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  1. Andrew Miller should not be pitching in the bigs right now....and if he did get the 3 outs last night i would have called it luck...did you see hurried he was between pitches....anyone who thinks that he should be put in then is crazy...the coaching staff gambled and lost...and now is not the time to gamble...
  2. that happend to work out well...but lets roll with whats got us here...Lets pitch Miller with a six run lead not Zoom
  3. The only reason the Twins won last night was because a minor league pitcher with no experiance(Miller) was asked to pitch. not because the Twins are better. The Twins pen is mediocre at best. and i didnt see what was so great about Garza.
  4. Ledezma wasn’t the problem last night. A young pitcher giving up a few runs I can handle. But to bring in a rookie that has 7 inns. Pitched in the majors, in the biggest game/series of the year is stupid, stupid, stupid. When I saw Miller warming up I thought you have to be kidding right? When he had two outs I then thought maybe I am wrong to think what a boneheaded move it was to put Miller in. but he soon loaded the bases on walks and then the second worst move of the night bringing in Miner (throwing fuel on the fire) who hasn’t gotten anybody out in three weeks, then the damage was done. I know it has become common to bring in the likes of Zoom & co. when we have a six run lead “so they can get work”. Putting in Miller last night in my opinion was the worst in game move the tigers coaching staff has made all year due to the importance of this game.
  5. they are gonna shoot Neifi?
  6. DD & Co. are sending a message and DY is expendible...i am sure he messed up bad, but the timing is perfect...
  7. Rogers will end up playing with that canadian team that Ricky Williams plays for...
  8. I think we all knew August was going to be tough...right? Thats the feeling i get from reading here(on this board). The Tigers will be fine. I Think the Tigers need to find a slump buster. And this series with the Sux is now the next most important of the season. And i dont think it will be there slump buster. It will give us a good idea of where the Tigers are heading though. And I am confident that it will be in a good direction.
  9. i belive it was the sunoco at winston st and six mile... they have many to choose from. they also carry many types of high end watches there too.
  10. i saw that hat in a gas station near Six mile and Telegraph...and it was only $7.99
  11. that hat proboly already has a dump in it.... GO BLUE!
  12. i will never post pics of myself here...my wife is looking at me like i am crazy for laughing while i am reading this...funny stuff... AT-AT's were flawed from the begining. that tshirt is bad ***, i could never find that down here.
  13. i agree with sitting Verlander for a start or two... not yet, but maybe after this month(like someone said in an earlier post). who cares about ROY or cy young awards. it may irk him just a bit, but he will get over it and maybe fire him up even more for a playoff run. i say the same for the gambler too. its whats good for the team. and if they do have a comfy lead on the div. going into sept. you will see the vets getting more of a rest.
  14. first pat c. will never say hes sorry. the radio guys hardly ever admit they are wrong. i didnt hear him say that because i dont live up there anymore but i used to listen to him and he thinks hes a know it all and his word is like gold. not that i dont like the guy, hes entertaining for the most part. i do miss the sports radio up there though. down here(charlotte) its garbage.
  15. I agree, bullpenn help would be good. it wouldent hurt... chemistry wont be affected as much i dont think.... plus i think Demitri has earned his way back on this team in some peoples eyes (management). plus his return has been seemless. Good Pitching=wins... as we have seen this year.
  16. I am no bandwagon fan... i have been reading here since may. yes,there may be a band wagon going but i dont think many are going to be here... i found this site through google, looking for tiger talk, because i dont live in michigan anymore.
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