  8. Well, looks like the first making a statement move by the Avila GM team and Ausmus. This is interesting:

    “Bruce Rondon because of his effort level has been sent home,” Ausmus said. “Other than saying Al Avila and myself completely agreed on it, there will be no other details or comment.”

    Rondon has pitched 31 innings this year as a reliever, allowing 31 hits and 22 runs (20 of them earned). Just the day before he sent Rondon home, Ausmus had said that Rondon could affect next season the most out of anyone on the team by his performance in the final stretch of the season.

    Relief Pitcher Bruce Rondon Sent Home For Season Due To ‘Effort Level’ « CBS Detroit

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